You feel it. You feel the chaos in your world. What is going on and what can you do about it?!

Your world is evolving spiritually. In fact, all life on earth is evolving spiritually, and rapidly—at this very moment! This includes you. You are evolving into the most loving and blissful existence as you read this.

That sounds so positive! Then why does everything seem so negative right now? Because as humanity goes through this spiritual love evolution, all of our corruption is coming out so that it can be released. You see, if you don’t already know it, the human experience has included a lot of corruption on all levels. This pervasive corruption is now being replaced by our real way of doing things as spiritual beings—with total awe-inspiring love.

You see, your real spiritual nature is completely loving through and through. Your real nature knows only harmony and bliss. The truth is that you are a deeply loving being who has been experiencing a human life, and in that life your natural capacity for love has been corrupted. You have been put down regularly and taught to feel a lot of self-defeating emotions. But you are ready now to get back to who you really are. You are ready to evolve back to total LOVE.

But in order to evolve back to love, you have to see all corruption clearly so that you can heal it, otherwise this corruption continues to lurk in the shadows and does not get healed. That is why all of humanity’s corruption is becoming obvious, which also means that the days of corruption that you have known on this planet are ending abruptly.

I am here to explain this evolution process in detail and to help you through it. I am here to help you get back to the jaw-dropping love that you come from that is an integral part of your soul. And I’ll start with a little background.

The Exquisite Truth About You

Your soul survives death. You are an eternal and powerful being who is experiencing lifetimes on earth. During these lifetimes, you forget your immortality. You also forget where you come from. You become severed from the blissful place that is your true home—your infinitely loving universe where you truly belong.

Yes, you come from the most loving place imaginable. Your universe is so incredibly blissful, and you are so immensely cherished. In fact, you are completely loved at every moment of your human life, even if it doesn’t seem like it. What’s more, you yourself are eternal and infinitely loving. That is who you really are.

Oh my dear soul, love is who you really are, and during these intense times you are waking up to fully realize this. You are evolving beyond the thwarted love that you’ve been trained to tolerate and all the corruption you’ve had to endure. You are becoming your true self in human form.

You are becoming unlimited, all-loving, and free. That is the transformation that you are currently going through in your life, and it’s called Earth Ascension.

What is Earth Ascension?

Your Epic Return to Love

Are you ready to evolve back to love? Are you ready to return to who you really are? It is time to embrace love fully so that you can flourish completely, and you are not alone in this endeavor.  

So many people on this planet are returning to love with you. So many of us are actively evolving back to love right now. We are removing the ways that love has been corrupted in the past, and we are remembering the spiritual love that we come from. We are returning to pure, unlimited, and unifying bliss.

We are becoming fully spiritual while in human form. We are bringing the infinite love of our true selves to this earthy realm. We are bringing heaven to earth.

Excitingly, this process is improving the human experience radically for everyone. Because together, our spiritual movement is changing life on earth for the better forever.

This massive movement is affecting all of us right now. And this movement is happening in a matter of years! In fact, we’ve actually been growing for a while now, and things are going to keep escalating. The world is quickly changing as you know it.

Life will never be the same again. Life as we have have known it is over, and this is not a sad thing. Indeed, it is something to celebrate! We are growing towards living life as it was always meant to be—deeply loving, totally harmonious, and free for every one of us. We are taking a giant leap forward in our evolution. We are expanding human consciousness. All humans are being called to evolve in this way at this time.

Many people call this evolution “Ascension” or “The Shift,” because we are ascending to an elevated human experience; we are shifting toward higher consciousness. This process is also known as spiritual growth, and as more and more people just like you wake up spiritually in your lives, you are helping all of humanity dramatically. You are inspiring others to grow spiritually, and you are bringing your own life-changing, unconditional love to this earth.

This means that you are helping to revive an entire species that forgot itself! That is how powerful you are.

Right now, your perception is opening wide so that you can see this. You are growing spiritually in your human life and you are remembering who you really are—an immense being of all-unifying LOVE—not an isolated individual. This is changing everything about the way you used to live.

And this massive, evolutionary leap that you are experiencing is affecting all of us, ready or not. You see, life is not business-as-usual on planet earth. That is why things seem so chaotic of late. Remember, as humanity goes through this spiritual evolution, all of our corruption is coming out so that it can be released. This is obvious when you look at world events, and this is something you’ve been experiencing in your own life. All the ways that you corrupt love are becoming more and more blatant and unbearable.

But as you remove the ways that you have been taught to corrupt love, your life will become increasingly joyful. All that you experience will be bathed in the most peaceful and euphoric bliss—your real state, and this love comes from the inside out.

You see, everything that you feel inside creates what you experience. When you return to love, your experience becomes sublime. This is when heaven-on-earth becomes yours.

So much joy is waiting for you once you stop experiencing love in a corrupted state. Then, total harmony is yours to own. You remember just how sacred you are, and you can embrace your true identity as a higher being of love.

You are returning to love. You are expanding your awareness to see life from a place of total, unlimited LOVE, and you are elevating the human experience forever.

So What Do I Do Now?

Ok, so now that you know you are an infinitely loving being, and you are evolving to embrace this fact in your human life, what are you supposed to do on earth right now?

Keep getting spiritual. Just let your curiosity guide you. Find out who you really are—an immensely powerful and all-loving being of bliss! Learn how to connect with this, your true identity. I have the perfect exercise at the end of this piece to help you do this.

The truth is that you are so much bigger than your human life could ever be. You are an enormous being of immense and total LOVE, and you are here to change things on earth for the better. You came here to do this in the physical, so get busy by simply embodying love. Simply feel pure, unconditional, and total love for everyone (including yourself) all day long, and practice, practice, practice.

Allow love and light to flood your being as much as possible. Breathe in love openly and freely, without resistance and with total presence. This should feel fun, easy, and light! Assimilate love, step by guided step into your life as you go about your day.

As you assimilate increasing love into your being, it is vital to unify with others, from the inside out. We are all ONE inside already, and we are all going through this evolution together. Keep this unity in your heart as you go through your evolution process.

It is also vital to understand that the old world that you have known is gone, and if you try to cling to it, you will experience suffering. The key is to leap towards the glorious, new world that we are all creating in the higher dimensions. Yes, we are creating a higher reality right now! So focus on higher experiences and choose them above old ones. Embrace change and let it take you higher.

But what if you’ve tried this and things still seem the same?

Maybe you’ve spent years being as spiritual as you can while still living your human life. Maybe you have healed through difficult circumstances and you wonder why you are still suffering sometimes. Why has this love evolution that I’m talking about not occurred in a more obvious way? Why have you not been rescued from any kind of suffering whatsoever? Because you are meant to empower yourself instead of having others do things for you or to you.

It is time to actively, with discipline, make your own evolution happen—by fully committing to love. No one else can do this for you. Your time of mastery is at hand. So if you haven’t already done so, create your own blissful and powerful reality here. Make the switch to fully commit to your own love evolution now.

But perhaps you feel like you don’t belong on earth and never have, and it’s time to go home to your loving universe. Well guess what? You’re going to create your loving universe right here yourself. You can do this by living in an Ascended state of unconditional love, and this state creates your own heaven-on-earth.

For me personally, when I realized that it was up to me to create my bliss, everything changed for me. I saw that it was up to me to leave all corruption of love behind, and no one could change my woe-is-me ways except myself. All my sense of lack, of victimhood, of sadness, frustration, and pain—all of it was up to me to change. How? By embracing total love for myself and everyone at every moment. By feeling total, unconditional love with every thought and every breath. By loving everyone completely as one big family simply reflecting different aspects of myself.

You can do this too. You can actively end your own game of feeling separate from others. You can stop feeling inferior, forsaken, abandoned and alone. You can lift yourself up beyond the old world of being victimized and launch yourself toward all-accepting love. The challenges that you have been through in your life have been pushing you to do this.

But how do you stop feeling separate from others?

When you feel yourself judging someone, when you feel a fight begin inside, see your judgment and own it as yours. Then stop and give love instead. Surrender the fight and succumb to bliss. It is that simple.

Making this shift is a miracle in action, and it’s what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s what you’ve been waiting for, and it starts with you—beautiful, exquisite YOU. It starts with the spiritual fact that you are not unloved ever. You never have been. You have always been loved unconditionally but you simply forgot this because human love was corrupted.  

So end the game of corrupting love in yourself, and create your own evolution now, at this moment. Take charge of your destiny, for when you do, lo’ and behold, the world will evolve too! That is the infinite creativity that you have at your fingertips.

I’ve written a book to help you do this. It’s called: Love Is Free; Free Yourself from Conditional Love. This radical guide exposes how you have been trained to corrupt love. It cracks your blind spots wide open so that you can heal them and love at full capacity. My book takes you from the limited thinking of conditional love to the infinite possibility of the unconditional love evolution that is your destiny.

What Else Can I Do?

What else can you do right now to get back to unconditional love? Keep your heart open and live from this place always. Put your hand on your heart and practice loving everyone and everything that happens with total acceptance. Let anything else go. Make this an essential part of your daily existence.

By the way, as I explain in my book, this doesn’t mean letting anyone walk all over you! Stand up for yourself powerfully with love, and walk away if needed. Be a leader and a lighthouse of love, not a forsaken doormat!

What else can you do? Say no to drama of all kinds. Drama only distracts you from your true self. Ignore all distractions that keep you from evolving.

Choose higher experiences always. This includes TV programs, food, and situations. You are raising your vibration, and everything that you participate in affects your energy. Focus on uplifting your energy always. This focus comes naturally as you begin to repel old habits and create new ones.  

Be a beacon of peace in a changing world of chaos. Be fully in charge of your day, your time, your energy and your purpose. Be fully in charge of you.

Be sure to pace yourself as you need—get lots of rest and drink pure, fluoride-free water. Detox, exercise, and go vegan if you feel called, to unhook from systems of violence.

If you experience something negative in your life, look within to love what has been triggered in you. This is a total retraining of how you were taught to operate as a human being, so keep healing your own resistance to love.

For myself, taking complete responsibility for my evolution is delivering so much joy! I feel in charge of everything for the first time, and suffering is no longer part of my reality. Bliss is always available to me. The truth is that I was simply waiting for me, and now I don’t have to wait any more, just as you are what you have been waiting for too. The waiting is over because we have decided it is so.

No more waiting for spiritual teachers to tell us when our evolution is going to happen. It is up to each of us. No more getting caught in loops of suffering. It is time to live from our hearts! We are empowered, whole and free.

I know you are doing so much of this already, and I admire you for being here at this pivotal, unprecedented, and yes, thrilling time on earth! Your purpose is extraordinary, and with discipline and focus, your soul will guide you through your evolution process perfectly.

The key is to listen to your own guidance above everyone else—including me! Here is the exercise that changed my life by allowing me to tap into my own internal guidance. This exercise was originally inspired by a book by Andrea Hess, and I adapted the steps for myself over a ten year period. I share it with you now.  

Opening Your Soul Connection

You have the ability to establish a direct line to your soul, through which guidance can flow in and help you. This guidance is the most valuable information available to you in your life and should come first before all other guidance.

The first three steps involve simply asking to open your connection to your soul.

Find a quiet place to meditate, sitting in a chair with your back aligned and your feet on the ground.

Take three or more deep breaths and settle into a relaxed state.

When you feel at peace, ask to open a direct channel to your soul so that you can hear the guidance of your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your ultimate human potential for this lifetime that you can draw wisdom and guidance from.

Feel this deep request to open your channel with all of your being. When you feel that you’ve asked with conviction and have been heard, end with a simple word or gesture that suits you, such as Namaste.

Repeat this exercise the next day, and once again the day after that.

Now that you have asked to open your soul connection, you’re going to play with feeling your intuition until you can really sense it and trust your own abilities. To begin, sit in a meditative state and breathe until you feel peace. Now ask your soul a question. Then listen until you start to sense information flowing through you, coming to you from your heart, not your head. This information will always feel loving and supportive. If it does not, then it is from your ego and lower self, from your mind. That’s ok. Just love those thoughts away and refocus. Trust what you feel arising from your heart and practice until you start to gain confidence in your connection.

Once you start to feel a bit of confidence in your connection, you can try some automatic writing. Sit with paper and pen at the ready and ask your soul a question. You can simply start writing whatever comes to you, without thinking. You will most likely write very fast, and at the end of your channeling, you will have some very supportive and invaluable information to help you in your life.

Once you have awakened this connection, you can channel it anywhere, any time, even while walking and especially in nature. Practice solidifies your gift.

Welcome to the best guidance you will ever receive! You are now your own lifeline. This alone offers incredible spiritual resolution on your human journey.

With infinite LOVE,

I AM another aspect of you,


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