Suzanne M. Baker is a Spiritual Author, Ascension Guide and United Twin Flame. She is the author of Love is Free; Free Yourself from Conditional Love, and True Love is Real; A Guide for Your Ultimate Spiritual Romance. Suzanne writes the blog Share the Spiritual and co-authors the web site Twin Flame with her husband, Spencer. Suzanne is here to help you return to unconditional love.


BIO:  Suzanne grew up in a family of artists and formally studied art at the Maine College of Art in the US. She then earned a BA in philosophy at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland and Santa Fe, New Mexico, and went on to work in translation, helping people to communicate in dozens of languages around the world. Suzanne then followed her passion to become a professional painter and was represented by Trinity Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia for ten years. Through the medium of oil on canvas, she explored metaphysical themes, painted wall-sized souls of light, and memorialized the beauty of nature. Suzanne became a mother of two, and shortly after, she experienced a dramatic spiritual awakening. She devoured every esoteric text that she could get her hands on and started writing about her spiritual experiences. Suzanne then met her Twin Flame which set her on an accelerated course to practice the spiritual concepts that she had learned. She followed her soul and now understands what love really istotal acceptance without judgment or bias, and complete, peaceful bliss. Suzanne is here to remind you of your own exquisite love and your capacity to share it with the world at this pivotal time.