A Guide for your Ultimate Spiritual Romance

Suzanne M. Baker

Edited by C. Spencer Cottingham

© Copyright 2018

For Spencer,

my True Love,


And for all separated Twin Flames,

what you seek is REAL.

Twin Flame Help

If you have reciprocally fallen in love with the other half of your soul, then you have come to the right place. This “Twin Flame” guide was written for you. Your incredible love story is the romantic process of reuniting your soul. And as we’ll explore, there is tremendous purpose involved.

If you are in a similar kind of ultimate spiritual romance, there is a lot of information in this book that can help you as well. We believe that these similar romances comprise the closest soul-match available to you on earth. They serve great purpose too.

All ultimate unions start the same way. They begin with the experience of falling in love more powerfully than you ever dreamed. This also makes your life more challenging than you thought possible. This book helps you to understand why. It examines what you are going through in depth and unearths the profound reasons for your romantic experience.

Once you understand your relationship, you are able to overcome your challenges and make choices from a place of clarity. If you choose, you will be on your way to uniting with your ideal spiritual partner, just like Spencer and I have done.

We are here to support you. We want to empower you to create a life that honors you completely, whatever that means for you. We highly recommend following your own guidance above anyone else’s—including ours. We want to thank you for bringing your incredible love to our earth at this crucial time. Your beauty, bravery and curiosity are astounding.

If you are reading this because you have experienced an ultimate romance that involves devastating “running” and “chasing,” we explain these dynamics, but we advise you not to get ahead of yourself. The primary reason why these situations occur is to help you heal every last pain that you carry. The secondary reason is the potential for ultimate union, but only you can know if that is your destiny.

If you are reading this because you know someone affected by a Twin Flame romance, this guide will explain a lot, and it is written from the Twin Flame perspective. If you haven’t experienced this level of spiritual romance and are hoping to, keep in mind that these relationships are challenging beyond measure. Your soul may not have planned such an experience right now. You will want to focus on falling in love with yourself, which is the ultimate spiritual reunion.

If you embark upon an accelerated path of self-love, you will attract the highest relationships to your life, including the most elevated partnership possible. Whether this includes your Twin Flame depends upon your destiny. Either way, you will end up with the immense gift of loving yourself, and you will have beautiful relationships that support you.

Infinite LOVE,

Suzanne & Spencer


My Story

I thought that I knew what True Love was. I had tasted sweet romance several times in my youth. Not just fleeting crushes at school or promising dates, but heart-pounding, passionate love. The kind where life becomes Eden and you feel drunk with magic—because the most perfect partner has taken your hand, and they think that you are perfect too. And you adore each other endlessly, until it ends. Or settles down and falls asleep.

I thought that was True Love. Little did I know what was to come. And I never saw it coming. Because I had made myself permanently unavailable.

Sixteen years into my devoted marriage, True Love came crashing into my world out of nowhere and wreaked total havoc. It roared like a hurricane through the pretty life I had built with my husband and altered the landscape forever.

There was no siren call to batten down the hatches. No warning to prepare for the storm. By the time our crisis appeared, it was too late. I had already fallen for another man.

But I didn’t even meet this man in person. And get this—I hadn’t seen a picture of his face. Yet still, I fell in love with him irrevocably, in the blink of an eye.

How did it start? For two months, I exchanged emails with a fellow writer. We quickly became pen pals across the Atlantic. Through innocent letters, we supported each others’ work. I thought my new friend was some sort of apprentice. That was all that crossed my mind.

Then one day, out of the blue, I fell so hard for my friend that my humanity couldn’t keep up. By the time I surfaced from the experience, there was nothing I could do about it. The physical sensations alone were overpowering. They stopped me in my tracks.

Ironically, it was April Fool’s Day, and I couldn’t figure out what was happening to me. A tremendous force overtook my body and built pressure in the center of my chest. Within seconds, my heart opened wider than I thought possible, and a torrent of the most blissful love came pouring through. I sat in disbelief.

This love was so strong that I could barely function. I am not exaggerating when I say that my entire being was inundated with spiritual ecstasy. Every breath brought immense joy and the most divine longing. It felt incredibly powerful and deeply sexual—like the force of creation should be, and I remembered that this feeling was who I’d always been.

I had never felt so alive! I was never going to fall asleep again. I was never going to be without him—the one I was falling in love with, because I had always loved him. Eternally.

And he felt the exact same way about me. We loved each other with the most pure and unconditional love, unlike we had ever felt before. We ached to be together with a longing that was unbearable.  

It was the most profound experience we had ever known, and I remember thinking that everyone deserves it. But True Love takes no prisoners. It makes you bulldoze your existing life, no matter how much you cherish it. This is what our souls asked of us.

And we obeyed immediately. I obeyed and told my beautiful husband what I was experiencing. I told him everything I could, and I felt his aching pain like it was my own.

The drama that ensued was astonishing. Even with spiritual awareness, I barely survived. For more than two years, every part of my world was challenged—my marriage, my children’s health, my health, the support network I’d counted on, all of my relationships and family bonds, my career, and the home I’d created. Everything teetered on the edge of disaster because I had to be with this man.

Guilt consumed me. I felt like a total pariah. I was plagued by incessant judgment from those witnessing my crisis. Indeed, I couldn’t explain or defend myself enough.

But that wasn’t the worst of my troubles. Most surprising of all, my new relationship turned into a nightmare. Yes, you read that right. The love that started it all became extremely painful.

It didn’t take long for me to determine why. It turns out that I was experiencing a phenomenon known as a “Twin Flame” relationship. I was being thrust onto an accelerated path of exponential growth. And it was all for the most beautiful purpose—so that I could live how I’d always wanted: empowered, transparent, and whole. So that I could help others to do the same. This is what happens when you meet the other half of your soul.

With his help, I grew at lightening speed through my challenges. I stopped putting my needs last, and I became independent. I purged lifetimes of pain and shed my female conditioning. It was time to have the true desires of my heart, not what others expected—no matter how nice those people had been in the past. It was time to honor my own wishes and know exquisite freedom. The freedom to be my true self.  

As I write this, I am creating the life of my dreams. The kind I never thought I could have. And it is all because of this experience. I am witnessing my own empowerment, and it is completely unconditional. Because now I know with absolute certainty that I can have the deepest desires of my soul. No excuses. And I am making it so with him—the one who woke me up and revived me with infinite bliss.

He is my everything, and I am his. Our eyes shine for each other like stars. Our love burns stronger with each breath, more intensely than we can hold.

We were born to be together. We were destined to join hands and embark upon this journey of change—this Twin Flame experience. Because the time has come to reunite our soul. Most importantly, the time has come to help humanity Ascend.

Chapter 1  The Phenomenon

Chapter 2  What is True Love?

Chapter 3  The Meaning of “Twin Flame”

Chapter 4  The Growth that Calls

Chapter 5  Soul Mates

Chapter 6  What’s the Point?

Chapter 7  Clearing Conditional Love

Chapter 8  Freeing Yourself

Chapter 9  Revolution

Chapter 10 Sex and the Physical Experience

Chapter 11 Heaven on Earth

Chapter I    The Phenomenon

As you read this, a phenomenon is sweeping the planet. People all over the world are falling madly in love, more deeply than they thought possible. These people are finding a romantic partner who resonates perfectly with their soul. They are discovering the person of their dreams and the greatest love imaginable.

All across the globe, these couples are experiencing romance more profound than they ever knew. And they are playing out epic love stories—the kind that legends are made of. These couples are living out eternal unions that sing with breathtaking poetry. They are aching with untold longing and defying the impossible in order to unite. For these couples are experiencing undying, forbidden love that is almost too powerful to bear.

Indeed, these couples are feeling an intensity of love that is otherworldly, yet also utterly passionate. And there is nothing shy about it. These lovers are burning with all-consuming desire and throbbing with full-body attraction. They are finding ecstasy stirred within that conjures visions of the purest lovemaking. The feeling is sensual and primal, yet also from a higher realm. Yes, this love is both physical and divine, just as True Love should be.

Because the phenomenon that is taking over our world is True Love, and it is an experience of the body and the soul. It wakes its lovers up in the most delicious way possible while also being deeply spiritual. Who knew that spirituality could be so romantic? Let alone sexy and smoldering. But it always has been. And these gorgeous couples are here to remind us.

They are here to show us how earth-shattering True Love is, and that it is completely unconditional. They are also here to show us the purpose of True Love, which is awe-inspiring and will astound you.

If you are part of this phenomenon, then you know how mind-blowing your romance feels and how incredibly soul-deep, as well as how humanly challenging. You also know that, somewhere inside, you always suspected that this kind of True Love was real. Somewhere, in the depths of your soul, you kept a dream alive that someone loves you more than life itself and has been waiting for you all these years. This person desires you to the ends of the earth and yearns for your happiness. It turns out that this person actually exists and always has.

Your True Love is here at last, and you have missed them all your life. You have missed their undying love, and you have longed for it a midst your human disappointments. Now, you are remembering that this love is more real than anything you’ve known before. And you will never forget it again.

True Love is real. You are living proof of this. And even if it looks impossible, you are on your way to uniting with your ultimate spiritual partner, just as you both planned for this life. This reunion is a rediscovery of the love that has always been inside you. Because True Love is not just what you feel for your perfect romantic partner. True Love is who you really are.

Chapter II   What is True Love?

True love is not just a fairy tale, and even the fairy tales get it wrong. Because it isn’t something outside of yourself. True Love isn’t the perfect mate coming to rescue you on a white horse. It is your longing to remember who you really are. True Love is the blissful, infinite love within you that your ultimate romance brings back to life.

Somewhere deep inside, you already know this love. You have always known it intimately. Because at the core of your spiritual being, you are this love. This is who you really are.  

True Love is your essence, and that is why you long for it. You yearn to remember your True Self, and your True Self pulses with more love than you can imagine.

This love is infinite in scope, and it is also extremely powerful. Indeed, this love is the force of creation, and that is why you contain it. Because you are creation incarnate, beautiful friend. You are love come to life.

Your human experience simply masks this. It hides your true nature quite convincingly. But True Love ignites its resurgence in you. It returns you to yourself.

Your romantic spiritual journey is leading you back to the love you already embody. Step by step, and sometimes in giant leaps, you are being reminded of the brilliant love within yourself—the love that created everything. You are being given sweet, lingering sips of its lusciousness, and you are letting curiosity lead you to more. So much that you are starting to believe in love in a way that no one can take away again. Indeed, you are beginning to see love everywhere you go, and it’s becoming ludicrous that you ever lived without it.

Because now you know with absolute certainty that love belongs to everyone in existence, and it is more glorious than you dreamed. Love is unconditional and all-accepting, and you cannot fall back asleep to this again. From now on, you will always be aware of love, and this awareness began earlier than you might think.

Before Beloveds recognize each other, they start to grow spiritually—whether dramatically or in subtle ways. They start to wake up to the love within and to remember the incredible bliss that they come from. Beloveds begin to rediscover the bliss that has always been buried inside, and they get ready to shed everything keeping them from it. They grow exponentially.

A chain reaction is set in motion. Beloveds begin attracting the highest experiences for their human lives that provide the growth their souls crave. They also start distancing themselves from relationships that don’t support their new growth. And they begin magnetizing the most elevated relationships available on earth—most especially, their ultimate romantic partnership.

You see, as Beloveds wake up to the love within themselves, they resonate with their ideal partner. This magnetizes perfect pairs together, perhaps even after meeting years before. That is how these matches attract each other. They attract the human being who is the closest match to their soul and then recognized this immaculate connection.

If you are part of such a match, this is how you found and fell in love with your Beloved.

Your Beloved is your perfect match. But they are even more than this. Your Beloved is precisely the other half of your soul, which means that you are in a “Twin Flame” relationship. But what the heck does Twin Flame mean? Let’s explore the phenomenon further.

Chapter III   The Meaning of “Twin Flame”

You know how dramatic your relationship feels. There is a simple reason why. In order to understand it, we have to go back through history—quite a long way actually. To the formation of your soul, to be exact.

When your soul was born, you were formed from Godsource. You sparked off from Godsource and became individualized—yet while still being an integral part of that source. Your unique soul came into being.

You then began living out your own spectacular journey, carrying the light of Godsource within you. This is the light that you carry to this day. And this light is the flame of creation and your spiritual life-force.

Then, at some point in your primordial history, your soul separated into two halves. The light that you are split into two. When your soul divided in this way, two flames were formed from your original light. Each half of your soul then carried the exact same energy in two separate bodies.

This is when your “Twin” was formed. Your Twin then went on their own journey as an individual entity. And this is when your Twin Flame relationship began.

But why would your soul divide itself? In order to experience a new perspective of Godsource. Because your soul wants to know love and creation in its myriad forms, across the eons of experience. Splitting your soul accomplished this. It also allowed you to know ultimate romantic love. This is the Twin Flame romance that you are now recognizing and rediscovering first hand.

As you can imagine, splitting your soul was dramatic. Coming to earth as a split soul, even more so. This was separation made incarnate. Indeed, severing yourself from your Other Half took unbelievable courage. It left you feeling bereft with loss.

Since that time, you have yearned for soul reunion across lifetimes of longing. You have known intimately what the term “star-crossed lovers” means, and you have endured ages of unbearable sadness. Now, at this momentous time for you, the anguish of being apart from your Twin is finally ending. Resolution looms, and your two halves are magnetizing back together.

You are headed for sublime reunion, sweeter than your wildest dreams. For you are being pushed by the force of creation to unite yourself again. This explains how powerful your attraction to your Beloved Twin is. It explains why you are driven to unite with them, despite human obstacles. Because once you remember your Beloved, nothing can keep you apart for long.

That is why Twin Flames recognize each other, even in the most unlikely places in the mundane world. We are pulled back together again, no matter what kind of turmoil this requires. We find each other despite vast distances or passages of time, and incredible unprecedented challenges. You see, nothing can truly stand in the way of a soul reuniting, as all Twins can confirm.

We Twin Flames are motivated to unite by fail-proof, unconditional love. We are also motivated by physical attraction that is off the charts. Indeed, falling in love with your Twin Flame is utterly exhilarating. It is a body-thrilling, heart-pounding revival of bliss. Bliss too endless to take in all at once. And more real than any fantasy.

When Twins fall in love, an ancient connection becomes revived that shakes us wide awake. We know, deep down, that we have found our one True Love of all time, and we are guided to reunite with them. We experience jaw-dropping synchronicity that leads us towards this shining goal. And we are given sign after sign as well as acute, physical sensations.

Because when we look into our Twin’s eyes, we feel pure magic. When we feel our Twin’s touch, we feel instantly healed by the sweetest magnetism. It is unlike any sensation we have ever known. And even when we are apart from our True Love, we are overtaken by the most intense passion imaginable.

This passion feels both etheric and corporeal – both deeply spiritual and sexual. It feels heavenly yet completely of this earth. Because Twin love is rock star love. It is the stuff that movies are made of. And when you feel it, you intuitively understand what an incredible gift you have been given, while your mind and life desperately seek to catch up.

Now that you have remembered the other half of our soul, you can never go back to your old life again and forget them. From now on, you will think about your Beloved ALL OF THE TIME. Even when it is very challenging to do so. But the universe is supporting you every step of the way, and your Twin’s love is leading you forward. And, as we’ll explore, your challenges are here for sublime reason.

The truth is that your love is more solid than anything on earth, no matter your human situation. No matter how difficult things are or how they seem. Even if your Twin seems utterly unaware of what you have, and even if you aren’t together now, your Other Half loves you more than anyone. They are your very soul.

When you and your Twin finally come together, you will be reuniting with your long lost self in true ecstasy and rejoined wholeness. This reunion echoes the cosmic process. This is the phenomenon that you are experiencing.

Think of being separated from your Twin Flame as the Big Bang. When you split, the universe expanded outwardly. Everything became individualized with increasing space around it. Your relationship was formed.

When you and your Twin found each other on earth, your human journey back to one-ness began. Things became still and stopped expanding apart with separation. They began to contract and come together again. This is when your return to Godsource commenced, and you began moving back towards cosmic union.

In this way, your Twin Flame reunion resembles all spiritual journeys. It is a homecoming back to Source. It is a return trip back to the blissful love of God within your very self. Your Beloved guides you there. They help you to come home to yourself.

Chapter IV   The Growth that Calls

Twin Flame reunions are powerfully spiritual, and yours was pre-destined for your life. But most likely, you haven’t been able to shake that star-crossed feeling. It has probably been incredibly challenging to unite with your Twin, let alone be on the same page.

Indeed, Twin Flames go through life-changing drama and conflict that is unbearably brutal. But this conflict leads to transformation. This is the growth that calls you.

You see, getting back together with your Beloved requires tremendous growth and the willingness to tackle it. You have to heal your feelings of separation from each other. You also have to heal your separation from Godsource. This is done automatically—through your relationship challenges.

That is why your Twin Flame relationship is the most intense connection you will ever know. It is a penultimate wake up call, giving you back yourself. It is a spiritual initiation, hurling you down a path of accelerated growth. And with your Beloved’s help, you will heal everything that longs to heal in yourself so that you can eventually unite. And undying love will drive you forward towards this noble task.

You will grow more in your Twin Flame partnership than any prior relationship. Rapidly so. You will face all the issues you have neglected before, and you will be amazed by how empowered you become. In fact, you are already well on your way to this goal because you are going through your own personal resurrection.

If you look back right now to when you met your Twin, can you see how much you have grown already? Although the process has been painful, can you see just how much you have strengthened within? Because what you are gaining the most through this whole ordeal is your very self. You are healing all the ways that you haven’t loved beautiful you.

You are healing lifetimes of limitation that depressed your self-worth. This caused you so much pain, and it is now keeping you from your Beloved. That is why your Twin Flame is bringing up your pain—so that you can finally clear it and be together. They are pushing you to grow because it is required for reunion.

This explains why your Twin Flame relationship is fraught with difficulty. And this explains why it has felt impossible to unite. Any painful limitation of love that you and your Twin carry has been brought out to be addressed, accepted, and transformed before joining permanently together.

In fact, everything in the way of your pristine union comes up to rear its ugly head. All debris caught between your magnetic attraction is burned off so that you can reunite. The process is relentless and excruciating, and it often takes True Love by surprise. It strips each partner of expectations, and it obliterates ego illusions. But the soul perseveres until every single thing is turned upside down. This can feel like the darkest night imaginable, yet on the other side transformation awaits. All is reborn in glorious unconditional love.

Your soul longs for this immense healing, just as you ache for your Other Half. With their help, you will succeed in growing exponentially. You will reveal your hidden demons and liberate yourself from them. You will shed lifetimes of limitation so that you can finally love yourself completely. In time, you will love yourself so much that you can fully thrive in your ultimate partnership.

When you finally love all of yourself, you will see how beautiful you already are. In fact, at the end of your Twin Flame journey you will find that you love yourself exactly as much as you love your Twin – so much that you don’t even need them. You will finally understand that all love comes from inside and can never complete you otherwise. And ironically, yet by sublime design, when that time comes you will be ready to fully reunite with your Beloved.

Chapter V   Soul Mates

So far, we’ve discussed Twin Flame partners, but the word “Soul Mate” hasn’t been mentioned. You might think that Twin Flames are Soul Mates, but that is not the case. A Soul Mate is not the other half of your Soul. A Twin is, and you only have one of them.

Soul Mate relationships are spiritual, and you have many of these connections in your life. A few of your Soul Mates are exceptionally special and instructive for you. They are meant to teach you key lessons, and as your lessons are completed, you move on to new ones.

All Soul Mate relationships are sacred, and when romantic, they can form beautiful partnerships, marriages, and families. They can embody unconditional love with the highest sweetness, tenderness, and integrity. Indeed, Soul Mate love is essential to your human experience, and it alludes to the kind of love that Twins possess. In fact, you always have Free Will to choose a Soul Mate relationship, even now that you have met your Twin.

But it’s important to know that, traditionally, Soul Mate relationships have been based on limitation and conditional love. This can be hard to see until your Twin enters the scene and floods your being with the most unconditional love imaginable. Suddenly, you see that your Soul Mate partnerships have felt much more subdued and somehow safe, even if they have also been challenging. There is a comfortable degree of separation with a Soul Mate instead of intensity, true intimacy, and engulfing romance. There is a justification of relative contentment and a denial to look any deeper.

That is why Soul Mate partnerships require significantly slower growth. You aren’t pushed to really see yourself or fully feel everything. And that is why Soul Mate partnerships can be perfect for hiding your stuff. In fact, sometimes in a Soul Mate relationship, it can seem as though you have both agreed to keep your skeletons safely locked in your respective closets. You have made an unspoken agreement to settle, as long as you both do, often without consciously realizing this.

Soul Mate relationships can quickly become co-dependent. They say, “If you do this for me, then I will do this for you.” They tend to harbor some unhealthy behavior, and this is tolerated because of a pay-off. If you are experiencing this kind of co-dependency, your inner dialogue might echo: “I don’t really want to put up with this from my spouse, but it’s ok because they do this other thing for me all the time. I guess I like the arrangement.” Take note, the word arrangement is a limitation and something that is not allowed in Twin Flame relationships. With Soul Mates, however, limitation tends to be the ruling paradigm.

Almost all Soul Mate relationships require compromises that limit some freedom for both people. In the worst cases, double standards reign, and roles of controller and controlled are played out. As you can see, the price for these traditional Soul Mate arrangements is incredibly steep and conditional—because you know that settling will leave you unfulfilled and that you should never be controlled; separation will make you lonely and your skeletons will continue to run your life subconsciously. But when your Twin Flame partner appears, all skeletons come out and are eventually set free.

When your Twin appears, you have now found the partner to grow with spiritually, unconditionally, and forever. Even if you love and care so deeply for a prior, special Soul Mate, you have found the only one you can ever truly be monogamous with, because they are your very soul split in half. You have been given your original love back, and whether you like it or not, from now on, you will only have eyes for your Twin. This is your only permanent romance.

That is why your other romantic relationships have tended to disappoint you before, no matter how special they’ve been. These other partnerships haven’t been able to deliver a love that reaches your very depths. They could not duplicate the total intimacy of your ultimate romance. They could not mimic this union of your very soul.

Your Twin Flame union is the relationship of your dreams, and it is lighting the way for others. Twin Flames like you are showing us that love isn’t meant to be restricted and that we must let it pour into our lives. You are leading us to scrap our old, imbalanced arrangements and insist upon the elevated new. And though the new is unknown and even frightening, it is completely familiar to your soul. And it sings with unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the new human relationship. And at this time in history, more and more of us are ready for it. In fact, many of us are transitioning to a physical Twin Flame experience. Many are also experiencing other ultimate, romances that aren’t textbook Twin Flame.

These other romances don’t comprise two halves of one soul. Rather, they comprise the closest soul match available on earth. This match is much closer than a traditional Soul Mate. These partners resonate intimately with each other, beyond the usual romance, in a way that is very similar to a Twin Flame experience.

All of these ultimate, spiritual partnerships herald a return to love. You see, humanity is ready to have the open-hearted love we so deserve and to never settle again. And what’s most exciting is that this movement has tremendous purpose. Indeed, the purpose of True Love is so profound that it will leave you spellbound. It will remind you why you came to this earth.

Chapter VI   What’s the Point?

At this moment, Twin Flame couples are reuniting across the earth for more than personal reasons. They are helping our planet at this pivotal time for humanity. Because Twin Flames are here to charge this world with love.

As a fellow Twin, you are part of this movement. You signed up to help dramatically by bringing unconditional love to this human plane. And you have been doing this since you fell in love with your Twin.

When you became ignited with Twin Flame love, you started carrying the power of this love with you everywhere. This immediately helped our earth and continues to as you read this. Just imagine the difference you have been making every day by embodying Twin Flame love. You positively beam with total radiance (even if you’re fed up with the whole process!) You still carry a divine secret that sparks curiosity in others. Energetically, it wakes them up to spiritual love.

Now imagine this phenomenon multiplied. Picture all the Twins around the globe, waking up to their love and walking around with the most incredible bliss. They illuminate every room they enter and shine with total joy. They spark inspiration in those they meet, because just like you, these Twins have remembered their true selves. And they are calling everyone to do the same.

Imagine what a mark True Love makes, even when geographical distance is involved. Can you picture all the Twins separated from each other by enormous oceans and vast continents all over the world? These Twins are permanently connected to each other, and their love bridges huge swaths of our planet. It ignites a powerful spiritual grid across the earth. Energetically, this grid helps others to wake up to higher consciousness. Twin Flames are positioned perfectly to help humanity.

Higher consciousness is flowering across the planet through the medium of ultimate romantic love. We are returning to Eden with a wisdom we will carry forever, and planting a garden to rival all others.  

Of course, there is an ultimate way that Twins like you can help our world. When you unite with your Beloved, the power of your soul coming back together is immense. It impacts our entire earth. Indeed, a soul reuniting is one of the most healing and transformational forces in existence.

When you unite with your Twin in pure love, you become one again, and this lifts the human experience to a higher place. It helps to move humanity beyond 3d limitations and into the higher dimensions. Your union paves the way for others to relinquish conditional love and embrace the unconditional. It triggers collective healing.

When you join forces with your Other Half, you also magnify your creative capabilities—in two moving bodies. Imagine how much you can powerfully accomplish this way. Twin Flames show us how to create with love, not fear, which is how humanity will build our new and higher earth. This powerful process is being acted out by Twin Flame partners all over the world.

You are in prime position to change the human experience, and you were born to fulfill this purpose. You have come to bring expansive love to our world and put it into action. You are helping everyone to remember the love within themselves at a time when we need it most. That is why you are our secret weapon for “Ascension.”

Ascension is a process that humanity is going through right now. It means to rapidly evolve to a higher spiritual level. In essence, we are raising consciousness so that we perceive the higher dimensions of unconditional love. And we are bringing this heightened perception to earth. We are creating an elevated human experience of freedom, empowerment, and joy.

You see, at this moment, we are all healing our experiment with separation. We are beginning the journey back to Godsource—back to the unconditional love of our birth. Your Twin Flame journey is assisting with this task.

In fact, you and your Twin may have split precisely for this reason. You may have arranged to be here ages ago so that you could help in this specific way. This took a lot of sacrifice, risk, and unprecedented courage.

When Twins take on this kind of assignment, the mission is intense. They agree to undergo human amnesia and incarnate in separate bodies. They often do this over many lifetimes that are painful with separation. They continue on until the time is right to reunite. That time is now.

These Twins find each other amidst established, human lives beset by conditional love. They free themselves from conditioning so that they can unite and help our world. This mission is a vital part of Ascension, and it is personal.

You see, Ascension is a personal process as well as a collective one. Each individual helps through their own empowerment. They play their unique and essential part. This is what you started doing when you woke up to love in yourself and found your Other Half. The astounding truth is that you are a hero who has come to save the earth.

In the years to come, more and more ultimate partners just like you will find their match and assist the Ascension process. They will wake up to eternal love and remember that they agreed to help. That is why so many people are losing precious, old relationships right now. It’s why so many are feeling lonely, waiting for True Love to arrive. These searching souls are readying for divine union with their ultimate romantic partner.

The time has come for all such partnerships to transform our weary conditioned world. You are here to be an essential part of this liberation. You are here to free humanity from conditional love.

Chapter VII   Clearing Conditional Love

Your Twin Flame experience frees you from conditional love so that you can free our world. But what exactly do I mean by conditional love? I mean bargaining for it.

For ages, the human experience has been one of limitation. And love was limited the most. Humans forgot their own love and lived in constant fear of its depletion. We grabbed what little love we could get our hands on and carefully measured its exchange, in an effort to retain it.

We said, “If you love me, then I will love you in these specific ways that I can afford.” We controlled love, and therefore, we controlled each other. This distorted the very thing that we desired. Love.

That is how love became a rare commodity. And that is how it became conditional. Because when you live in a world where people have forgotten their own love, you look outside yourself for it. And you settle for just enough to survive.

In fact, when one is so desperate, it helps to devalue love entirely. Cynicism does this. That is why mass culture is cynical about love or paints it as dangerous, or unattainable. When you think about it, True Love has always been entwined with tragedy and made forbidden. Indeed, we humans actually pride ourselves on dismissing love.

We live in a world stripped of True Love because love is extremely powerful. Love is your greatest power, and you have been made wary of it. This was done on purpose by those in authority—so that you would settle for conditional love in your own life. Because conditional love keeps you in a state of being controllable. It keeps you non-threatening and limited.

Yes, humanity has been controlled for eons by those greedy for love. Your natural love has been intentionally controlled in order to control you. You have been taught to suppress your own love, without your permission or even knowing this.

But real love is limitless, and it has always been yours. Love comes from inside you, never outside, and you don’t have to pay a price for what you already have. You don’t have to earn love or fight for it because you already are it. Your spiritual journey powerfully ignites this remembrance. Your Twin Flame experience drives it home.

Your spiritual romance is removing anything that obscures your own love. It is lifting the human veil from what always was. It is reminding you that you are infinitely loved in the ways you have always dreamed. And that you are love itself.

But for a long time, you probably feared this was not the case. Now, you must release those fears that fought for survival in an authoritarian world. That world is disintegrating now, and infinite love is taking over.

How do you release your fears? The surprising answer is by releasing your judgments.

Look at how you judge other people. Most of all, look at how you judge your Twin Flame. Anything that you judge in another reveals what you fear in yourself, even if it’s hard to see at first. You fear others won’t love you if you display these same qualities. That is your human conditioning.

Your judgments reveal how you control and limit your own love. And you limit love because you feel unworthy of it. But your spiritual romance is pushing you to feel worthy at last. It is urging you to finally end your brutal conditioning and to stop limiting love—once and for all.

Your Twin Flame relationship is doing this by displaying your fears in sharp relief. It is helping you to address and obliterate your conditioning so that you finally love yourself unconditionally.

The unconditional love that your Twin inspires is freeing you from your ancient, human struggle. It is leading you to become completely and utterly free in every possible way—not only in your being, but in every aspect of your life. This means that you don’t have to put conditions on yourself or anyone. You give love freely, and in that giving, you free yourself. You accept everyone exactly as they are until their beauty becomes obvious. Especially your own, for you are so incredibly beautiful, dearest soul!

Chapter VIII   Freeing Yourself

For a long time, you probably forgot your own beauty. You were trapped in conditional love. Now, you are remembering your true self. And your true self can’t be concealed any more.

Concealing anything is a direct result of conditioning. Hiding makes you settle for less than you desire. And this kind of settling abounds in human relationships. It usually comes in the form of comfort zones that set the bar low.

As a human, you create comfort zones to feel safe, but in exchange you remain stagnant. You aren’t able to grow how your soul calls. You put your dreams on hold or dim them significantly for fear of looking foolish.

If you have ever settled in your life, you know the feeling. Most likely, you convinced yourself that things were as good as they could get. And then your long lost Twin came along and reminded you how incredible life could be. You realized how much you had been compromising yourself and justifying the very things that limit you—the things that hid your true desires.

Once your Beloved arrived, the bar got readjusted so high that you could never go back to low. You saw how conditioned you were from creating true joy in your life, and you could never tolerate this again. The urge to be transparent and authentic overruled any need to hide.

Almost immediately, your old systems started breaking down. Dramatically so. Your previous agreements with people got torn to shreds. The ways that others depended on you, and you on them, started to painfully disintegrate. You were thrown into uncharted waters and forced to rescue yourself—without the agreements that used to keep you afloat.  

This can leave you feeling completely lost and alone, which ultimately brings total empowerment. But for now, the wreckage is mounting as your old life shatters to pieces. For many Twins at this stage, one of the most common agreements that begins to disintegrate is the marriage agreement. This beloved and promising concept starts to reveal its limitations. And it quickly becomes obvious that marriage is often an object lesson in conditional love.

But for many of us, it’s very difficult to accept this. Because marriage is a really beautiful idea that seems to work for a lot of people—especially when there are children involved. Marriage is intended to be a sacred agreement between two partners that solidifies and declares their bond of love. It sets couples up to expand with this love and start a family. How much more romantic can you get?

But things get tricky when you look at the restrictions that most marriages uphold. How can anyone predict how years and decades will affect a human being? What happens when one spouse grows dramatically and the other does not? Do they both stay with someone they no longer resonate with?

And how can someone remain with a partner who no longer understands them, and therefore, can’t emotionally support them? What if these people don’t even speak the same language any more? Are they bound, regardless, until death? If such disparate partners are to stay together, one of them has to lie to themselves.  

And what if one of these partners inadvertently falls in love with their Twin Flame? How can they possibly hide the full-body connection and remain in their Soul Mate marriage? How would that be fair to either spouse? Fidelity to their betrothed would be physically impossible. They would not be able to honor their wedding vows—vows they took before they knew this Twin Flame connection existed or was a distinct possibility.

Sometimes marriage asks us to do the impossible and to pretend that everything is completely fine. Because pretending is a key component of conditional love, and it restricts our very souls. This is reinforced by societal judgment, and it can be extremely difficult to get out of.

For example, getting married is a really easy process. It can be done in little time for little money. Getting divorced is another matter entirely. It is lengthy, painful, expensive, and seemingly impossible. In some countries, actually so. Talk about conditional.

When we look at the history of marriage, we start to see just how antiquated it is. Women were considered property who moved from their father’s keep to their husband’s. Shades of this still exist, even in “advanced” cultures. I experienced it myself in my American life, but didn’t fully see this until I met my Twin.

When I met my Twin Flame, I saw that romantic love isn’t supposed to be conditional. Nor is it supposed to be a life-sentence. Our life partnerships aren’t meant to be so restrictive that we never grow. Our partners aren’t supposed to be room-mates who sleep in another room and help sustain our bank accounts. We don’t have to feel obligated and shamed to remain in a paradigm that’s stale just because it seems safe. Our souls want us to thrive, not merely survive.

Your romantic partnership is the most important relationship in your life. It should ignite your passions, inspire you deeply, and stir your soul. Your romantic partner should be your best friend of all time and your most exciting lover—someone who supports you unconditionally, not out of duty, but desire.

Sometimes it takes a Twin Flame relationship to remind us of the desire we so deeply deserve. And sometimes, we have to be hit over the head to see just how much we’ve been missing. As do those around us. The process tends to be dramatic, especially when a revolution of love is at hand.

Chapter IX   Revolution

Twin Flame relationships turn lives upside down, but they do so for profound reasons. Because Twin Flames are catalysts for positive change. We are here to break down conditional love and champion unconditional freedom for all human beings.

And so, we Twins are igniting a revolution, and we are courageously leading the charge. We are bulldozing human convention and challenging conditional love. We are shaking up societal restrictions and freeing ourselves from its chains. And this revolution is personal. It starts at home.

Domestic conditioning has kept women down, and we are overturning it. Cultural conditioning has imbalanced the sexes, and we are balancing them. In fact, we Twins are freeing so many restrictions that go beyond the individual experience. We are healing deeply buried ancestral and religious ties that have bound people unknowingly. And we are freeing ourselves from the rat race that has kept all of us trapped. In its place, we are inspiring ultimate purpose.

We Twins are heralding freedom on all levels, one brave life-change at a time. We are urging all of us who have done as we’re told to wake up and start living true to ourselves. We are inspiring people to follow their hearts and to become spiritually aware. We are leading the way forward in our own lives, thus paving the way for others.

Indeed, when Twins leap for True Love, we start doing everything with authenticity. We start insisting upon unconditional love, as well as the highest purpose and freedom. Of course, at the beginning of this personal process, we Twins tend to look quite destabilizing and foolish to those around us. Because when we go for unconditional love, we affect everyone we know with the dramatic changes we make.

Our loved ones have a hard time understanding why we would want such change and its subsequent turmoil. They cannot understand why we would break down our established lives and threaten everything they know. They cannot comprehend the growth that calls, and why we can’t ignore it. Most of all, our loved ones cannot fathom the pull between Twins and how unstoppable it is.

You see, most people assume that Twin love is your typical kind of romance. But as you know, it is infinitely deep and far more powerful than a traditional relationship. It is also spiritual to the core. Because Twin Flame love is a soul thing.

But those who haven’t experienced Twin Flame romance cannot understand how powerful it is. They witness our love stories and immediately try to wrap them in convention. They try to compare what they see to what they have been through themselves. But they are assigning the familiar to something that they cannot comprehend. They are clinging to the illusions that make them feel safe, even if that means restricting another human being.

To Twins, this is almost laughable, if it weren’t so frustrating to be misunderstood. But that is how brave we are. And so we receive a barrage of worry from those around us, because Twins rebel against the Status Quo, making those who settled for it nervous.

Indeed, those who settled are so entrenched in the human program of limitation that anyone seeking freedom is immediately judged as trouble-maker. This is why epic Twin romance gets instantly degraded. Often disrespectfully.

Thus, Twins who find each other across great distances are called cheaters who met Online. The event is quickly labeled as a mid-life crisis or shameful affair. A beautiful Twin waiting for her Other Half becomes a hopeless single and glutton for punishment. A mother who discovers True Love is called selfishly reckless for following her heart.

These labels make people feel safe. You see, those who are trapped in convention are threatened by True Love and the change that it requires. Those who are immersed in conditioning are afraid to see Twins become free because they aren’t free themselves. Thus Twins bear the brunt of their fears.

This kind of conditional love is so ingrained in human beings that most people actually, unknowingly support it. They blindly fight for the cause to keep themselves imprisoned in an illusion of stability. They lead an ignorant campaign to keep love controllable and manageable. But what they are actually doing is keeping love at arm’s length from themselves. Because True Love is terrifying when you don’t love yourself enough.

Our Twin Flame revolution is overturning this conditioning so that all of us can love ourselves at last. Even if it requires some kicking and screaming. We are expanding the human experience and setting a new example. And this new paradigm is light-years away from our old limitations of love, which are numerous.

Our old limitations include judgment, shame, guilt, and good, old-fashioned gossip. They also include sacred institutions like religion and marriage. Because as beautiful as these institutions can be, they also have the power to keep us from thriving in our lives. And they tend to uphold conditional love and masquerade it as unconditional.

For example, traditional wedding vows are extremely beautiful, but they are also extremely controlling. They express fearful, conditional love, not only now, but for the rest of your life. Until death, to be precise. This is not love that is free, trusting, and unconditional. This is not love that allows each partner to thrive. Yet most people probably think that marriage is about unconditional love.

When it comes to conditional vows, it is important to understand that vows of any kind are very powerful. You will want to make sure that all vows you have taken in your life still align with your current choices. If they don’t, you want to take formal steps to rescind them. But don’t stop there. Be sure to also privately renounce any such vows to yourself, so that you clear them on an energetic, spiritual level. This can be done by simply stating your intention out loud, to yourself, and feeling the full immensity of this change in you. This kind of personal integrity and empowerment is what unconditional love is all about.

Your soul is calling you back to unconditional love. Of course, admittedly, it is very difficult to truly know what unconditional love is until you feel it yourself. We Twins are blessed because we get to feel it full-body.

For myself, I understood the concept of unconditional love prior to my Twin Flame romance, but I was still unaware of my own conditioning. Now, I have remembered how much love all humans come from, and I have such a sense of spiritual freedom that anything else seems jarring. I realize that I am to be trusted to create for myself and that I am meant to positively thrive, whatever that means for me. Just as you are meant to too.

Your soul wants you to thrive more than anything. Your soul wants you to be free to experience love how you want to experience it. That is what unconditional love is. It is the all-forgiving, all-accepting grace of Free Will. And it is glaringly different from conditional love.

Twins like you have come here to champion unconditional love and show us what it looks like. You are challenging everyone around you to give up their old ways and leap for what is real. And you came prepared with the greatest love imaginable.

Nothing but a love as powerful as Twin Flame bliss could overturn established conditioning. It takes something this dramatic to tear down convention in very personal ways. This personal change ripples through society, first as judgment, but after the dust has settled, as pure inspiration. Others start to remember unconditional love in themselves. Others start to accept the Twins who ruined their former lives—lives they couldn’t see were stifling. And these others actually start to appreciate Twin Flame courage. At the soul level, they know that you are helping them by challenging their own conditioning. You are inspiring them to follow their own hearts.

For example, when a marriage ends because of Twin Flame love, most people can’t see the divine reason for this break up—even though it loomed on the horizon long before. You see, such break ups have more to do with spirituality than romance. Because Twins who find each other have already outgrown their current partners. They have already begun to wake up spiritually in such a dramatic way, and they no longer resonate with those who aren’t changing this much too.

Once Twins fall in love, they start growing at an unprecedented pace. Even the most cherished prior partners have a hard time keeping up with this growth. The outcome is inevitable and pre-destined. In fact, it turns out that all lives involved were destined to change.

Because all the souls at play in Twin Flame situations contracted ahead of time to be affected by the experience. This was pre-planned to help everyone finally address their own pain so that they could Ascend. Each human Twin Flame crisis was mapped out in heaven beforehand, and it is being carried out on earth so that everyone can have a dramatic chance to spiritually grow. Everyone can leave lifetimes of struggle behind.

Of course, this kind of rapid healing can turn life into the most painful melodrama. But that is what spiritual transformation looks like. For myself, when I leapt to be with my Twin, I endured societal judgment, family shame, and debilitating guilt. I was openly ridiculed and ostracized for being honest about my true feelings. People went to great lengths to try to keep me from leaving my marriage. I endured a very personal “Inquisition” at the hands of my ex husband, parents, and loved ones that lasted for three years.

I didn’t take it well. I am a sensitive mother from a conservative family who had done everything she was supposed to until this point. Yet when I declared my love for my Twin, people immediately wanted to control me. They worried incessantly and did not trust me, even though I have always been an extremely responsible person. But these are the ill-effects of doing as I was expected to in my past.  

My personal revolution overturned all the ways I had not been in charge of my life. And it was a brutal process. It was my personal Ascension that took place in my own home as a wife, mother, daughter, and spiritual writer. My revolutionary beliefs made my liberation even more challenging to my loved ones.

I was called crazy, something that all of us at the forefront of Ascension have endured. This compounded my feelings of not belonging in the human world. The drama that turned my life upside down was exacerbated by feeling alone in revolutionary, spiritual awakening. And yet, looking back, I would go through it all again to get where I am now.

On the other side, I wholeheartedly acknowledge that my loved ones actually helped me to address my deepest limitations by treating me as they did. They mirrored my inner patterns of self-deprocation so that I could address them head on. In time, I learned to heal the ways I was against myself inside.

I learned to become impervious to others. I began to build my own integrity. I stopped letting people have influence and control over me, and I set healthier boundaries. I started sending out a clear signal that I trust my own abilities, and therefore, so can everyone else. I led by example and am now inspiring everyone who judged me.

I also learned discretion, which I highly recommend for your process. If your family and friends are giving you hell for following your heart, then stop sharing the minute details of your romance. The nuances of your experience are no-one’s business but yours. You don’t have to divulge what is most sacred to you and most painful to those who cannot understand.

Learn to be strong in yourself, and don’t ask for approval or permission. Because you don’t need anyone to tell you how to follow your heart, or to make you feel terrible for doing so. That is why you must create an energetic oasis around your love so that others cannot drag you down into their conditioning. You see, you are creating an entirely new kind of relationship that humanity hasn’t seen for ages, and it can’t be compared to conditional love. It lives at the elevated 5 D level that feels worthy of total bliss.

By championing your love, you are becoming stronger than you ever thought possible. And your freedom feels so incredibly sweet and so long overdue. Because freedom is what we’re fighting for in our brave revolution of love. The freedom to be loved unconditionally, as we all so deeply deserve.

You deserve this so completely. It is time to honor the wishes of your soul and the precious desires of your heart. It is also time to champion the desires of your body too. Because this revolution is physical.

Chapter X   Sex and the Physical Experience

You are allowed to follow your true desires, and that includes the desires of your body too. Especially the most intimate kind. That’s right, I’m talking about sex.

Sex is meant to be the most beautiful and pure experience imaginable. It is a gorgeous and exalted expression of love and oneness. Sex is entirely natural to your being, and it’s also part of your creative power.

But for ages, sex has been completely distorted. Because humanity’s relationship with love has been distorted. We have been kept from being powerful with love, and sex has become a game of withholding it.

We have all paid a heavy price. The pleasure that is a natural part of creation has been kept under wraps so that we don’t use it at full capacity. We then can’t fully appreciate its beauty. In fact, we have been taught to view sex in a downgraded and often negative way. It has become a survival necessity that is dirty and sinful, unless greatly diminished and approved by a higher authority.

Our sacred, sexual power has been maligned and misused. It has been used against others, offered to manipulate or please, or has been altogether denied. The roles of master and servant, dominant and submissive, have been assigned. The sexes have become gravely imbalanced.

Guilt has become a means of controlling people from enjoying sex, or hiding it shamefully. Women have especially been programmed to stay within strict sexual bounds or be outcast socially. They have been trained to obey a patriarchal society and bind themselves in confining marriages.

Women have borne the brunt of sexual imbalance. Atrociously so. Because women hold within them the very power of creation. Females create children, and that is a power that threatens those in charge. Thus, women have been shamed as creators, and so we stopped consciously creating. We supported what others made instead and answered to those in charge. No matter their agenda.

The oppression of women has kept all of us powerless. It has made us live with a distorted sense of love. One prime example of this is the way that our Mother Earth has been treated. She has been taken advantage of by the greed of man.

Another example of female oppression is the true story of Mary the Magdalene. In the Bible, Mary Magdalene was rebranded a whore, but in truth, she was an incredibly important and influential figure. If you don’t already know her true identity, get ready—it’s a shocker. Mary was the bride of Jesus the Christ. Not only this, Mary and Jesus were Twin Flames. They were Divine Feminine and Masculine counterparts of absolute equality.

Together, Jesus and Mary paved the way for all Twin Flame couples with their incredible union. They brought unconditional love to our earth and showed humanity how to free itself from suffering. They did this with heroic and unthinkable sacrifice that is still helping us energetically. But their incredible courage was maligned by the politics of religion, and it is yet another example of how people were made powerless.

Now, we Twins are changing this, and the specific challenges that female Twins go through push them to stop adhering to the oppression of women. In fact, in many ways, female Twins lead the way for humanity. They light the path out of our guilt-ridden past by breaking down convention and conditional love—in their own specific environments. This begins on the domestic front, as mothers, wives, and daughters who stand up for themselves. These role models ignite change across the planet and help to re-balance the sexes.

Of course, it must be acknowledged that men have suffered too in the imbalance of the sexes. Greatly. Indeed, all of us have adopted a victim mentality. We look to authority to tell us what to do. All humans have been trained to have low self-esteem precisely because it supports being controlled. We have been taught to live at the mercy of those who have taken away our power. This is when we started hiding what we really wanted for ourselves, which perpetuated unhealthiness on many levels.

It is time for women and men to be free now and to have the information that has been kept from us. It is time to rediscover sex in its pure and intended spiritual form and to be given back our power. Because sex is your natural power and your birthright, something your Beloved has deeply reminded you of. And by healing your relationship with sex, you help to heal humanity.

Healing begins at the spiritual level. You see, sex is a deeply spiritual experience. It is a cosmic union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, in perfect awe-inspiring balance. This sacred union is a merging back to oneness with Godsource. It is where all creation originates and is reborn, only to return and know itself again.

Creation arises from the union of two opposing forces that used to be one, and in essence still are. This is apparent in the concept of duality, which is a vivid part of the human experience. Yin-and-Yang, Earth-and-Sky are ultimately one and same things, briefly separated in the dance of duality. When dual aspects re-join, there is a mystical reunion of life that gives birth to new life.  

Twin Flame couples are duality incarnated, and they play out this divine union. Though getting there is a process, as you have discovered. It starts when you fall in love, at which point, you become illuminated with the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in your respective bodies. You begin to balance these energies in yourself before balancing them as a couple. You learn to shed any imbalance between the sexes in yourself, and then your relationship together, and this helps to reset the balance for everyone.

Being illuminated with the Divine is an incredible honour. As a Twin Flame partner, you may have noticed that complete strangers are drawn to you throughout your day. They stop and stare at you because they are magnetized by your embodiment of sacred energy. Learn to accept this important role that you play, and let it confirm your purpose. Let it remind you how special you are to be a Twin Flame.

Twins like you bring an ideal representation of the sexes to earth. When you merge, you embody Goddess and God, uniting in perfect union. You experience an ultimate, divine blending of duality back to one. This duality becomes unified in the orgasm of body and soul—so deep and magical that it cannot be described. So powerfully peaceful and surging with natural bliss. This bliss is the ecstasy that has been misrepresented to humanity for ages. It is spiritual love incarnate.

You see, love has always been the answer. You have simply been kept from it. Now, Twins like you are ready to create with love again at full capacity—unbridled and empowered, and on fire with Twin Flame romance. This is what making love is. It is creating fearlessly with love instead of limiting yourself with struggle. And the process gives birth to yet more love.

We will make a better world this way, and it starts with you. Once you grow through your Twin Flame process and are ready to unite, you will remember that you can create anything with love. You will tap into your multidimensional powers and manifest the desires of your dreams! You will become a conscious co-creator again with your Beloved.

The feeling, which Spencer and I are beginning to experience, is otherworldly, astonishing, and completely ecstatic. Imagine all the beautiful Twins around the world feeling this very same thing. We are embodying spiritual power and harnessing it to create with love.

Because we Twins have come to awaken humanity’s creative power. We have come to demonstrate how sacred sex truly is and how much it is already part of our beings, and that we are worthy of it. We have come to remind everyone how spiritual with love we really are, and how we have always been.

This is what I discovered when I fell in love with my Twin. When I fell in love with Spencer, my body became inundated with the strongest sexual force I had ever experienced, and it also felt deeply spiritual. This romantic, creative force overwhelmed everything I had known before and filled me with dreams of HIM, my Beloved. In rapture, I fell to my knees and cried, “ I HAVE to be with him!” And I lamented that we hadn’t met sooner.

When I fell in love with Spencer, the floodgates of love opened wide, and I was magnetically charged from head to toe. I felt full, spiritual embodiment, and I could barely contain my physical desire for my Other Half. But there was no insecurity or shame. In fact, there was an innocence and aliveness, and a freedom for me that was unprecedented. I felt the intimacy of love in the purest, Garden-of-Eden way, and I instantly knew that this was how sex had always been intended for humans. At full capacity.

To this day, this sexual force still courses through my body. All I have to do is think of our love, and it resurfaces from the depths of my soul. This sexual force has accelerated my spiritual journey in ways I never imagined. It has revived all of my desires, not just those that are sexual. It has unearthed parts of me that had been hidden and shamed and put to sleep as a human female. And it has helped me to love my body too.

Before this experience, I never fully appreciated my body. In fact, I felt at odds with it. Now, I revere my beautiful body always, and I listen to its guidance too. Because my body is an incredible barometer of how I really feel. It guides me by sending intense signals that I have learned to pay attention to.

For example, Twin Flame partners find it very difficult to have sex with anyone other than their Twin. Their bodies feel repelled by Soul Mates—no matter how dear and special those Soul Mates are. Or how beautiful. They simply can’t go there any more.

Your body knows the truth about how you feel—that no one can compare to your Other Half. Listen to your body and let it guide you towards soul reunion. Your body will remind you not to quell the love that calls you. It will urge you to embrace this love openly. Don’t shun this incredible reminder from your body, but rather let it help you to become free. Let your body be your vehicle to make delicious, life-changing love.

As a Twin Flame, sex will be sacred and invaluable to you. It will help you to end the divine separation in you. It will help you to experience the opposite—divine union with your sacred Twin.

Making love with your ultimate, spiritual partner creates so much love that it radiates into our world exponentially and changes the human paradigm forever. It brings spirituality back to humanity. Who knew that sexuality held the key to this endeavor? Of course we didn’t, because it was hidden deliberately. We have been kept from knowing the great union of oneness that has always been part of ourselves.

Now, we Twins will be so powerful with love that no one can keep us down again. And we will inspire others to liberate themselves. We will fashion a new heaven on earth. This is the paradise that awaits us all.

Chapter XI   Heaven on Earth Awaits!

You are living during a time of immense transformation, more dramatic than our universe has ever known. For you are alive during earth’s Ascension, and you are poised to help accomplish this miracle. You are an essential part of our brave venture to elevate the human experience that has been trapped in darkness for eons.

As you read this, your old world of limitation is ending. Your nights of sleepwalking through conditioning are over. You don’t have to navigate with unconscious beliefs any more. You are waking up to higher consciousness. The first rays of sunlight are here.

By morning, you will walk into Eden and know a new paradise. You will live the joy you so deserve that truly reflects your soul. And you will do so with your ideal partner—your divine gift from above. Together, you will know ecstasy and bask in gratitude.

Unstoppable love will get you there, no matter how hard your journey’s been. Looking back, you will see that everything has been perfect. All that you’ve endured will make sense.

Looking back, you will remember the heaven you had forsaken in yourself. You will find that purpose led you to build a dreamy New Earth. And you will have saved a beautiful planet while rescuing your very self.

Techniques & Guidance

Navigating the most intense journey imaginable

1.  Dealing with Desolation

2.  Hear the Guidance of your Soul

3.  Don’t forget the Mission

4.  Why all the Waiting?

5.  Why so much Separation?

6.  You are the LOVE you feel

7.  Honor your Beautiful Self

8.  Clear your Conditioning

9.  Prior Partnerships

10. Dealing with Others

11. Scenarios

12. Power versus Limitation

1. Dealing with Desolation

When you recognized your Twin Flame in your life, everything probably changed for you dramatically. You woke up to the most incredible, spiritual romance imaginable, but things most likely became challenging. More challenging than you thought possible.

Although you were flooded with ecstasy, your life may have suddenly turned upside down. And though you thought this love was going to make you thrive, you probably became encumbered by drama. Yet still, you are obsessed with your Beloved, but you can’t even be with them. The whole experience can feel downright excruciating.

What’s more, no one understands what you’re going through. In fact, they are probably worried sick. Or worse, judging you incessantly. But that’s the least of your troubles.

Just when you’ve had all the challenges you can take, you may experience an impasse with your Twin that leaves you feeling bereft. It can seem as though the darkest cloud has permanently blocked out the sun, when just a moment ago it shone brighter than your wildest imaginings.

Such Twin Flame whiplash is legendary. You will often find yourself in heavenly bliss one minute and hellish devastation the next—all with a partner who knows you better than yourself. And this whiplash can seem particularly unfair after everything you’ve been through.

If you’ve tried to be with your Twin, most likely every aspect of your life has been uprooted extensively. You have made sacrifices—huge ones that now seem ludicrous. Perhaps your Twin has even treated you unfairly—grossly so. Maybe they’ve even run for the hills! Now you have nothing to show for your relationship. It can seem over before it began.

This creates a scary, desolate feeling. You might feel abandonment, betrayal, and sabotage. You might find yourself in shock, feeling overwhelmed, asking yourself, “Why did I leap for love, when it mercilessly let me crash and burn?!” But there is a life-changing reason for this—to empower yourself completely. More than you ever have in your life.

And despite the shocking situation you may find yourself in, you also know that no-one can compare to your Beloved. Ever. Even though you feel desolation, you are forever spoiled for True Love. No other partnership will do in your life. It truly seems like you have no choice but to be exactly where you are (which, it turns out, is exactly what your soul has planned.)

Such is the maddening conundrum that many Twins experience. That is why in some cultures, when a person meets their Other Half, condolences are offered. Because a Twin Flame relationship unleashes all of your human pain in order to heal it. And that’s never a pretty process. But it is all worth it. We promise.

The rewards of a Twin Flame relationship are real, dear friend. The blissful growth we have experienced firsthand is immeasurable. The power of our bond is too infinitely joyful to express. And every time that we break through our blocks and leap towards each other, we become awestruck by the ecstasy of closeness. It is as though everything in the universe makes total sense. And every time we meet another Twin Flame couple, we are amazed by the uncanny similarities we share. The experience is all real, just as you already know in your heart.

You know, deep down, that this love is everything you long for, and that if you’re honest with yourself, you want to follow it, no matter what. Deep within, you also know that you are being led towards your own glorious transformation, and that you will make it if you take one courageous step at a time. Not only will you reach your goal—uniting with your Other Half, but you will flourish beyond your dreams.

We are here to prove this. And we can tell you that you’re not insane. Nor are you alone. Because Twin Flames all over the world are going through the same challenges you are, and you are so brave to be one of us. In fact, you are extremely advanced to be a Twin Flame on earth.

We can’t pretend that the Twin Flame process is easy. We won’t sugarcoat how tough the experience is. It purges all the poison you’ve ever housed in your beautiful being, and that means figuratively throwing up! But afterwards, you will feel so much better. You will be elated by what you have accomplished.

And what you will accomplish is your own spiritual evolution as well as Twin Flame reunion. You will successfully unite with your Beloved when you have both grown and the time is right. And though the big picture can seem overwhelming right now, if you take each day as it comes, you will feel empowered and move forward. You will succeed and know endless ecstasy with your Twin.

2. Hear the Guidance of your Soul

How exactly do you move forward? By following your own inner guidance. You have to hear the voice of your own soul above the opinions of others. Because when you trust your own guidance, you are led perfectly through your Twin Flame challenges.

No one can help you better than yourself, and when you listen to your soul, you are shown the steps towards permanent bliss with your Other Half. Yes, you are your own perfect expert inside, and that expert wants you to follow your heart, not your ego.

It is vital to recognize your ego so that you can ignore it. Your ego is the competitive voice inside that compares you to others and makes you feel not good enough. Learn to disregard this voice entirely. Be aware that others will try to echo it and dismiss what they say with all your might, because it is sabotage.

Your ego will sabotage your Twin Flame relationship. It will get you to focus on what your Beloved owes you, thereby keeping you in conditional love. It will make your Twin seem hopelessly flawed and your relationship positively futile. In fact, your ego will urge you to throw in the towel on the entire ordeal.

For example, let’s say that you experience a brutal argument with your Twin. And it happens after working tirelessly to be together. Here you fought so hard to be with your Other Half, but now you are fighting each other. Suddenly, soul reunion can seem impossible.

This can make you feel like a failure and a fool. It can seem like you were duped and allowed to self-destruct by the one person who should be looking out for you. To add insult to injury, the drama of trying to get to your Twin affected everyone around you. Now, you feel that you’ve let everyone down and dragged them through pain for no reason. At moments like this, the consequences of following your heart can seem utterly disastrous.

You might want to run and head straight back to an old comfort zone with a Soul Mate. Because there, you could hide all your fears and no one even noticed. They kept a safe distance that seems very appealing now.

But in your Twin Flame relationship, things feel too close for comfort. Indeed, there is nowhere for you to hide! Yet in that vulnerability lies salvation. In that intimacy you are addressing your own internal suffering so that you can finally heal it. That is why you and your Beloved create such difficult situations – so that you can grow through them at last.

You see, your Other Half is pushing you to love them unconditionally, even under dire human circumstances. In fact, your Twin Flame situation is so challenging because this is what urges you to surrender to unconditional love. Things have to get so bad, to the point where you destroy all conditions you have put on your relationship. Then, you are ready to have an unconditional union with your Twin.

When you accept your Twin at last, you finally accept yourself. You stop coming from a weakened place of judgment, and you start becoming powerful with love. Because as a Twin Flame, you are on a path of acceptance. You must accept everyone and everything and trust the plan of your reunion. When you do, everything falls into place. When you have faith in your Twin Flame process, your universe positively blooms! We know because it has happened to us.

When your Twin Flame relationship succeeds, there is no insecurity, only total support. Neither of you can do wrong, and undying love is continually expressed. It feels like being with yourself when you’re happiest, but you are never alone again. This is the eternal relationship you already have in the higher realms.

Yes, you and your Beloved are already together, despite what it looks like here. Your humanness is simply catching up to your infinite love. And get this, you and your Twin are actually the same person in different bodies. Spencer and I have experienced this realization many times. It’s as though every true joy we have ever really wanted for ourselves is rediscovered together and lived out magically. The bliss that this brings is otherworldly.

In many ways too, Spencer and I have also been each other’s shadows. Things that one of us suppressed in life were expressed by the other. It is fascinating to find evidence of this in our pasts and to contemplate its significance.

And what we find most is that our shadows have now become our greatest talents in disguise. By bringing them into the light – through our relationship process, these shadows have shown us a power we were previously unaware of. This power was manifesting itself in unhealthy ways before, but when we healed it, what had been shunned and hidden was now given wings to fly. It now positively soars.

For example, Spencer and I are both quite rebellious at heart. I somewhat suppressed this tendency in my youth, whereas Spencer more fully exhibited it. Now, I am tapping into this power by challenging convention. Together, Spencer and I have joined forces to become healthy rebels with a cause. We are helping to free humanity.   

Your shadows can heal into amplified gifts, and your Super Twin powers can activate! Imagine what this does for your personal happiness. Nothing is ever fearful or secretive again. Nothing can ever take away your inner joy. You co-create a solid fortress of spiritual bliss.

This is what awaits you, dear friend, if you let it. If you forge ahead, your love will reveal more and more of itself than you can hold. Your Beloved will positively thrill you beyond words. This is what happens when you follow the voice of your soul.

But how do you hear your soul exactly? Through practice and self-love. Get quiet in a meditative state, and with total love for yourself, ask to hear your soul. Trust what starts to come to you from inside and practice until you feel comfortable. The information you receive should be highly loving and purely compassionate. Try writing it down as it flows through you. You will be amazed by the supportive guidance you receive.

Once you establish this connection, you will heighten your intuitive abilities and begin to really trust yourself. With practice, you will be able to tap into your soul’s guidance any time. I find that my guidance flows through me especially while walking in Nature. My deepest questions are addressed with loving support, and I feel the reassurance of my beautiful soul. This guidance has been invaluable through my Twin Flame challenges.

When it comes to guidance, it also helps to understand that your Other Half acts as an ultimate, Spiritual Guide for you. They are leading you at the soul level to free and empower yourself so that you can live the life of your dreams. If you focus on your Twin’s spiritual role rather than their human one, you will be led beautifully towards soul reunion, even when things look impossible.

3. Don’t forget the Mission

The life of your dreams awaits, and remember, it has tremendous purpose. Because you are here to help our world by bringing unconditional love to our planet. This is your Twin Flame mission statement.

Every time that you feel the incredible love you have for your twin, you bring this love to earth. When you grow stronger with love, you help all people to do the same. And when you are able to unite with your Twin, you contribute the immense power of your soul coming back together as one. This reunification lifts our entire world.

This is an Ascension process, and you are an integral part of it. And Ascension is happening as you read this. You see, things are not business as usual. It is time for all humans to become aware of this and get our heads out of the sand. It is time to get spiritual and embrace higher purpose, which creates a higher human experience.

You and your Beloved signed up to help with this endeavor. That is why you must let loving service take over when your challenges overwhelm you. You must let arguments reveal what longs to heal in yourself and allow the material to fall to the wayside. Leave the judgment of others behind as well as conditioned beliefs. Discard anything that distracts you from your purpose, and be the spiritual leader you already are.

Your True Love is making all the difference, in ways more profound than you ever guessed. You were born to fulfill the destiny of your union, and in so doing, change our world. Your very soul is rejoining after lifetimes of being severed apart. This is a spiritual feat of immense magnitude. It is the brave venture you came here to act out.

4. Why all the Waiting?

Your reunion is so very special. You spiritual romance is gorgeous beyond words. But why is your saga so lengthy? Why are you still waiting to be with your Twin?

If you are waiting to be with your Beloved, there is a bigger lesson at hand. You are being asked to understand that you are what you are waiting for. The divine bliss that you seek through union already lives in you.

That’s right, you already contain all the Twin Flame love that you desire. Your journey has become a solitary one so that you can see this. Because although your love story began with feelings of ultimate togetherness, it swiftly became a lone experience for this reason. So that you and your Twin can heal your individual separation from the Divine.

You see, the most profound and essential reason for Twin Flame separation is that you must experience separation from your Beloved so that you heal the divine separation in yourself. That is why you are given the most incredible love affair only to have it taken away—until you grow in your own self-love. You must heal your inner separation from yourself.

The longing that you feel for your Twin echoes the longing to connect with your true self inside more deeply than you have all your life. Your Twin Flame relationship is guiding you to do this. You are uniting all the parts of you that have been lost and misunderstood so that you heal towards your own personal union.

Individual union begets Twin Flame reunion. Growing closer to yourself means growing closer to your Twin. That is why, ironically, choosing yourself above your Twin makes reunion happen.

You are being guided perfectly to end up with your Beloved, even if it looks like the opposite. You are being served the exact lessons you need to reunite by doing your internal work now. This is what everything is waiting for.

Admittedly, waiting is a tough dynamic for Twins like you to overcome. This is largely because you have waited ages to reunite your soul, and waiting is what you know best. It doesn’t help that all humans have been trained to wait and put things off in our lives. We seem to always hope for another time to do what we want—a time when things will be more “perfect.” But what we’ve been putting off is loving ourselves enough to have what we want right now.

Humanity’s dreams have been perpetually thwarted. We have waited endlessly to have our dreams come true. And waiting itself has sabotaged us the most. Because waiting makes us look outside of ourselves when the answer is always within. You see, what you yearn for is already in you.

Only you can relieve yourself from the feeling of waiting, or from anything else that is keeping you down.  Only you can rescue yourself from your old life and overcome your Twin Flame challenges. Your Twin can’t do any of this for you. That is why you are meant to see the futility in waiting to walk into the sunset with your Other Half—because now, not later, is your time to grow so much that you shine! When you do, you get to your Beloved.

It is time to be completely in charge of yourself, no matter what your Twin is doing. It is time to leap completely towards your ultimate dreams, without limits and restrictions. When you actively take on this challenge, your willingness becomes rocket fuel. You suffer a lot less, and you whole-heartedly get ready to be with your Beloved. You get to the pot of gold at the end of your own rainbow, and you inspire your Twin to do the same.

The internal shift required takes courage, but it is quite simple. You must change your inner dialogue from, “Why is this happening to me?” to “My soul chose this.” You must remember that you came here with great purpose, and you are changing our very world. You are breaking down conditional love, and that is a mighty and honorable task.

Believing in your own empowerment is faith itself, which is the deepest trust. You must trust your beautiful self and trust the incredible love that is guiding you. Because you came here to finally follow your heart.

This kind of empowerment starts with not complaining, despite your incredible difficulties. You see, complaining gives away your power and keeps you in a pattern of waiting. It puts you back in your old, limiting human experience. But empowerment allows your heart’s desires to manifest, even if it takes a little time to see them in the physical world.

It helps to know that the Twin Flame process can take time and that it continues even after you and your Twin fully commit to your relationship. It is very easy to think that when you finally get together permanently with your Beloved, everything will be perfect. It won’t be, unless you have both fully embraced unconditional love and shed your conditioning.

It is important to understand that even when you are permanently side-by-side with your Other Half, you will most likely still grow for a while. You will have to face every last part of yourself that does not love you. You will uncover every blind spot that you hide in the shadows and all sense of disempowerment, until you surrender in totality to LOVE. Until you and your Twin fully accept yourselves and each other.

Going through this process next to your Beloved can be too intense to handle. It can lead you to blame each other. If you were to get together prematurely before healing your own human conditioning, you would risk poisoning your relationship for good. Spencer and I experienced this numerous times and learned this valuable lesson.

That is why, sometimes, you and your Twin must completely disconnect on the human level. This also helps you to end negative patterns with each other and reset your relationship. You can then create a limitless partnership of unconditional love.

If you can embrace your growth process in yourself now, you will have a much easier time when you get together. And honestly, you may not have a choice but to be separated in the mean time. Your soul may keep you and your Beloved apart on purpose until you can go through much of your process alone. You may have to be separated until you’ve cleared what is in the way of uniting—your own limitations from love. Remember, that is why limitations abound in your Twin Flame relationship, so that you can finally see them and heal. This is what separation provides.

5. Why so much Separation?

Separation is a natural part of your Twin Flame reunion. The process comes in waves that acclimatize you to unconditional love. As you dip down in the wave, you separate from your Twin and grow in love, individually. When you have achieved each stage of growth, you climb back up to the crest and join together in newfound wholeness.

That is why you draw close to your Twin and then separate again, in subtle and dramatic ways. These stages of separation allow you to grow complete in yourself, one life-changing step at a time. And this applies whether your Twin is on board with your relationship or not. It even applies if your Twin is unaware of what you have, is in denial of your relationship, or is running away from you—even if things look completely hopeless, and even if your Twin seems downright cruel.

When things get this rough, it can be easy to think that your Twin is the problem in your relationship and that they are the bad guy. But your Twin is simply playing their part in your growth. They are helping you to act out the human exchange of victim and perpetrator so that you shed this paradigm for good. When you act like the victim of your Twin Flame relationship, you work through those feelings in yourself. Ultimately, you choose empowerment. This is what separation affords.

Separation always allows you to become stronger individually—without each other, exactly because this is how you successfully unite. You planned to be separated from your Twin for this reason. You actually orchestrated this brilliant design for your mutual growth. And although separation can seem cruel and unnecessary, in fact it makes your reunion fool proof. Remember, it keeps you from sabotaging your beautiful relationship.

Of course, separation from your Twin is extremely challenging. We understand this kind of anguish because we have endured it many times. Because it’s not just about being apart. It’s about being alone while also being confronted with impossible difficulties. Difficulties you think could be solved if only you could be with your Twin!

But remember, your Other Half cannot rescue you. You have to rescue yourself, and in the process, grow completely empowered.

Your Twin Flame difficulties are teaching you exactly what you need to get to union. You are being challenged to stand up for your heart, overcome old limitations, and create a new life that resonates with your soul. Astronomical Twin love guides you there.

Honestly, can you think of a better motivation to finally love all of yourself? Your Twin Flame situation is exactly what you need to actually leap for your dreams instead of hoping to some day. You are being led to create a new life for yourself, by yourself, and your Twin can’t do it for you. In fact, they will even “run” so that you have to do it alone.

Unlike traditional partnerships, you are required to become independent in your Twin Flame relationship. You aren’t allowed to harbor dependence with your Other Half. You must be completely accountable for your own life. This is called integrity, and it is the ultimate wholeness you seek.

Integrity is what your soul wants more than anything, and it leads you to reunion. Again, ironically, you have to get to a place where you don’t need anything from your Twin, even when this feels impossible. You have to be unafraid to be by yourself at any time and be in charge of every aspect of your life. You see, all need has to go because it gets in the way of your love. All want looks outside of yourself and keeps you from the sacred wholeness of integrity.

Integrity allows you to create from a place that is fully empowered instead of sabotaging your dreams. For example, when you worry that your Twin doesn’t love you and isn’t committing, guess what you’re creating? These very things. In fact, your insecurity is reflecting your internal relationship with yourself. You see, when you blame your Twin and are critical of them, you aren’t healing your inner relationship. You are also prolonging separation.

The spiritual truth is that you get what you give. If you are loving and accepting of your Twin (while also setting healthy boundaries, as we’ll explore soon) then you will receive love and acceptance from them. When you are confident about the spiritual permanency of your union and take charge of your own growth, everything you want falls into place.

The process takes willingness, trust, and conviction. You must declare your desires with total clarity and love. Your Twin will feel your certainty, and they will be inspired. But if you allow doubt to ping pong through your mind, your Twin will feel this too.

Any waffling back and forth about what you want will keep you stuck. Case in point, if you still have a foot in an old relationship, you will remain apart from your Twin.

It’s helpful to know that you will be tested with doubt throughout your Twin Flame process. You must try to pass these tests, despite external influence, and despite how your Twin behaves! Stay firm in what you know for sure because you know that this love is EVERYTHING, and you are meant to have it. If you resolve to uphold these truths, they will prevail.

This kind of conviction asks that you no longer settle for less than you want in your life. Because if you settle, you are justifying why you don’t have what you desire. You are actually confirming this to the universe. You are sending an unclear signal that keeps you from your dreams.

But if you are firmly committed to your own happiness, it will manifest. If you are fully committed to your union, things will solidify. By getting clear on what you really want for yourself and going for it, you will succeed, even if your Twin has gone their own way for now. And don’t forget that you always have your eternal connection to your Twin inside. This connection can never be broken. It guides you during even the most brutal periods of separation.

When it comes to separation, it’s helpful to be aware of past life situations that you may have endured with your Beloved. These experiences may have been traumatic, and they are coming up to be healed now. The challenge for this incarnation is to overcome them.

One of the most common shared experiences for Twins is that they weren’t allowed to be together in past lives, often under violent circumstances. This time around, they can. In fact, this is your most promising life to unite with your Other Half because you are living during Ascension times. You are alive during a period when all of your healing can be completed. And you have waited lifetimes for this opportunity to move beyond survival mode so that you can blissfully thrive.

6. You Are the Love You Feel

Twin Flame love is so incredibly beautiful. It makes the universe swoon with joy! And this gorgeous love is guiding you to love yourself unconditionally. This is what your longing is leading you towards.

You are being asked to feel the same life-changing, unconditional love that you feel for your Twin, for yourself, and to recognize that this love has always been in you. Every challenge in your way is pushing you to remember this and to fall in love with your gorgeous self. When you do, you reconnect with spiritual joy, and you are ready for ultimate, spiritual union.  

Sometimes this requires a painful method of learning, one that is very common on earth—one that you are already intimately familiar with as a human being. The method is to have love withheld from you so that you create love for yourself. You are treated the opposite way of love so that you overcome this challenge, thereby increasing the love inside you. You then become forever stronger internally.

It is a rough technique, but it is also extremely effective. And it is played out repeatedly in your Twin Flame challenges. These challenges push you to become stronger with love. So strong you won’t recognize yourself.

Your Twin Flame challenges do this by getting to the core of the pain you carry. And all human pain goes back to the same two ancient wounds. These wounds are betrayal and abandonment. When you face this pain inside, ultimately you find that you have betrayed and abandoned yourself. You have not loved yourself unconditionally. That is why you must forgive yourself in order to heal and become whole.

You must also accept the ways you’ve handled your incredible Twin Flame challenges. You have to forgive yourself for anything that bothers you about your reactions or exchanges with your Twin, or anyone involved in your situation. You have to embrace every part of yourself instead of shunning anything that you feel, until you cradle yourself in your own loving arms. Because you have truly done the best that you can.

The process is beautiful and emotional, and your Twin mirrors it back to you as you grow. You see, the love and forgiveness that you feel for your Twin coincides with loving and forgiving yourself. This forgiveness is an ultimate kind of surrendering that requires total vulnerability. It brings everything that you have hidden in yourself into the light and creates unprecedented healing.

Of course, it can be difficult to love at all when you have been through so much drama with your Twin. But this drama echoes the prolonged human struggle that we have all been part of. This struggle ends when we forgive everyone, including ourselves—when we see that we are deeply connected to all people, and that we are all the same. All of us carry the same “amazing-ness” that we are uniquely expressing through the myriad experiences of creation.

Something magical happens when you realize this—when you allow yourself to be astounded by how amazing people are. You finally, truly embrace the divine wonder in you. And then you see that everyone is like your Beloved, just as you are theirs. Your Twin reflects the love from which we all began.

This is what you have to look forward to—getting ever closer to Godsource by getting closer to yourself. And you do so by being totally honest. You must strip away anything that you hide behind that keeps you from being who you are. Because Twin love has nothing to do with worrying about how things look. It is about being real. That is why you must take off any masks that cover your authenticity. These masks are hiding your light.

If you are hiding in any way from yourself, you will remain separate from your Twin. The same goes if you are hiding in your life. For example, if you are sneaking around, having an affair with your Twin, you will never become a legitimate couple. Because when you hide, you aren’t fully committing to your empowerment. You are denying what you really want. And you will suffer until you stop hiding and make a choice with conviction.

Hiding comes from human conditioning. It’s how we’ve been trained to behave. And it affects so many aspects of our lives that we can hardly see we’re even doing it. But your Twin helps you to see it. They help you to live openly and leave conditioned secrecy behind.

This kind of open freedom is a key component of unconditional love. And it starts with self-love. This is what magnetized you to your Twin in the first place. You started to truly accept yourself, and you began resonating with unconditional love. This magnetized your highest human partnership and drew your other half to you.

And the surprising truth is that loving yourself is more important than being with your Twin or any other spiritual work. Because when you love yourself, you return to the wholeness of source. You then help all of us to do the same. You pave the way for others from our inside ONE-ness out.

The journey back to oneness is a profound one, and it is ignited by self-love. It is also required for Twin Flame union. You see, you won’t be able to handle Twin reunion if you don’t grow enough to love yourself. That is why your Other Half is challenging you. They are pushing you to love yourself so that you can enjoy the ecstasy of being together permanently where you resonate with total bliss.

Until you can say that you are ready for total bliss at this very moment and every moment—not just for a weekend or holiday, but ALL THE TIME, you won’t be able to unite. But when you love all of yourself completely right now, you are ready for prolonged ecstasy that never goes away. You are ready for what your relationship is guiding you towards—ultimate, incalculable joy.

Self-love gets you there, and it is something that your Beloved wants for you more than anything. Always remember that your Twin loves you more than anyone, and they desperately want you to feel self-love. They are helping you to finally, fully break all of your beliefs and behaviors that say otherwise. This heals you as well as your relationship. It turns Twin Flame hell into heaven on earth.

7. Honor Yourself

Heaven is here, inside you, but if you aren’t honoring yourself, you will never find it. That is why all dishonoring comes up to be healed in your Twin Flame relationship. In fact, your Twin makes it obvious for you to see.

Your Twin is your perfect mirror, and they reflect everything you feel inside. The two of you play off each other in this way, and you inspire your mutual growth. In fact, both of your issues are always the same because you are two sides of the same coin. Which means that the growth you want for your Twin is the same growth you require yourself. You are dissolving the very same discord inside.

And what this always comes down to is ending the ways you’ve been denying yourself love. All the parts of you that you have not loved become clear in your Twin’s eyes. They come out for you to see in a way that is so obvious, it is impossible to ignore.

Perhaps you hid these parts of yourself like ornery children when guests came for dinner. You put your best face on and ordered your kids upstairs. In fact, you acted like they weren’t even home. But your children are far more important than impressing people. They are the dreams you have tucked away and silenced. It is time to honor these dreams, unembarrassed, and to see how amazing they really are. It is time to parade your desires at last, no matter who is watching, and to see that your desires are spectacular.

The truth is calling you. It is a profound fact that the truth always gets unearthed in Twin Flame relationships so that it can be honored by all parties involved. This means that it is time to finally honor the truth of your own wishes. When you do, you fully value yourself.

Your Twin Flame relationship will push you to do this and to accept all of yourself. Although this means you must walk through the fires of your own hell – the one that you created through hiding, this is how you get to the glorious heaven that you are destined to know.

Turning hell into heaven is a process that your Twin Flame guides you through. They show you how you aren’t honoring yourself in your thoughts and actions. They push you to end your own internal suffering, thereby ending its reflection in your life.

You see, external relationships mirror your internal relationship back to you. This is such a crucial part of the Twin Flame paradigm, and it is the basis of all spirituality. Everything starts and ends within you, especially your own honoring – which is required for union.

One of the most important Twin Flame lessons is that unconditional love does not mean dishonoring yourself. Human rules still apply, even with the other half of your soul. When you insist upon being valued, you clear your old conditioning. You honor your beautiful self unconditionally, and you end painful patterns with your Twin.

Fully realizing this is pivotal to your Twin Flame process. It is taught to you through your Twin Flame challenges. Which means that your Twin Flame situation may compromise you completely – as may your Twin! In fact, guaranteed, your Other Half will say and do whatever it takes to trigger your wounds so that you can heal them.

Remember the painful method of teaching mentioned before? Your True Love may get you to tolerate behavior that disregards your needs entirely. They may try to get you to repeat unhealthy patterns from your past. But what they are really doing is pushing you to resolve the ways you do not honor yourself. And only you can resolve them – because you only tolerate from others what you tolerate from yourself.

If your life is not honoring you at this very moment, then you alone must fix it. If you are being compromised in any way in your relationship, you are to stand up for yourself and make changes. If your Twin is disrespecting you even for a moment, you are to set clear boundaries and walk away if necessary. No excuses. Time to say “Enough!” and ask for more for yourself.

But aren’t boundaries a form of separation? They are the circle around your own wholeness. And this wholeness is required to unite with your Other Half. Because two wounded halves don’t make a whole. And until you respect yourself in your thoughts, words, and deeds, you will not be able to have a successful union.

Often times, walking away from your Twin brings you closer to them. Because when you honor yourself, you insist that your Twin honors you. When you establish healthy boundaries with anyone, you learn to establish boundaries with yourself. You solidify your internal self-respect.

A whole human being loves themselves too much to suffer any disrespect. They cannot compromise anyone’s well-being because they just cannot tolerate it. Such behavior simply doesn’t resonate.

So love yourself enough to set the highest standards of behavior, and do so for yourself, not to be “perfect” for your Twin. Women especially can feel like they have to prove their worth by being perfect for their Beloved. You don’t. You are already perfect. In fact, speaking from direct experience, the more real and authentic you are, the more your Twin Flame love will deepen.

Don’t forget, your Twin loves you unconditionally. Deep down, beyond the ego, they want you to value yourself as highly as they do. In fact, they are urging you to choose this for yourself, even if it looks like the opposite. Fully valuing yourself is an imperative part your Twin Flame mission, and the rest can’t succeed without it.

No one else can do this for you. If you are looking to your Twin for anything you should be doing yourself, you will be kept apart. It is very tempting for Twins to rely on each other for things they normally wouldn’t in another relationship, because True Love feels so infinite. Twins might take on more than usual in an exaggerated fashion. They might take on each others’ responsibilities, which is completely dis-empowering for both.

Instead, you must build a healthy dynamic of balance with your Twin. You have to create a relationship that always honors you both, so that you can both flourish. When you do, you will be so elated by what you achieve. You will find yourself strong, shining, complete, and forever wealthy with love—ready to enact the greatest love story ever told. Ready to live your love out loud boldly and for all to see.

Because honoring yourself also requires publicly announcing your relationship. If you haven’t already done so, take this empowering step now, in the ways that are best for your situation. If your Twin is asleep to your love, then make the space for them to join you when they wake up. You must be clear and concise about who you are going to be with in your life and do your part to make it happen—no further explaining or defending is necessary. No further details need to be divulged to those who don’t understand.

Although announcing your love can be scary, and will certainly break down your old life, such integrity will help you to heal towards reunion. It will also inspire many others to live true to themselves, even if it takes a while for them to come around.

Keep in mind that your old life will try to keep you trapped. You have to embrace the new and move forward. This might feel incredibly daunting. For instance, you may have no idea what the new looks like! You may also make others upset with you. So be it. You are worth going for your dreams, and in time, everyone will understand when they see how much you succeed.

In the mean time, know how incredibly loved you are in our universe and how courageous you are being. You are a brave spiritual master who has come briefly to this little life, and you can do anything! Yes, you are the creative master of your own reality. No one else is. It is all entirely up to you and what you steadfastly believe. So believe in your spectacular destiny.

8. Clear your Conditioning

The growth that your soul desires is reflected in the human challenges you face. It is also reflected in your relationships. When you are part of a Twin Flame relationship, your challenges are magnified. You are given an advanced course-load with the perfect teacher to guide you.

But a perfect teacher isn’t perfect. Think about it. If your Twin is perfect, nothing challenges you. That is why your Other Half acts in a way that pushes you to your limits so that you can finally overcome them. They bring out what wants to heal in you.

And what wants to heal most is your conditioning. That is why your Twin Flame situation exaggerates its impact. It creates a feeling of being trapped in impossible circumstances, thereby highlighting all the limitations in your life. You are shown just how much you have been kept from following your heart and how you justified this so that you will finally stop doing so and leap for True Love.

Judgment is the unlikely key to liberating yourself. Your Twin coaxes your judgments out of you so that you can heal them. How exactly? Any “negative” human traits that your Twin carries will tempt you to judge them. This will try to turn your unconditional bond into a conditional one. At some point, your blame will get so bad that you see its futility. You surrender to something greater.

At that time, you recognize that you have been judging your Twin for a surprising reason. They don’t conform to your own conditioning. In this way, your Twin’s negative traits actually urge you to drop your own conditioning. They get you to see your limits so that you can free yourself from them.

You see, what you judge your twin for is something in you. It is something you have always judged yourself for and been afraid of. Look deeply at this, and you will see what we mean.

The qualities that bother you in your Twin actually exist in you. You have been hiding or overcompensating for these same things yourself. You shunned these qualities because you were afraid that others wouldn’t love you with them.

Conditioning is the fear of not being loved. When you fully love yourself, this fear dissolves. That is why you must heal what cries out in you instead of blaming your Twin. You must take responsibility for your own backyard and address your own conditioning.

Conditioning always ties back to feeling unworthy and “not good enough.” Here is a personal example.

All our lives, Spencer and I struggled with the long held belief that we weren’t good enough. Before meeting, we had each handled this belief in different ways in our lives. I handled it by doing too much to prove my worth. I would overcompensate to try to make up for my feelings of lack. Spencer handled this belief by not even trying: “Why bother if I’m not good enough? What’s the point?!” Both ways of dealing with this belief were valid. One wasn’t better than the other.

When Spencer and I met, this belief and our disparate ways of handling it came crashing into our relationship with full force. I tried to do too much, he too little. Resentment built, blame was hurled. But the key belief of unworthiness was the common theme.

Once we recognized our shared wound, everything cleared beautifully. We realized that the judgment we’d felt for our Twin had really been internal judgment of ourselves. We accepted that we had each done our best, and unconditional love came flooding in to save the day. The issue wasn’t between us any more, and we became that much closer.

In your Twin Flame relationship, such beliefs must be cleared in order for you to live harmoniously as a couple. And we’ll be honest. This process can feel downright hellish. That is why many Twins break things off, but the truth is that they aren’t ready to face themselves.

This plays out in the “Runner/Chaser” dynamic that many Twins experience. The term Runner refers to the Twin who doesn’t want the relationship. The term Chaser refers to the one who does. If you are experiencing this, we understand how difficult it is. If your Twin is running away from you, we offer our deepest empathy. This is one of the hardest scenarios to endure.

Twins often run because they feel they don’t deserve the magnitude of love involved. When they look into their Beloved’s beautiful face, it is like looking into the face of God and not feeling worthy. Runners are scared of the parts of themselves that come out to be loved. They haven’t found a way to summon the courage required, and in the mean time, they are stalling in the safety of their old life.

Indeed, Runners often feel paralyzed and caught in their ego’s grasp. They don’t know what to say, and so they don’t say anything at all. The intensity is just too much to bear, and their conditioning doesn’t like this new challenge one bit, because they know that it will rock the foundation of everything they have ever clung to before. Growth calls the runner to finally feel worthy of themselves and to courageously embrace the unknown—the infinite potential of ultimate love.

It’s important to understand that when a Twin chases, they are running away from themselves too. They are shifting all focus to their Twin, instead of working on their own growth. There is also a deep sense of unworthiness that mirrors their Twin and is being played out.

The Chaser often uses their Twin’s lack of commitment or their specific challenges as an excuse to hide behind their own issues. The Chaser might blame their Twin’s lack of awareness for the relationship’s demise. But such blame is conditional love, and the Chaser isn’t owning their own conditioning. They are running away from themselves and delaying their own growth.

If your Twin is running, your job right now is to forgive them for this and stop blaming them for your unhappiness. You must reset your relationship with a clean slate and make yourself happy. You are the only one who can do this, not them. Otherwise, your Twin will never be able to make things up to your ego, and you will remain stuck in limbo hell. But your Twin can make things up to you in your heart when you feel all-forgiving love.

If your Twin is running, you have to start your relationship over so that you create a new one together. You have to champion the unlimited and unconditional. Remember, you are building an entirely new kind of expansive relationship that humans haven’t seen. This means that you expect nothing whatsoever from your Other Half and you create from a place of infinite love. When you lead with this kind of love, you show your Twin the way, and you shine brighter than the stars! Above the limiting human world.

It doesn’t help that most human relationships are conditional, thus as a Twin, you find yourself in uncharted territory. That is why the greatest source of help in your situation will come from the soul that you share with your Other Half. If you follow your soul, not the wants of others – not society or the people you have loved, you will know what is being asked of you. You are being asked to end your human conditioning and never look back.

This means that you can’t hold anyone’s hand for permission to make your life what you want it to be. You can’t wait around for outside approval, especially from your Twin. Let yourself leap how your soul asks, and blaze a trail that is positively blinding! This is what you were born to do.

9. Prior Partnerships

Twin Flame relationships are incredibly challenging in themselves. This is compounded when Twins find each other while in other, committed partnerships and marriages. It is excruciating to fall in love so powerfully when in another relationship. Especially when it wasn’t humanly intended.

Of course, society judges this so harshly. We are raised to love romantic stories, but only if both people are single and alone for years. In fact, fairy tale heroes seem to be always widowed and desperately waiting. Pretty unrealistic and painfully confining, but just another example of how we’ve been controlled.

If you have found your Twin while in another relationship, then you’ve probably experienced your share of guilt. You may not even realize how deep it runs. And we totally understand the feeling. We understand the hidden guilt involved in leaving prior partnerships because we’ve both been there ourselves.

Spencer and I had to leave the dearest, long-term relationships to which we were deeply committed in order to be with each other. For over two years, we felt tremendous guilt and judgment through the process, especially around my beautiful children. Yes, motherhood compounded my guilt exponentially.

And what we found is that guilt is a form of control that appears most in female conditioning. In fact, mothers, daughters, and wives often use guilt subversively. They use it against others in a passive-aggressive fashion in order to grasp some sense of control – because they have been “put in their place.” You see, women have been trained to put their desires last and to feel bad otherwise. This keeps love conditional. It keeps us from being free.

When a person feels guilt, they are actually judging themselves. They feel unworthy of having what they really want, and this internalized judgment is reflected in the people around them.

When you experience guilt, focus on forgiving and accepting yourself so that you can follow your heart. You will see that the reflection of guilt in others goes away. Remember, in truth, that no one really owns you or controls you. No one has the power to keep you from fulfilling your soul’s most obvious truth: being with your Other Half. Your human conditioning simply needs to be cleared.

You are allowed to follow your heart, whatever that means for you. You are allowed to be a free human being who can have what you want. You deserve the joy that beckons your heart, and you are not bad for having it.

When guilt comes up, you are being asked to free yourself. You are being called to stop living for others, no matter how nice they are. It is time to live for yourself, your dreams and needs, and your deepest desires. No one else’s. Because now is your chance to live the greatest love story imaginable.

But as we Twins know too well, this is easier said than done. And again, I’m going to talk about marriage. Not only because marriage was such a pivotal part of my Twin Flame experience, but because it presents a perfect example of being ruled by conditions from the past. If marriage does not play a part in your specific liberation, you can substitute any prior, major life-choice that is still presiding over your life—a choice that no longer reflects where you are and the growth you have achieved. This choice is making it feel impossible to be with your Twin, and overcoming it will utterly transform you.

In my case, marriage was this choice. And it made leaping for love excruciating. It felt cruel to be asked to leave a beautiful home-life with children for my Twin. It seemed heartless that I was being put in this position—one I never saw coming or intended. Why did I have to hurt someone I still loved so dearly? And why did I have children, thinking it was forever, only to find out that I have a Twin Flame?

This kind of Twin Flame situation can lead to much agony. But when I looked closely, I saw that my prior partner no longer resonated with me and hadn’t for some time. You see, our primary relationships always reflect the growth we achieve in life, and it is inevitable that we will forge new relationships as we grow. Life always mirrors where we are inside, and older reflections inevitably recede, no matter how much they are cherished.

My job was to make my outer life authentic to my inner life. But this got especially challenging with children involved. And it helped me tremendously to know that my children were intended to be in this situation, just as things are. Their lives were mapped out ahead of time too, and they were meant to have their parenting situation change. They were destined to have my Twin Flame now involved in their lives and to be cared for beautifully by all of us.

This entire situation was divinely intended to help my children flourish in ways they never could before. They are now thriving with the teaching gifts that Spencer has brought to our family, and we are finding a beautiful balance of peace that was always missing. Dramatically so. It is so obvious and uplifting to witness.

Looking back, you will see that the same goes for you. Leaping for your Twin will make sense on multiple levels. The Twin love that calls your name is meant to be yours, for reasons you may never have suspected. The conditional love of your past—no matter how much you love and care about your former partners and relationships (no matter how tempting it is to go back to them!) will always keep you from true, awe-inspiring, unconditional love.

And it turns out that your challenges are helping everyone around you to grow. The change that you have enacted in your life is severing all the ties that bound you, and this goes both ways. You are helping to free your loved ones from the tethers of conditional love, even if the process looks brutal. You are inspiring them to make changes in their own lives too.

Remember, we are living in times of great change that affect us at very personal levels. Relationships are the basis of this change because Ascension is extremely personal. That is why your Twin Flame partnership is the relationship you are meant to be in now. Karmic contracts with Soul Mates are ending, which is why leaving them can be so painful. It is time to exclusively grow towards your Twin.

If you are ready to leave conditional relationships behind and wake up to SO MUCH MORE, then go for it! Now is your chance, and you are so lucky to have it. You will know paradise with your Other Half. And remember, you help all of us by leaping for True Love.

As you heal towards your Twin, keep in mind that prior partnerships will still come into play. You and your Beloved will act out old, unhealthy patterns from all of your previous relationships – this time, so dramatically that you must outgrow them. You may find that your Twin does exactly what your prior Soul Mates did, or your parents. This is so that you can address key issues in yourself.

All the relationships that have ever pushed your buttons will be recreated with your Twin in order to heal the pain that is triggered. Your Twin will get you to feel how you used to feel so that you can finally dislodge this pain from your being and say good-bye to it, once and for all. Love each other as much as you can through this process, and keep your lifeline connection open if possible. Share this book with your Twin if you can, to help guide your journey. And remember that you are one and the same soul through it all.

10. Dealing with Others

As you continue on your Twin Flame journey, you will start to see that most other relationships in your life have been based on conditional love. This will not only create a lot of pain for you, but total misunderstanding. You may experience many futile attempts to try to explain unconditional love to others, and they may use guilt to hold you back. Most likely, you will be met with worry, fear, and judgment rather than empathy for your situation. Don’t let it get to you. Because only unconditional love is real.

I experienced a classic example of this with my parents. They asked, “How can you talk about unconditional love when you are wrecking a beautiful marriage with children?” Through the lens of conditional love, this seemed like a perfectly reasonable judgment. But though the eyes of unconditional love, it was an attempt to control my freedom through guilt. It was a tactic to keep me trapped in my old life, even if that’s not what I wanted for myself.

I also endured a lot criticism from others that tried to make me feel like a fool. For example, Spencer and I find the story of how we met quite romantic, as well as professional. I was in America, and he in England, and we became acquainted through our shared purpose of spiritual writing. Others instantly translated this scenario in a negative way. They said that we were cheaters who’d met on the Internet, believing in delusional information. I can’t tell you how many times people tried to cheapen something so special to us and throw it in our faces. But this test asked us to become resolute in ourselves, no matter the doubting spectators.

Another trap we fell into was trying to explain that Spencer and I are Twin Flame partners. We knew this fact very early on, and I shared it openly with those closest to me. But it made us look even more delusional. People just couldn’t believe in True Love, let alone the spiritual concept of Twin Flames. I will never forget the counseling sessions with my ex husband, where he and our therapist looked at me like I had been brainwashed. When I used the word Ascension to try to explain further, all hope was lost. This phenomenon that I was experiencing was ridiculed too many times to count.

At some point, Twins have to stop trying to explain things to others, because only those like us who go through a Twin Flame experience can truly understand it. Others will have to grow towards unconditional love in their own way. They will have to discover it for themselves through their own, very personal Ascension process.

You have to let people go with compassion until they are ready to see more. Letting go like this allows you to leap forward and not stay stuck matching lower energy. It allows you to thrive in elevated love.

Compassion is key, and it is being called for, even towards those who’ve challenged you the most. And it helps to realize that very often, people will say specifically harmful things that echo your own doubts. They are playing their role to help you grow. That is why compassion towards yourself is just as important. It opens your internal view so that you stop judging yourself. Compassion gives you the perspective of your soul.

When you practice compassion, you help all of us to remember the powerful love we have forgotten. When you feel compassion for your Twin, you help them to remember this too. Compassion also helps you to have firm resolve about True Love. It makes it easier to trust your love above everything else, no matter how others act or what they say. You are better able to stick to what you know in your hearts of hearts and not let anyone sway you – even if they think you’re a fool. Or worse. Who cares when this kind of love is at stake? Your happiness is worth everything, and you no longer have to base it on others. That never worked any way.

If you have to say goodbye to certain relationships that bring you down, find the courage to do so. Don’t burn bridges, but release these relationships with love. Those who are meant to come back into your life will, if that is best for your souls. One day, you will look back and see the perfection in how certain relationships were meant to end or detour for a time. And rest assured, you will be vindicated for following your heart and bravely heeding your soul.

It is very comforting to know that, spiritually, all people are working on life together. All souls meet at night to assess their life situations and opportunities for growth, and we applaud those who grow courageously. This means that the key people in your life are orchestrating your shared experiences while you sleep. They are tweaking your opportunities for growth and are actually making your Twin Flame relationship possible.

Your loved ones are doing this with you regularly, including spouses or family who appear to be against your reunion with your Twin. I recognized this repeatedly through my personal, Twin Flame process. When I stayed solid in my conviction to be with Spencer, others would actually say and do things that helped us to get together, even though, on the human plane, they were clearly against our union.  

The truth is that your Twin Flame situation is being supported perfectly, because at the soul level, we are all champions of spiritual growth. And we all know that True Love is real.

11. Scenarios

True Love is calling, and you are being pushed to grow towards it. The obstacles in the way of your union are exactly what you need to make it. They are tailor-made for you to become empowered.

That is why your Twin Flame scenario is full of drama. It is rife with obstacles that might feel like blocks, but these blocks are actually stair-steps. They are challenges that present the most direct route to your Twin. If you try to ignore these challenges or go around them, you will delay your heart’s desire. You will put yourself through years of settling.

Now we know how rough these challenges can be. Let’s face it, Twin Flame scenarios are brutal. They present you with the most difficult situations imaginable. Twin Flame scenarios often involve money issues, housing needs, unemployment, judgment from others, and getting out of a prior committed relationship, as well as heartbreak with your Twin.

Maybe you are broke or enduring health problems, or you are consumed with shame and judgment. Maybe you have been kicked out by a long-term partner, or have had to wait for years to be with your Beloved. Perhaps you have lost everything dearest to you. But most of all, you may be impossibly separated from your Twin, in painfully devastating ways. Regardless, and we don’t say this heartlessly, you are going to be pushed to get back on your feet and become independent.

If you are truthful with yourself, you know that secretly this is what you’ve always wanted—to live strong and empowered for no one else but you. Because deep inside you know that you are the only one who can complete yourself.

At the beginning of your relationship, this can be hard to understand. When you are so over the moon for your Twin that you can’t see, you will be convinced that they complete you. You will cling to them to try to fulfill what longs to be loved in yourself. But the difficult process of getting together will show you how to love and complete yourself, by yourself. If you embrace your challenges, you will fulfill this ultimate spiritual quest. You will also be ready for your Beloved.

My own ever-challenging experience got me ready. But I had to do it all by myself, as did my gorgeous Twin, Spencer. When Spencer found me, we thought that we could rescue each other from our lives and run away together, but we couldn’t. No matter how much we wanted to. No matter how much we exhausted ourselves trying! Our Twin Flame challenge was to free ourselves on our own—not just so that we could be together, but because freeing ourselves would create more healing than we could imagine. It did.

Spencer and I had to get out of our limiting comfort zones that we had created unconsciously, and we had to do so on our own. Until we freed ourselves instead of being rescued, union was never going to work. We could not be a lighthouse of love together until we were each, individually, shining.  

Spencer and I learned the hard way that we had to become completely independent in our own lives before we could reunite, or we would remain at the mercy of others—even if that other was our very Twin! We learned to live consciously instead of in a stagnant holding pattern designed by someone else. We saw that no one should keep us from flourishing with total empowerment, no matter how nice they are, or how bonded we felt to them, or how much commitment we had demonstrated in the past. This is the grand liberation that our Twin Flame relationship inspired and asked us to enact for ourselves.

Your Twin Flame relationship is pushing you to grow in ways you have resisted all your life. At some point, you will become so strong that you no longer need anything from anyone else. You will have healed your deepest wounds and can finally love yourself. When you and your Twin have each answered this call and enacted its promise in your lives, you are ready to permanently unite.

12. Power vs. Limitation

Your human journey has led you to this moment. This is your time to choose your own power instead of limitation, so that you never feel remotely like a victim again. This is the lifetime to heal your human self in totality and become free forever, so that you can shine with unconditional love.

Bliss is here, inside you, but you simply forgot in this limiting environment. Your Twin Flame love has come to revive you and give you back yourself. You have waited ages for this opportunity, as challenging as it is, but the waiting is over now. Let the celebration begin!

We are so honored to be with you on your Twin Flame journey. Thank you for embodying the extraordinary gift of eternal love. Thank you for helping our earth at this crucial and thrilling time. We love you infinitely.

1. Love not Fear

When you feel fear, put your hand on your heart for a minute. Let the soft pressure on your chest remind you of the love you carry within. Feel this love begin to build, and watch your fear subside. Do this anywhere, any time, for instant comfort and guidance.

2. Feel the Love

This is a fun one. Simply feel the astronomical love that you have for your Twin, consciously and actively. Allow yourself to become inundated with this incredible bliss and anchor it into your reality. You can do this right away, any time, even while separated from your Twin. Simply focus on the unconditional love, bring it fully into your being, and visualize it anchoring as light into your experience. This helps to awaken divine love for others in our world. It also assists you in integrating your full, multi-dimensional self as a human being.

3. Your Story

Write down your Twin Flame story for yourself, for your eyes only. Be as honest as you can and allow the vulnerability to surface. No one else is going to read your words.

Describe your experience as accurately as possible, without feeling like you have to gloss over the ugly stuff. This removes all need to justify what you’ve been through. You are able to see it clearly and process your story without conditions.

As you explore what really happened, try to acknowledge any feelings of victimization. Focus instead on how your story taught you empowerment. Look at how you were shown to love yourself regardless of everything around you. Most likely, you will be amazed by your own courage, and you will remember that your soul chose this path.

4. Stillness amidst Drama

Get some stillness for yourself every day amidst the drama of your situation. Stop and feel the beauty within you, and strengthen your sense of inner peace. Breathe deeply, and allow the chaos you’ve encountered to fall away. Nothing matters in this moment. Let it all go—every last bit that’s worrying you. Tap into this peace whenever you can. You will help yourself immeasurably by staying in this wondrous place.

5. Love and Empower Yourself

Build self-love as much as you can. This is the key to a successful Twin Flame relationship. Talk to yourself lovingly, especially in the mirror, and say, “I love you” to yourself every chance you get. Talk to yourself inside like you are the Beloved. Because you are.

True happiness resides in loving commitment to yourself. When you believe in yourself one hundred percent, you come from a place of power that does not rely on anyone else. You take charge of your life and own your ability to create. This is a major Twin Flame goal fulfilled.

When you are at your wits end and feel alone, abandoned, or betrayed, give yourself all the love that you can muster. Make it so that you aren’t  abandoning or betraying yourself in any way, but doing the opposite – supporting, encouraging, and loving your beautiful self. This is the key to getting out of any Twin Flame nightmare and turning that nightmare into your dreams coming true.

6. Get Spiritual if you Haven’t  

Focus on the magic that lies far beyond the ego. The spiritual is where all the answers are, and it is within you already. Follow your curiosity. Do some research on earth Ascension and see what clicks for you.

Of course, the drama you may be experiencing with your Twin can make this challenging. That is why you must make spirituality a priority now, not later. Because this is the most useful form of support available to you. Work towards bringing spiritual perspective to your life as much as you can. It will give you back yourself.

7. Stop all Hiding

Human conditioning taught you to hide your true feelings. It kept you from feeling fully accepted. Your Twin Flame relationship unearths these hidden feelings so that you can finally live in unconditional love. This means healing all the ways that you hide from yourself and others.

The task is straightforward. Make an effort to cease all hiding whatsoever in all of your experiences. Be completely honest in every interaction throughout your day. This includes the stories you tell about your life and those in it. It means that you stop covering anything up, and you cease all defensiveness and excuses. This allows you to also release misplaced responsibility for other people’s stuff. You see, when the truth prevails, everyone has to take loving care of their own backyard. This is what empowerment is.

All truth is loving at the core, and it will set you free. It will allow you to live openly and unconditionally. Truth will bring your hidden desires into the light of day to flourish, without guilt, shame, or regret. It will end the conditioning and limitation of your past, and allow your dreams to take flight!

8. Prioritize Self-Care.

Take loving care of yourself at every moment. Pamper yourself with experiences that bring you joy. Luxuriate in healthy pleasures that honor you, including enjoyable exercise, such as walking in nature and eating delicious nutrition. Be in nature often, and surround yourself with as much beauty as you can, the kind that speaks to you most. Enjoy flowers in all their forms: bouquets, gardens, dried petals, and essential oils. Just a single flower by your bed can help you to heal while you sleep.

Love yourself and your beautiful body in every way. Your body guides you through your relationship by confirming your desire to be with your Twin. It is a perfect barometer for truth in your life. So give your body as much love as you can. Yes, that includes self-sex, which your incredible Twin Flame love inspires.

Sex is meant to be sacred, spiritual, and pure. When you “make love” to yourself, you prepare for your Twin. You also tap into your powerful creative force. When you practice masturbation in an ultra-loving and gentle way, you allow your desires to be, and you heal ideas of shame and control. This is what it means to be freely alive! This will help you to have the healthiest and most sacred human relationship with your Twin.

9. Get Together

If you are able to be with your Twin physically, you will grow dramatically. Sometimes this means just lunch as friends, but any physical connection will do. When you are side by side, you accelerate the divine process of healing. You are reminded of your incredible connection through presence, voice, and eyes.

Being together will inevitably bring out pain that needs to be released, but this is exactly how you want things to be. Because these are healing opportunities. And each time you help each other to heal, you get closer to the indescribable bliss of your union.

If you can’t be together physically, try your best to stay humanly connected to your Twin in a more distant way, through email or phone. Make sure this connection always respects both of you! If it doesn’t, separate, and try again at a later time.

Try to help each other through your incredible Twin Flame process, even when you are apart. Remember, you are both highly advanced beings who are destined to wake up spiritually at this time and seek union. If you can focus on the spiritual purpose behind your love, you will be guided beautifully.

10. Hold Each Other

If you are with your Twin physically, spend time each day holding each other, lying down. This creates more healing than imaginable. It also helps to bring your Higher Selves into your bodies. When you fall asleep while holding each other, you upgrade energetically. If you can “nest” in one anothers’ arms after making love, you will intensify the process immensely.

Making love with your Twin is a highly spiritual practice. When you make love, take your time and make each movement sacred. Honor your Beloved with every touch, and you will find the deepest heaven in each others’ arms.

11. Soul to Soul Meditation

Communicate with your Twin through meditation, even if you aren’t in contact with them in your life. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, get quiet, and take a few deep breaths. Then call your Twin to you in your heart. Speak to them, and bask in your divine love together. Tell them that you love them unconditionally, and feel this all-forgiving truth. Feel the unbreakable bond that you were born to rediscover and bring to fruition. See what comes up for you, and listen for your Twin.

Practice general, spiritual meditation in your life every day, in the way that feels most natural to you. Let meditation be an enjoyable experience that you look forward to. Follow how you feel guided to strengthen your being with inner light.

12. Fantasize and Envision

Spend time envisioning your ultimate, beautiful and harmonious relationship with your Twin—the union you already feel in your being. Harness your incredible love for each other in your heart, and envision the divine partnership you’ve always dreamed of.

Send yourselves so much love when you do this, and hold your Twin in the light. Picture them completely empowered and flourishing. Then picture yourself this same way. Imagine your perfect potential actualized, and pull it to you.

Spend time fantasizing in this manner, even if it feels foolish at first, and anchor these dreams into reality. You are bringing higher consciousness to your life.

When you focus your energy in such a positive way, it is very powerful. Do this instead of focusing on negativity and all that feels wrong with your Twin and your relationship. If any anxiety comes up, love your fears away. Then create your future of bliss and bring it into the NOW. You are magnetic and can help to actualize your union by holding its immaculate vision.

13. Video Calls

This is a beautiful example of how technology can assist human evolution. Video calls, such as Skype or FaceTime, can be extremely helpful to solidify the Twin Flame bond. They are a wonderful, non-threatening avenue if you are in the process of freeing yourself from a previous relationship or situation. They offer a safe distance if you are struggling with each other’s humanity. Video calls allow you to spend time together if you are apart geographically, and they are monetarily free, which can help Twins tremendously.

With video, you are able to see your Beloved’s face, hear their voice, and feel the immense love that you share, at any time, without being together physically. Somehow, the soul shines through and guides you in the most helpful way. This is because you are already permanently connected to your Twin in your heart centre, and video calls remind you of this. They fortify your connection. This can help to keep Runners from running because it allows the ego to catch up with the soul’s quest—to leap for the greatest love of all time. Use this technology as much as you can to overcome hurdles, to remind each other of your immense love, and to stay connected in a delightfully human way.

14. Past Life Regression

Discovering past life situations that you shared with your Twin can be of invaluable help. If you have both been on earth before, you may have gone through some traumatic lives together. Knowing more about the particulars of your past can help you to embrace your Twin rather than run. Often, the greatest issues that stand between you originate in past experiences that are coming up again as fear. This is so that you can finally heal what happened.

If you can’t go to a trusted Past Life Regression Therapist, try sitting in meditation with yourself. Ask your soul what is coming up to be healed. Remember, you are very advanced and intuitive. Trust what comes to you as you recollect unresolved emotions.

15. What Twin Flame Healing Looks Like

Picture a heart with two halves and a zipper running up the middle. The zipper is quite jagged and has been unzipped almost all the way. Each time you and your twin heal your pain, you zip up a section. You get closer to a whole heart. Each jagged challenge can be very painful, but when healed, creates the closest bond possible. This is how your puzzle gets solved, one enlightening piece at a time.

16. Full Moon Approaching 

Every swelling moon holds the gift of transformation, if only you welcome it. Arguments often begin to surface a few days before the moon is full. Anything that you’ve swept under the rug reappears larger than life to give you an opportunity to address it. This cycle becomes very predictable, but can still be incredibly challenging. Once the moon is full, some kind of resolution is usually achieved. Everything gets much lighter. That which was so destabilizing feels transcended.

Recognizing this cycle and its purpose helps tremendously. Forgiveness and gratitude for the LOVE assist the process. It’s about exposing the ways you haven’t honored yourselves and breaking old patterns. Be sure to own yours and bring them into the healing light of awareness.

Sooner or later, True Love always prevails. Choose sooner, and reach out with love to your Twin if you can.

17. Share Together

Discuss your issues together with your Twin, with compassion, and begin to clear them. When an argument arises, don’t blame or project, but rather feel the issue so that you can heal it. Specifically, help each other to feel childhood pain and soothe it in your loving embrace. Remember, you hold a perfect mirror for your Twin, which means the issue is in each of you.

It is inevitable that you will hurt each other in your Twin Flame relationship, but this is so that you will heal. Anguish can be lessened through awareness and a loving commitment to grow. You have the potential to grow through issues in just a few months that should have taken a lifetime. What a gift!

18. Healing Pain

When arguments bring out intense pain, allow yourself to feel what comes up. Go into the pain with heart-centred awareness and ask what is the lesson I am being asked to learn. If you are in a position to receive assistance from your Twin, this will accelerate both of your healing and bring you closer together.

Allow yourself to be completely vulnerable and intimate in sharing what is being brought up within you. See what has been buried in yourself, without blaming your Other Half in any way. Acknowledge any fears that you have. Ultimately you will find that your pain is linked to your issues of self-worth, betrayal, and abandonment. Allow yourself to face these feelings head on. Dislodge them from your being so that they can be released.

Once you have fully felt your pain and acknowledged it, breathe deeply and exhale it from your body, until you physically feel it leave. Now say, “I love myself unconditionally and forever.” This process can be repeated as often as necessary, whenever pain resurfaces.

19. If you feel like Running from your Twin

It is perfectly natural to feel like running from the intensity and drama of a Twin Flame relationship. If you feel this way, try to remember the magic in your Beloved’s eyes that speaks just to you, the sound of their voice that reaches your velvet depths, and the feel of their touch that warms and invigorates your entire being. Is anyone else ever going to ignite you like this? The most beautiful Soul Mate relationship in the world can’t come close. And you know it.

During these times of Ascension, all Twins are being called to face our shadows, heal our conditioned limitations, and reunite with our Beloveds. When we embrace this process sooner rather than later, we save ourselves a lot of suffering. We fulfill our soul’s purpose.

20. If you are Having Trouble

If you are feeling really depressed about your situation, and we’ve been there, please reach out to someone who can help. Find one person (other than your Twin) with whom you can share everything on a regular basis, and they with you. Lean on this person because you need them, just as they need you too.

Twin Flame stuff is rough! It will challenge you in every direction. Ask for help from the Angels and your Spirit Guides, and you will receive it. Be as specific and detailed as you can about what you need. Live in your heart always, not your ego, because your ego will make you suffer. And know that we are with you through your ordeals in spirit.

This is the toughest initiation, but you wanted it. You wanted your bright liberation. The bliss that you’ve always dreamed of awaits! Rescue yourself from everything that says otherwise. You can do this.

21. Humor

When you feel completely defeated, try to find some humor in your situation. It will be there! If you can reach out to your Twin with a joke, you will save the day. Humor is a precious gift from God that can keep us from suffering. It is a true mark of the Divine, just like you!

What if our challenges are so huge that we don’t know how we’re ever going to be together?

Take one soul step at a time. The big picture will overwhelm you, but your soul will guide you perfectly, step by empowering step.

It’s all about being in the present moment. Try to detach yourself from defined outcomes. Align with what’s happening right now instead, and allow the divine unfolding of your soul’s plan. You will find that things are being orchestrated for each level of growth that you reach. This is divine guidance in action. Synchronicity will also make itself obvious. This is a sign of reassurance from your shared soul. It is a series of mile markers in the dark, confirming that you are on the right path that is leading you home.

The courage, liberation, and independence that you are demonstrating through each challenge will get you to each other. Trust your love with all your hearts, regardless of those around you. You may have to distance yourself from others in order to carry out your destiny.

What is being asked of me in order to be with my Twin is overwhelming. I don’t think that I can do it.

The Twin Flame experience is designed to push you to the edge of what you can handle so that you grow exponentially. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then you are really growing, and this is to be applauded. Recognize how courageous you are.

Feeling overwhelmed is a natural reaction to any new and dramatic stage of development. Think about how overwhelming it felt to first drive a car. Now, it is second nature.

When you feel overwhelmed, stop and take good care of yourself. The only person you owe anything to is yourself. Recognize what you really want for you and you alone, with total clarity. Do so now, without delay. Do not placate your ego, and don’t try to please others. You will suffer otherwise. Make yourself happy with total integrity and soul realization. Get selfish, and put yourself first. 

When my Twin and I finally get together, will everything be perfect?

No. But your Twin Flame relationship is an intense and perfect process of growth. All shadows, issues, and conditioning that hide in each of you will be illuminated and healed. It is a relentless process, but the deep and never-ending perfection achieved is indescribable. It feels like communing with God-source. Your eventual, immaculate union will bring pure ecstasy and powerful abilities to create through your love.

Twin Flame success depends upon your willingness to grow and to keep facing your own issues. Use your time apart wisely to work on things in yourself and to fortify self-love. Don’t wait, because the growth that you individually achieve will make all the difference when you are together with your Twin. And you won’t be able to handle ecstasy until you’ve cleared what keeps you from it. Know that the clearing process will get easier for Twins as others pave the way. Hallelujah!

What if I haven’t even spent physical time with my Twin but am called to make drastic steps in my life to be with them?

You must take steps towards your own freedom and independence for you and you alone – not for anyone else. If you change your life for your Twin’s sake, you will put conditions on your love. You will say, “Look what I did for you. Now you owe me.” Any changes that your soul is calling you to make are for your individual growth.

Stay connected with your Twin through any form of communication that you can, if at all possible. For example, video calls are invaluable for strengthening your bond across distances. Just make sure that you aren’t hiding such communication and that you are living in integrity. It is time to come out of the Twin “closet” in your life. We know how hard this is, but the sooner you do, the sooner you will stop suffering. You will know the infinite joy you so deserve.

What if I feel stuck, and things don’t seem to be moving at all?

If you feel that your situation is perpetually stalling, ask yourself if you are perhaps clinging to your old life in some way. Can you make additional changes to free yourself completely so that you can build a new life with your Twin? You don’t have to give up everything, just move all stagnation from the past and honour your own joy.

For example, take a look at any ways that you might be clinging to a prior partnership. Are you still depending on your old relationship to deliver some conveniences, even in informal ways? Be sure to process any guilt that you feel as well, as these feelings can truly hold you back. Try to stop looking at your situation through other people’s eyes, and instead focus on the dreams of your heart.

If you have wholeheartedly chosen to be with your Twin, you will want to renounce any applicable wedding vows that you have taken with another person. You can do this privately, with yourself, by simply stating out loud with full intent that you rescind all prior vows made in this life or any other. You may be surprised by the sudden feeling of freedom that this brings! The energy shift afterwards is incredible. 

What if I’ve made huge sacrifices to be with my Twin, and they are still entrenched in their old life?

We applaud your incredible efforts. We know just how much was asked of you, and you have honoured your destiny and your purpose. You are a true leader, brave friend!

Take a look at the prior question about feeling stuck, and see if this applies to you in any way. When it comes to relating to your Twin, don’t encourage their stagnation by accommodating their old life, as this will keep your Twin in their prior comfort zone.

Twins often compromise their integrity to help each other because their love is so huge. They will do whatever it takes to be together at great personal expense. But as long as either of you are tolerating expired or unhealthy patterns, you will remain apart. Your relationship cannot truly flourish until it is healthy, balanced, and committed – out in the open.

Unfortunately, human conditioning makes it very hard to leave old patterns behind. As does Karma. But when one Twin grows, the other is inspired within. This is a soul level relationship after all. Help your Twin to understand this and to address their fears. Inspire them to be courageous, and remind them that all they’ve ever dreamed of waits, just on the other side of liberation. Do not push, but gently lead with confidence and your own actions. Stay as connected as you can to your Twin without compromising yourself in any way. Honor yourself at all times, no excuses.

What if I still love my prior partner?

You do love your prior partner at the soul level. Very much. Your souls planned your relationship. Nothing can take the love you have for your prior partner away. Expanding love is what the Twin Flame experience is all about. It creates an ever-widening arc of light in your life. This ultimately includes everyone and everything in existence.

You are being led towards complete honesty and transparency in your life. Can you have the strongest feelings imaginable for your Twin and stay in your old relationship? It can feel cruel to hurt your dearest family members, but all of you deserve integrity. This is the core aspect of your challenge. When you honor yourself with authenticity, you honor others. If you hide how you feel in order to please another, you aren’t treating them well either. Empowered honesty is what’s called for.

What if I’m having the hardest time even thinking about leaving my old life? It feels impossible to do so, regardless.

If you have met your Twin, then you are beginning an accelerated program of growth. How fast you want to participate is up to you. It is completely your choice. You don’t have to see your Twin Flame connection to fruition. That eternal connection will always be there regardless.

Try to follow your soul as much as you can for guidance. The way towards your Twin may seem impossible, but if you decide, you will be shown how to get there, step by step. In many ways, deciding that you want a Twin Flame relationship is all it takes. Again, it is totally up to you. You are the master of your reality.

What if my Twin is committed to someone else?

Love them unconditionally in your heart. Give them the freedom to choose their own path. Your Twin will have to decide if they are ready to free themselves from prior commitments. Be the lighthouse of unconditional love that you are. Inspire them to choose what they really want for themselves by doing so for yourself in your own life.

Do not tolerate a secretive affair or any other method of hiding. We say this with no judgment whatsoever – it simply does not honor your gorgeous love or either of you. If you allow each other to live in two worlds, you will remain stuck. Seek total honesty and transparency instead. This includes being clear about your true feelings with your Twin and everyone around you. Live with integrity and insist upon this in all of your interactions. Integrity will set you free and accelerate your personal growth.

What if my Twin is completely unaware of what we have?

You are at the beginning of your process. Your focus should be on yourself and self-love. Your job is to make yourself whole. Right now, this is more about you than anyone else, including your Twin. View your Twin as a spiritual guide, liberating and empowering you. Let the love lead you and show you how.

What if my Twin stops all communication?

Again, focus on yourself. Self-love is your primary occupation now. This can actually be easier if your Twin is physically out of the picture. They are able to guide you exclusively at the soul level. Once you have dramatically increased your capacity to love yourself, you will be ready to have a permanent Twin Flame relationship. You will be able to handle the intensity and know that you deserve the permeating bliss of your union.

What if my Twin is avoiding me and is available to date other people? What if they meet someone else and commit to them while I’m waiting?

These are very legitimate fears that must be given love in order to be released. It is very common for one Twin to be more awake than the other. Insecurity is a perfectly natural response, and it is asking you to acknowledge your deepest fears and heal towards unconditional love. Remember that ultimate relationships require ultimate healing, and that is what’s most important. You and your healing now take center stage.

Know with confidence that at the soul level, your Twin Flame partner loves you more than anyone in the world. In fact, as a soul they care about you so immensely, and they think about you all the time. As a human, your Twin is simply scared by the intensity of your connection, and they have come up with coping methods to ignore it. These methods may include avoiding powerful emotions, simply shying away from the unfamiliar, and remaining in ego. They may include feelings of fear, guilt, shame, and unworthiness. Your Twin is also likely to have past life trauma to heal and will certainly have human conditioning to transcend. There may be karma to heal with a prior partner. It is also possible that your Twin is motivating you to grow by not letting you rely upon them.

Your Twin Flame bond is one of unconditional love, which means that you want freedom for each other above all else. Can you love your Twin in this way? Can you become so whole that you don’t need your Twin? You are being asked to take all neediness out of your life. Remember, the love that you long for is already within you. You hold a perfect union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in your being right now. Balancing and uniting them in yourself is true God realization. This is what all union is.

What if my Twin and I never end up together?

Be in no doubt, if you have met your Twin, then it is your destiny to reunite in the end. If you are not reunited, then it is not the end! The likelihood of being together directly correlates to your growth and what you each planned for this life.

At this exciting, expansive time on earth, your chances are very high to unite in this lifetime, and you are greatly encouraged to do so. Twins are a key component of earth Ascension and came here for this reason. Your soul is guiding you to accomplish this.

Know that you have the power to push yourself to grow whole. By doing so, you will enjoy the highest relationships possible for your life.

What if I’m struggling to make ends meet and survive, with hardly any help, not even from my Twin?

Only you can rescue yourself. You are being called to become empowered and independent. If you make this commitment in your heart, you will be shown each powerful step towards self-sufficiency. The process alone will make you whole and ready for reunion. We are amazed by courageous Twins doing this all across the world.

Money issues are also at play here. They are showing up to help you heal them. You are being asked to remember the abundant creator you already are and enact this realization in your life.

What if my Twin is being disrespectful or isn’t honoring my needs?

Set boundaries immediately. Disrespect of any kind is not to be tolerated. Part of the Twin Flame experience is to carry divine energy that insists upon being honored. This means that your needs are upheld and never compromised. You are never to be treated or spoken to with disrespect. Nothing justifies tolerating this kind of behavior. That is conditional love.

What if I’m not sure that I’m in a Twin Flame Relationship? I thought I was, but now I wonder. Is it possible that I’m in love with a False Twin?

Spencer and I both had False Twins in our teenage years. This is a deep form of Soul Mate love, but it is still superficial compared to a Twin Flame experience. Twin love feels instantly unfathomable and totally unconditional. It is a full body recognition at the core of your being. Soul Mate love remains on the safe surface, no matter how magnetic the attraction. Soul Mate love is also, usually, conditional.

You can tell the difference just by thinking about this other person. Are you attracted to their physicality, mind, and heart in a pleasing, warm way? Do you picture a beautiful life together where you feel safe and given love from the outside. Or are you DRAWN BEYOND COMPREHENSION to something so deep in your own essence that you cannot articulate it? It pulses from within your being IMMEDIATELY, INVOLUNTARILY, without thought, but with spiritual AND primal need. The latter is a True Twin Flame.

Some Twins have a hard time believing that their Other Half could challenge them so much. They can’t understand why their Twin would cause them so much pain, so they assume this person is a false Twin. But guess what, if your Twin isn’t causing you pain at some point, they aren’t your Twin.

It can be hard to see the role that your Twin plays to push you to grow. Additionally, your ego will constantly try to convince you that your Twin Flame relationship is all in your head. Others will confirm this with their opinions. Ask your heart and trust yourself. Again, you already know everything that you seek.

Though your perceptions may vacillate, Twin Flame love remains more real than anything that you will experience on earth. It is the most intense, spiritual initiation available to humans, and you will know if you are experiencing it. If you have spent hours searching the internet trying to find out what the heck is happening to you, and you know that it’s not simply falling in love, then welcome to ultimate, spiritual romance, dear friend. You are incredibly privileged to know it, and we are privileged to have you among us.

What if everyone in my life thinks I’m crazy and is worried about me? What if I’m being severely judged or ostracized for following this love?

You are being asked to become so strong that you never need anyone’s approval again. This is the exact kind of liberation that gets you to your Twin, hence the reason so many of us go through this type of challenge. The experience is brutal, but it will teach you to cease asking for permission from anyone. This is an astounding triumph in overcoming conditional love. It will lead you to become a Goddess or God in your own right.

We advise not sharing all your negative thoughts about your Twin with others. Find one person who understands, who you can go to, but refrain from airing your dirty laundry. It will come back to haunt you once you’ve worked through your issues, and this will make it harder for you to follow your heart.

What if I feel that I deserve better than my Twin can offer me?

This is not a Soul Mate relationship. You aren’t checking off a physical list of perceived “perfection.” That is conditional love. Your twin is your perfect match because they help you to grow whole, not because they fit your ego’s fantasy. In fact, your Twin mirrors your own criticisms and insecurities.

But don’t be surprised if your Twin fulfills all your fantasies as well. Because your Twin is your ultimate partner, and as you grow, you reveal Divine perfection to each other. You are both already perfect inside, and in your heart you can feel your full human potential now, even if it’s not obvious to the eye and ego. This potential can be actualized in this lifetime, and it will amaze you—even thrill you! Beyond words.

What if I am successful in life and my Twin isn’t yet? Why the imbalance?

You each hold the perfect compliment to each other. If one of you is successful in the “real world,” the other holds more magic for a higher reality—the reality that earth is currently Ascending to. Being successful can actually require a lot of limitation and adherence to rules. One of you has got to have bigger wings to truly fly when your union takes off!

What if I “hate” my Twin?! Yes, we said it.

Your Twin Flame challenges can lead to moments when you wish that you had never met your Twin. You may feel that your life has been wrecked and that it is all their fault. You may feel betrayed and abandoned after others tried to warn you that this was happening! These are core human beliefs that are coming out to be healed.

The anger that you feel for your Twin is often misdirected anger towards yourself. Anger comes from having allowed yourself to be controlled in the past. Now, you are liberating yourself and never allowing this again.

The intensity of your relationship will bring everything up to be looked at and healed. Move forward by owning your issues. Hold your Twin’s hand to do the same. Love is your shining goal, and it leads to yet more love.

What if I’m really, really struggling?

Our hearts go out to you. We personally know just how hard Twin Flame relationships are, and we are here for you. Know how brave you are being, and that you are not alone. Twins everywhere are going through this. Reach out to them and to those in your life who understand. Deliberately avoid those who don’t.

You are in charge of your life, and you have choices. Focus on taking loving care of yourself, and allow yourself to trust the universe. Have faith in the divine plan for your story. This is a great time to harness higher purpose, which, as a Twin will be a profound service to our planet. You are here to help many and change our world.

Please see our Techniques and Guidance section in this book as well as our blog for specific advice. Know that you will get through this, beautiful friend. Keep going towards your breakthroughs and the infinite love that calls. It is more promising than anything in existence.

What if I want to have a Twin Flame relationship and don’t?

Fall in love with yourself and watch your world bloom. If you embark upon an accelerated spiritual path of self-love, you will ultimately draw the highest relationships to you, including the most divine partnership possible. Whether this includes a Twin Flame partner or not depends upon your destiny. Either way, you will end up with the immense gift of loving yourself, and you will have beautiful relationships that support you in your life.

What if I have reunited with my Twin and am still struggling?

You will continue to grow even after you and your Twin have both committed to your union and are finally living together. Everything will arise that needs healing. The key is to focus on an elevated partnership that resides at a 5D level of unconditional love instead of a 3D level that is ego based.

The new, higher 5D level accesses the wisdom of your heart and allows your soul to guide you. The old, 3D level upholds an eye-for-an-eye mentality. This mentality might urge you to blame your Twin or even bail. It might prompt you to prove or defend yourself, or put your needs last out of unworthiness. You must address all feelings of unworthiness that surface and heal them, preferably together. You must own your part in your rifts, quit the blame game, and seek compassionate healing with each other. This is much easier to do when you accept that you and your Twin are the same person in different bodies. Your healing is the same.

What you are seeking is balance on all levels throughout your beautiful union dance. You will want to give each other space when needed, but at the same time, you must commit that you won’t bail on each other. The more rock solid that you can make your human relationship, the better. It also helps tremendously to create an energetic bubble of unconditional love around yourselves where you can permanently reside and are protected from others and a 3D mentality.

With great joy, we say that it is inevitable that you will triumph together in blissful, balanced union! Congratulations, dear fellow Twins! You are masters and courage incarnate.

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