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Please note, this book was designed to help those who are healthy and moderate enough to safely take alcohol out of their lives without negative repercussions. This book is not intended for those who drink alcohol every day or for those who may face a complex detoxification process.

About the Author

Suzanne M. Baker is a fifty-one year old author and artist who recently gave up drinking alcohol and immediately experienced countless benefits. Suzanne is passionate about sharing these benefits with you so that you can give up alcohol too. Come with her on the journey back to bliss.


For all you social and stay-at-home drinkers,

time to have some real fun!


I           Alcohol Is Poisonous

II          Why Are We Poisoning Ourselves?

III         Alcohol Conditioning

IV          It’s Darker Than You Think,

                But Ultimately More Positive Than You Dreamed!

V           Chasing the False Promise of Fun

VI          Myths and Marketing

VII         Alcohol Targets Creatives

VIII        Facing the Pain,

                Healing the Need To Numb

IX          Quitting the Cult,

                What Worked For Me

X           Life After Drinking

XI          Easing Gracefully Through Social Situations

XII         Help Is Here

XIII        Endnote

Chapter I

Alcohol Is Poisonous

Alcohol is pure poison. Drinking alcohol is extremely toxic to your body. The truth is that alcohol should never be consumed by human beings.

But no one says this outright. Doctors don’t tell you the truth about how toxic alcohol is. They insist that it can be part of a healthy lifestyle. It can’t. It never could. Poison is poison, full stop.  

I wish they had told me the truth. I wish someone had pulled me aside as a teenager and given me this information. No one did, but I am here to give this information to you. I am here to tell you the whole and undeniable truth about alcohol and to inform you that it is completely poisonous.

Want proof? Let’s look at the definition of alcohol in the Oxford Dictionary:

alcohol n. colourless volatile liquid, intoxicant present in wine, beer, spirits, etc., also used as solvent and fuel; liquor containing this.

Solvent and fuel!!!

It’s as plain as day. Alcohol is total poison. Period.

It took me forever to figure this out, which leaves me completely mystified. What is most confounding is that I’ve always been passionate about health—but I also embraced alcohol in my life! How could I not see the irony? Taking poison directly opposes trying to be healthy. That is how deep my brainwashing around alcohol was and how much I remained blind to it.

The sad truth is that alcohol conditioning runs deep, and like so many of us, I bought into its programming early on. My story is not a new one; it is a common one. I was raised to drink.

My Story

Looking back, social drinking was strongly encouraged in my peer groups and in my birth family. In fact, my beloved family took social drinking to a whole new level. Growing up, my parents toasted every occasion with wine and cocktails, and as my sister and I became young adults, we joined our parents wholeheartedly. We learned to carry on their drinking traditions in our own lives with total gusto.

As the decades rolled by, my family and I celebrated with alcohol so much that we ended up celebrating alcohol itself. Alcohol in its myriad forms became a focal point of family gatherings. Large bottles of wine were carefully acquired and opened with affection. We’d stand around and sip, and discuss the merits of each taste. The fancier the wine, the better. The more expensive and hard to find, all the more so. Rarity made alcohol interesting to us, although to be honest, we were perpetually interested. Alcohol was our God, and we showed up for worship whenever possible.

My family bought into the Cult of Alcohol for life, and I assumed I would be a lifer too. In fact, until recently, I never imagined living without drinking—it simply never occurred to me to give it up! I had so many nostalgic memories associated with alcohol, and I had so much social drinking waiting for me in the future. Alcohol was completely entwined with my human experience, and it was a priority.  

Then one day, I woke up and decided that I’d had enough drinks. More specifically, I decided that I’d had enough drinks for life. The realization took me by total surprise. I didn’t plan to give up alcohol, I just suddenly did. I somehow knew that I’d enjoyed more than enough drinking for one incarnation, and I wanted to be done with it for good.

Up until this moment, I had hoped to find a better balance with alcohol. I used to give up wine for a couple evenings in a row on a regular basis. I thought that was a good plan that was going well. I seemed to remain relatively healthy and clear-headed most of the time, but to be perfectly honest, there were weeks where I drank wine every single night, and sometimes at lunch too. There were evenings of celebration where I got sloppy and actually fell over. There were excruciating hangovers and embarrassing memories. There were obnoxious behaviors and dangerous, flared tempers. And always afterwards, serious thoughts would ensue. I would resolve to cut down on alcohol, “find my balance,” and get myself back.

Now suddenly, on this random morning, I was ready to quit alcohol altogether. And it felt so easy. The decision to stop drinking was as easy as turning on a light-switch. I knew the moment I flipped the switch that I could do it.

This after decades of drinking. But why was it so easy? What made it possible for me to change my alcohol habit overnight?  

I had a moment of pure clarity. I firmly realized that alcohol is absolute poison. And then I realized that I needed to stop poisoning myself.

I saw that I’d been tricked into poisoning myself for years. I freed myself. I felt elated.

In the months ahead, I found it ridiculously easy to abstain from alcohol. I know this was mostly possible because I’d spent years healing my life issues and their related emotional pain, something I share more about in this book to help you too. I didn’t feel driven to escape life or numb myself, and that conviction lasted for exactly six months. For six whole months I went cold turkey, and I felt like a freakin’ rock star.

I lived in optimal health like I’d always wanted, and I told anyone who would listen that alcohol is poison.

I made it through most of the pandemic and several personal challenges before I experimented with alcohol again, this time in minuscule amounts. As the holidays approached, I got tired of feeling different from my family, and I let myself carelessly drink wine, not too much, but enough to know that I was actively poisoning myself—and being a total hypocrite! And almost immediately, I got depressed. I became living proof that alcohol is poisonous, even in small quantities—because it is actually poison.

Here was all the evidence I needed—signed, sealed and personally delivered. Alcohol always makes me feel bad, no matter the circumstances, and without it, life sings the song of my soul once more, never to be silenced again. It is my job to protect my well-being at all times, despite external influences—even if that includes holidays and my closest loved ones. This is non-negotiable. I am in charge of my world and all that’s in it, and no silly liquid is allowed to rob me of this.

These lessons have sunk in permanently, and I will never drink alcohol again for the rest of my life. In fact, I will spend my life helping others like you to give up alcohol too so that you can know the sheer joy of freeing yourself from poison.

I want you to know that you can give up alcohol easily and joyfully, and that you can do this for yourself, without it seeming impossible. I want you to know that removing poison can be the easiest, most liberating, and most exhilarating thing that you can do for yourself right now and that you have this compassionate guide to help you while you’re doing it. And your liberation starts with the basic understanding that alcohol equals poison.

Alcohol = Posion

This simple equation says it all.    

But why does poison get us in the first place, and why did it take me so long to figure out that alcohol is poisonous anyway? I mean, the question itself is a joke, right? We all know that alcohol is a toxin, then why do we drink it? Right?

Why do we gather together to celebrate each other and then agree to mutually poison ourselves? Why is this accepted and encouraged? Why do we embarrass ourselves publicly on a regular basis and wake up physically destroyed? I mean, who would do this to themselves?!

Why doesn’t anyone tell us outright and with no excuses that alcohol is completely damaging to our bodies? Why is poison pushed upon us, and why do we blindly, compliantly drink it?? Because we are brainwashed to. We are conditioned to drink alcohol and to completely disregard the fact that it is lethal. Let’s find out why together.

Chapter II

Why Are We Poisoning Ourselves?

Let’s delve into the reasons why we are brainwashed to drink alcohol, because when you know just how negative things are, this wakes you up from alcohol’s trance. You can see the whole ugly story with open eyes, and you can free yourself. And bear with me through this negativity, because at the end of the book we’re going to dive right into all the numerous, positive benefits that come from giving up alcohol, and you’re going to love what you find out! In fact, feel free to skip to Chapter Ten now to see the benefits of giving up alcohol and then pick up from here. But for now, let’s keep uncovering the shocking truth about alcohol. Let’s find out the whole story.   

Alcohol is poisonous, and we are conditioned to drink it, but what exactly is conditioning? Human conditioning means the many ways that we have been trained to keep ourselves down in a corrupt environment. The sad truth is that we are surrounded by corruption on planet earth. By corruption, I mean greed, selfishness, and illegal profit. In order for this corruption to prevail, We-the-People have to be kept down, otherwise we threaten the corrupt system and those who profit from it. So we are controlled through our conditioning.     

But what’s most alarming is that we aren’t just kept down, we are taught to unknowingly do this to ourselves. We are taught to sabotage ourselves through various means of conditioning, including drinking alcohol. We actually choose to drink a toxic substance that dumbs us down on a regular basis. This keeps otherwise intelligent human beings from doing anything about corruption.

We drink alcohol willingly, and we actually think that it’s something that we desire. We keep inflicting alcohol upon ourselves, thinking that this is what we actually want. What’s more, when we drink, we feed into the corrupt system by giving away our time, our money, and our health. Only a cult could make us do this.  

The shocking truth is that drinking alcohol is a cult and an extremely powerful one. The Cult of Alcohol is widely and openly accepted by society, and we are deeply conditioned to join it. The Cult is an integral part of most cultures around the world, and civilizations embrace it. In fact, alcohol is so ingrained in our dearest traditions that we can’t even see its influence.     

Cult initiation starts early. Potential members take their first sip of alcohol as teenagers or young adults, and the stuff tastes absolutely horrid! But we’re told that alcohol is an “acquired taste.” We are pressured to get with the program if we want to have some real, adult fun, and we’re encouraged to get hooked on poison for life.

We are conditioned to drink something that our bodies want to completely reject. Only a cult could convince us to keep trying. Only a cult could make us drink something that tastes totally disgusting and make us do so repeatedly.   

We are pressured to hurt ourselves with alcohol when we are young, insecure, and vulnerable to influence—when we are just beginning to find ourselves and our way in the world. Our lives become infiltrated with cues around social drinking at a time when we are most sociable and when we are seeking fun, and we hope that alcohol can provide this. Add to this the thrill of drinking underage. Breaking rules is very appealing to rebellious youth. We want let off steam and dive into life, but alcohol delivers far more than we bargain for. We’re told that this is completely normal and acceptable, and we believe it because we are young.

From early on and into adulthood, we are bombarded with advertising that makes alcohol look desirable and sophisticated. Messages that re-enforce alcohol are absolutely everywhere. Add to this the fact that most social engagements require drinking. The moment we step into a home, a restaurant, or a party for a night of fun we start to succumb to The Cult’s agenda. It takes a lot of will-power to resist The Cult. Everybody is doing it, and we don’t want to miss out.

We can’t resist the most popular cult around where members are always pushing the product. In fact, cult members work hard to keep up the agenda—they encourage other people to willingly give away their power to alcohol too. That is how a cult works. A cult creates a scheme that steals your power and your most precious resources, and then gets you to encourage others to do the same. A cult doesn’t care about your wellbeing, it just wants your compliance. That is how the Cult of Alcohol operates.

The Cult is always there, ready to take another expensive, emotional payment. The Cult is always ready to take advantage of you when you are most vulnerable. You are encouraged to slowly drug yourself on a regular basis and to make alcohol an essential part of your life. It turns out that alcohol is the ultimate human conditioning. This one liquid poison subdues intelligence, creativity, and self-preservation.    

That said, I’d like to now give you some very positive news. At this time on planet earth, all of your human conditioning is being revealed to you clearly so that you can quickly free yourself from it. We all have this opportunity right now, which means that we can Quit the Cult of Alcohol more easily than ever before. This is another reason why it was so easy for me, a life-long cult member, to give up alcohol overnight. All that I needed was the truth. When you know the truth about alcohol, you can take it out of your life for good.

Right now on our beautiful earth, drinking culture is disintegrating. During our recent experience with the Coronavirus, bars and restaurants were shut down and social occasions were cancelled. We stayed at home and had some time to think about how we really like to spend our time. We saw what really matters amid heartbreak. This is when a lot of us decided to stop drinking and to set a higher standard for our lives. This trend will continue indefinitely.  

The time is ripe for you to get clear, free yourself from The Cult, and live in optimal health and wellbeing. But in order to do so, you have to realize that alcohol has been sold to you as perfectly acceptable. That is exactly why the Cult of Alcohol is so dangerous, and that is precisely what we’re exploring next.

Chapter III

Alcohol Conditioning

Humans are being poisoned all over this planet. What’s worse, we are willingly poisoning ourselves. Alcohol is accepted everywhere as normal and reasonable, but it’s just lighter fluid dressed up in fancy clothes.

Wellness retreats offer cocktail hour. Spas offer wine after health treatments. Doctors say that alcohol can be part of a healthy life. Again, it can’t. Poison can never be part of a healthy lifestyle.

When I started researching how toxic alcohol is, I discovered something very suspicious. Most of the articles that talked about alcohol dangers ended with a caveat. This caveat said that doctors advise that alcohol can be part of a healthy lifestyle. What!? Why is this caveat put at the end of articles about alcohol? Because people, including doctors, are very protective of alcohol. As cult members, they “drink the Kool-Aid” and don’t want it taken away from them. They are drugged and cannot make good decisions about their health, let alone yours.

Those in charge of the corrupt systems on our planet want us to keep drinking indefinitely. They don’t want us to stop poisoning ourselves because that would wreck their profit. A lot of people profit from you drinking alcohol, so ask yourself, do you want to keep funding their agenda?

That is why alcohol is sold as the most acceptable drug out there, when it’s anything but. When I was researching how toxic alcohol is, I came across an article that was brave enough to expose that no level of alcohol is safe (thankfully, I’m seeing more of these articles lately!). The article was written by professor David Nutt for The Guardian way back in 2011 and is entitled, “There is no such thing as a safe level of alcohol consumption.” I highly recommend that you read this honest disclosure about alcohol.

While researching, I also came across a chart that outlines all the common drugs known to man. The chart details how dangerous each drug is. The number one dangerous drug among heroin, cocaine, and pharmaceutical opioids is alcohol. In fact, alcohol ranks far and away exponentially higher as the most dangerous drug to humans.  We’ve all been brainwashed to think that alcohol is the drug of choice and that it is mild compared to others. It’s just not true. Alcohol is extremely dangerous.

Alcohol is especially dangerous because it is widely accepted, but just because alcohol is readily available and affordable does not mean that you have to accept it. And even if alcohol is offered to you and you are told that it is socially acceptable, this does not mean that you have to drink it! There are far healthier ways to have fun.   

Drinking moderately is not the answer, something that a lot of us try to do. So many of us try to find a better balance with alcohol that evades us perpetually. Well I am here to tell you that there is no balance to be found with alcohol because you cannot find balance with something this toxic. The reason why most people cannot handle alcohol moderately is that there is no way to handle poison moderately WHEN YOU ARE BEING POISONED!

When you are poisoned, you cannot think or act straight. You lose clarity and balance. You lose your sense of judgment and wellness, and you stop knowing what is good for you. When you have just one glass of wine or one cocktail, you are having one glass of poison that stays in your system for weeks. And if you keep the door open to drink poison in the future, you keep sabotaging yourself, so you have to take the poison out completely because that is what truly works. You have to break the chain, reset yourself and find your true balance without toxicity.

You can learn how to live without poison ruling your life. Best of all, when you give up alcohol, you get to know yourself without its influence. You learn how to love yourself without alcohol being in the way of that love, something that we will examine in this book. And awareness gets you started. It helps to know just how dark The Cult really is, and that is exactly what we’re uncovering next.

Chapter IV

It’s Darker Than You Think, But Ultimately More Positive than You Dreamed!

Humans are conditioned to drink alcohol so that corrupt people can profit financially, but the whole story is actually more nefarious. Those who run the corruption on this planet like to keep people in survival mode. Why? So that we are controllable and so that the energy on our planet remains low. Those who are corrupt feed off of negative energy, and We-the-People give them plenty of this negativity when we hurt ourselves with alcohol, which means that you give them exactly what they want when you drink.

Alcohol puts you in survival mode. Alcohol keeps you controllable and keeps you in very low energy. Your low energy perpetuates negativity, and your negativity helps the corrupt agenda in our world.

What’s more, the effects of alcohol have become increasingly negative within your lifetime. This is because, throughout your life, you have been evolving. Your consciousness has been increasing, and alcohol lowers consciousness. This means that alcohol affects you far more negatively than it once did. Put simply, you just can’t tolerate poison like you used to.

Drinking alcohol holds you back in a lower state of consciousness, so whatever nostalgia you may have around drinking, it is purely that—nostalgic sentiment for the way alcohol used to affect you in the past. But there is no going back now—thank goodness! You know that you are being poisoned which means that you can do something about it.

It’s imperative to understand that we humans are poisoned in countless ways, whether through highly processed foods, GMO’s, pesticides, preservatives, flouride in our water, chemtrails in our skies, radiation from our technology, pollution in our environment, excessive vaccines, and even poisonous thoughts in our heads—the list of toxins goes on and on. We are poisoned so that we remain controllable. If we look at the history of Western civilization, it becomes obvious that taking over the world and its people always meant poisoning us.

The scariest part is that, subconsciously, we feel compelled to poison ourselves so that we fit into society. We also feel compelled to poison ourselves because of conditioned self-loathing, something that we’ll examine in Chapter VIII. We hurt ourselves because we don’t feel worthy of being respected.

The whole idea of poisoning ourselves and being poisoned on purpose is pretty dark when you think about it, and this poisoning is an integral part of a dark agenda to control life on earth. But right now, the exciting news is that energy is rising on our beauteous planet, and humanity is evolving rapidly out of survival mode. We are seeing our poisonous conditioning more and more clearly, and we are choosing a loving and healthy new paradigm instead. We are raising consciousness, taking back our power, and creating a new world with the divine harmony that comes naturally to us when we are not poisoned. This is our current evolution, and it is absolutely thrilling! And it’s something I’ve spent thirteen years studying.

What does this mean for you? You can take your power back, and you can actively stop allowing poisons into your reality. You can stop choosing toxins over health. You can override the dark, concerted effort to diminish your well-being. Avoiding alcohol is one easy way to do so.

You are evolving right before your eyes, and the best part is that, right now, it’s getting easier and easier to live at a higher, more positive frequency on earth. What’s more, it’s getting harder to live at a negative frequency. So what’s happening is that we are each being asked to choose what kind of world we want to live in. You are being asked to choose health and all of its love over toxins such as fear, and that choice creates our reality. Your choice makes all the difference.

It is very hard to consistently choose love when you are drinking alcohol. Alcohol feeds fear and opens you up to a lot of negative energy. When you drink, you actually let go of control of your body. You open yourself up to allow in all kinds of indiscriminate negative energy.

This may sound bizarre but it’s totally real. Have you ever had a conversation with a drunk person who suddenly turns negative? There you both are having a good time, and then suddenly it’s like your friend Jeff has left the building. Someone else is talking to you, and it’s not your friend. It is someone very, very negative. This is one of the many very real dangers that run rampant in the Cult of Alcohol.

Alcohol keeps you drugged to the point where you don’t see the bigger picture of corruption on the planet. You are too busy getting one more drink and feeling sick from being poisoned. The survival mode that alcohol creates renders you powerless. In fact, you become so accustomed to giving your power away to alcohol that you do this in other areas of your life as well. You easily succumb to many other poisons.

But I am here to tell you that you can absolutely open your eyes and free yourself from this sad state of affairs. You can Quit the Cult, and you can do so quickly. What’s more, you can quit with support from all the other people who are quitting The Cult now too. This is the perfect time for you to give up alcohol.

Decide to be in charge of your beautiful self and your reality. Decide to be responsible for your energy, your choices, and your state of being. Stop giving your power away to poison and dark sabotage. You were born to become sovereign of your world, your health, and your life.

You were born to embody integrity. This is what raising consciousness means, and when you evolve in consciousness, you help all of us to become more responsible and sovereign too.   

Of course, I know that I gave up alcohol relatively recently, and that you might want to hear all this from someone who has been sober for years. As they say, “None so zealous as a convert.” But thirty-something years in The Cult has given me plenty of experience as to how it operates, and if you are worried about giving up alcohol because you think the initial stages are going to be impossible, I am here to tell you just how exhilarating that early experience can be! I am passionate about explaining the immediate benefits of removing your alcohol conditioning while those benefits are still fresh with me.

I also understand that your situation around alcohol may be very different from mine and that I am lucky to be this healthy considering my experience. You will want to get a trusted doctor’s advice (one who doesn’t drink the Kool-Aid!) and take the right steps for you. The point is to put yourself front-and-center and to not let anyone trick you into hurting yourself again. The point is that you are in charge of YOU!  

You get to decide what you want to do with your body and your life. You get to choose what you want for yourself, regardless of what anyone says—including me! Please take the information in this book and do whatever you want with it, and please know that this book is not designed to judge you, myself, or anyone else for drinking. Judgment is a form of human conditioning, and LOVING acceptance is what’s called for.

Most of all, what I want to tell you is that you are perfect just the way you are at this moment, no matter your human experiences. You have always been spiritually perfect, and nothing can rob you of this. With that acceptance in mind, let’s delve into the drinking process with total transparency. Let’s explore how drinking actually feels.

Chapter V

Chasing the False Promise of Fun

So we’ve talked about how alcohol is actually poison and that you’ve been conditioned to drink it for pretty dark reasons, but what about fun and pleasure?! What about pure, unadulterated, life-affirming FUN on a warm summer evening, sipping the nectar of the Gods?! What about bonding with those you love in the flower-scented air and crying out to the luminous moon? Doesn’t alcohol enhance a lot of fun life experiences that you don’t want to miss out on? What about the high that you experience from drinking? Isn’t that worth something?

Let’s explore this. Let’s start by taking a clear look at that high. What does it feel like?

At first, you feel buzzed and, suddenly, slightly happy. You feel a quick, inspired feeling that is hard to pin down or put into words. “Wow, this is amazing! I’m so glad I had this drink.” But wait just a second and notice that the buzz is elusive and only lasts for a very brief time. Very shortly, you start to feel out of it, maybe even a little tired. The high quickly turns into a low. You start to think about things that are challenging. You drink some more to escape these thoughts. Why? Alcohol is a depressant. Alcohol quickly depresses you. Over time, this depression becomes normalized in your life, but you cannot see this because you are drinking.

Alcohol also attacks your body. The moment you start drinking, your body kicks into survival mode. That is what the elusive, inspired feeling is—a dramatic change in chemistry. Because almost immediately, your body starts to produce chemicals to accept alcohol poison, process it, and break it down. The by-products of this process are dangerous to your body. This is why hangovers hurt so much. You are suffering from alcohol poisoning, which should really be called “poison poisoning.”  

For me, looking back, alcohol’s promise was always suspect. When I joined the Cult of Alcohol, I thought that I was being sold a lifetime of sheer fun with only a few minor hiccups—like actual hiccups! I thought that I deserved fun and that being a party girl meant that I was living a full life. I actually believed that alcohol could be part of a healthy lifestyle because I had to believe this in order to keep drinking! If I stopped to really think about it, the truth was blatantly clear. Alcohol was robbing me of my wellbeing. It was making me depressed. Whatever nostalgic fantasies I had about drinking, they were total hogwash.

Alcohol has a way of making us look at the past with blinders on. We can feel so much nostalgia around episodes of drinking, and this clouds what really happened. Here is what actually happened when I drank:  

I talked obnoxiously and way too much, to the point of annoying my friends and loved ones. I said insensitive things and didn’t care or even notice. I became a total hypocrite. I got really loud and woke people up in the vicinity—something I hate for other people to do! I climbed over walls, gates, and walked on dangerous roads to get to the party. I barfed my guts out. I kissed boys I barely knew. I lost favorite accessories. I peed my pants. I drove when I shouldn’t have. I got into stupid arguments. I woke up sick and embarrassed.

Sounds like a lot of fun, right? It’s not pretty, no matter how you slice it. It’s like a bad Bravo TV show. Of course, I do cherish the sweet memories of my youth SO MUCH. We all do. But now I am able to see the truth of what really happened when I drank.

I am also able to see the truth about my life issues and how alcohol made them far worse than they had to be. I used to feel stuck reliving painful memories over and over again, no matter how much I tackled healing them head on. At some point, I noticed an undeniable pattern: alcohol was keeping me in pain. Alcohol was torturing me again and again with painful memories I had long since reconciled. Why? Because I was giving my consciousness away to them.

We carry a lot of subconscious, negative programming in our minds, and when we drink, this programming runs rampant. This programming often involves self-loathing, guilt, and shame. I have come to understand that alcohol worsens these feelings. Why? When we drink poison, we are literally disrespecting ourselves, our lives, and our bodies. So we drink to escape our guilt, and then we feel shameful for drinking. This keeps us from healing our pain. It also keeps us in very low energy, which remember, feeds corruption.

We all carry a lot of painful stories from the past because we have all been through a lot on this earth. It’s very easy to get stuck in our painful stories, so we have to get back in the driver’s seat. We have to take back our consciousness by giving up anything in the way of it. Alcohol is in the way of your consciousness, and all you have to do is to stop drinking it.

It’s important to understand that your ego will encourage you to drink because everybody else is doing it. Your ego wants you to fit in and to win the game of life, and drinking is often part of this. So you have to let your gorgeous soul lead instead of your ego. You have to protect your well-being at all times, despite outside influences (Remember, I learned this the hard way!). Nothing is more important than you protecting your own well-being. That is how you become sovereign in your life.

You get to decide, you can set your own rules, and you can live in a way that supports you on all levels. It is up to you and no one else to protect your well-being, and you have all the power to do so.

Sounds simple enough, yet I know this can seem impossible, but again, all you have to do is to understand that taking alcohol means taking poison. They are one and the same. Taking poison is the ultimate way to disrespect yourself, and you have been conditioned to do this.

You also have to understand that you have been taught to think that giving up alcohol is hard so that you support The Cult’s agenda! This myth is perpetuated so that you remain controlled. The myth that giving up alcohol is hard is told to you so that you keep disrespecting yourself and continue to succumb to outside influences. The glorious truth is that giving up alcohol can be easy and practically euphoric! I am living proof of this.     

When I gave up alcohol, I “regained consciousness” and took charge of my life. Within a few short weeks, the pain from my past finally stopped. I started to feel a lot of gratitude and tremendous love just to be alive. I did, however, experience a lot of regret. I wished I had given up alcohol sooner—decades ago in fact.

I still feel haunted by this notion of regret. I look back at how alcohol stole my vitality and made me a hypocrite. Here I was a spiritual author who was aware of so much human conditioning, but I was completely oblivious to the Cult of Alcohol. I was sipping myself into a gentle fog on many an evening when life got hard. I wish that I could have seen my gigantic blind-spot. I wish that I could have heard my soul begging me to stop.

Looking back, I thought that I was getting away with drinking, but I wasn’t. Drinking made me suffer so much more than I had to. Yet I know now that I was deeply conditioned, and I also know that crying out to the moon after too much wine was probably always going to be part of my human experience, one that I needed to know. We have to fully live out all the highs and lows in order to know life, right? And we take that wisdom with us forever as souls.

At the end of the day, regret is self-defeating, and we have to fully accept our life experiences, alcohol and all. As my beautiful husband says, sometimes we have to over-do things in order to be done with them, like having enough drinks for life. If we berate ourselves, we fall victim to the very programming that made us drink in the first place. When we say never, we tend to demonize, and in the end, everything that we go through is absolutely perfect because it gets us where we are now.

For myself, on the other side of alcohol, the bliss of my soul is alive in me again, and I am elated beyond measure. I am not exaggerating even one little bit. I feel like I did when I was a child—I feel so incredibly free! You remember the feeling. You remember what it felt like to be a kid running free outside without a care in the world. You could play however you felt called with whomever you wanted and live with that kind of innocence. It was so easy to simply BE, which was automatically dreamy and blissful.

When we were kids, we had so much natural bliss flowing through our beings that it just felt normal. We didn’t know that one day this bliss would subside. We had no idea that one day we’d start to drink in order to try to get back that feeling, and that we would become utterly tricked in the process.

When I was a child, I used to look at adults drinking and be totally mystified as to why they did that. Why do they need to drink that silly stuff? Just come over here and play with us—the kids who are having so much fun just being with each other!

Bliss comes back to us when we take alcohol out of our lives. We get to start completely over. With that in mind, let’s revisit some previous questions:

What about fun and pleasure?! What about pure, unadulterated, life-affirming FUN on a warm summer evening whilst sipping the nectar of the Gods?!

Unadulterated means: “not mixed or diluted with any different or extra elements; complete and absolute; pure.” It is safe to say that alcohol literally dilutes and adulterates. It takes the purity out of experiences.

Life-affirming means to feel utterly and completely alive from your head to your toes! Alcohol diminishes this feeling. Things become hazy and numb. In short, there is nothing fun or pleasurable about being poisoned.

What about bonding with those we love and crying out to the moon in the flower-scented air? Doesn’t alcohol enhance a lot of fun life experiences that you don’t want to miss out on?

For myself, when I bonded with my loved ones in the past, it was their company that I loved so much. It was connecting with them and sharing a beautiful evening, not drowning in an inebriated fog. In fact, in the past, I wasn’t completely there for my friends and romantic partners because I was too busy surviving through alcohol. I realize now that all my sweet memories with others didn’t have to include poison and that I would have felt more alive if they hadn’t.

What about the high that we experience from drinking? Isn’t that worth something?

Again, the low always follows so quickly that the high doesn’t stand a chance of being a benefit. There are so many negative consequences that make drinking not worth it. And there is such a high from being healthy that is way more pleasurable than drinking! This natural high is something that I never fully felt as an adult until I gave up alcohol. I think a lot of us don’t seek this high because we are afraid to truly respect ourselves, something I’ll tackle head-on for us in Chapter Eight. And, as we’ll enjoy later, the benefits of giving up alcohol are immeasurable.

Chapter VI

Myths and Marketing

When you free yourself from alcohol, the programming around it becomes so obvious that it is actually laughable. You start to notice just how much alcohol is marketed within an inch of its life. You begin to pay attention to how you are being manipulated to stay in The Cult.

Alcohol advertising is EVERYWHERE. The marketing plan goes something like this:

“Hmm, let’s see, how can we market poison to smart people? I know, let’s make it look glamorous! Let’s put some lipstick on that pig.”

Look at old Hollywood movies and you get the picture. Alcohol has been made to look damn sexy and appealing. Look at the wealthy, champagne lifestyle that is pushed upon us. Alcohol always takes center stage in images of the rich and famous.

Alcohol has been made to look fashionable and aspirational in posters, TV shows, and commercials. Expensive alcohol is presented to us as something we should attain when we get that Benz or make a killing in the stock market. These images openly promote the greed, selfishness, and corruption that alcohol is born from and perpetuates. Alcohol is the poster child for propaganda, and there is nothing glamorous about it.

There is nothing cool about ingesting lethal substances. There is nothing even remotely sexy about getting yourself so drunk that you forget where you are and wake up damaged. Yet, the propaganda around alcohol is everywhere. “Happy Hour” is a time when we drink depressants. We “Drink to our health” when we are slowly killing ourselves. We call it spirits when it takes our spirit away. The truth is that anything you can strip some furniture with should not be consumed by human beings.

Have you ever noticed that fine wine simply means easier to drink without tasting offensive? I have tasted many of the finest wines on this planet, and in my opinion, wine makers have an unenviable task—to make solvent taste palatable. That is what fine wines succeed at, and to me, there is nothing truly elevating about them. They still contain poison, and you can tell this when you drink them.   

How about the French Paradox that wine is good for heart circulation. Repeat after me, it’s just plain old MAR-KET-ING. The myth that red wine is good for you is my favorite. You’d have to drink one hundred freakin’ glasses to get the benefits of those berries. Better to hit yourself over the head with a lead pipe and call it a day.

And then there are the many holidays and all the excuses to drink together throughout the year. Alcohol has become entwined with our dearest traditions in our very homes, culminating in one all out, month-long binge during the most sacred time of the year. This is what got me when I least expected it! Indeed, alcohol is marketed to us like clockwork, and most of us buy into it.

Whatever benefits you’ve been sold about alcohol, they are complete myths. There are no benefits to poisoning yourself. In fact, the effects of alcohol on health have never been studied in a random, long-term trial! Shocking. Why? Again, because people are protective of their drug of choice.  

Alcohol has become entwined with food in recent years, dramatically so. Food culture embraces alcohol as something to pair with every manner of dining experience. In fact, it is becoming challenging to separate food from alcohol, but there is something fishy about mixing sustenance with poison. Indeed, alcohol actually destroys the taste of food! It overpowers it completely. Why have we been buying into this rather expensive crap?   

Making matters worse, do you know how many preservatives and artificial flavorings are added to most commercial wines? Those chemicals alone do plenty of damage to the human body. It’s like garnishing your poison with more poison to make it taste better. Hilarious and terrifying.

I once watched a conversation on TV that demonstrated just how easy it is to remain blind to the toxicity of alcohol. The conversation went something like this: “I heard that drinking clear hard liquor is better for you than drinking wine.” “Oh, yeah, I heard that too.” The people having this conversation were probably referring to the flavorings and preservatives in wine mentioned above, but the larger, laughingly obvious truth is that all poison is poison, and no poison whatsoever is good for you in any form!

Looking back, there was a huge surge in alcohol marketing about fifteen years ago, which the corrupt, mainstream media heartily embraced. Television hosts started drinking wine at ten o’clock in the morning on camera! Suddenly, it became perfectly ok to drink wine and beer every night of the week. Marketing gave us permission to drink alcohol at excessive levels that we would never choose ourselves.

A lot of this marketing was geared toward moms and dads, and that’s the surest way to keep the cycle going. Parents are always role modeling for their kids, and kids notice how adults handle stress. When we are stressed and reach for a drink, our kids are going to make a mental note to do the same when they are adults. The key is to find healthier ways to relieve stress and to not “leave the building” when we are parenting.

Historically speaking, I find it curious that popular culture considers the concept of prohibition to be negative. Most of us weren’t alive to go through periods of prohibition in the USA, and we believe the storyline that we are told—that prohibition was a puritanical kind of censorship of a most oppressive form.

The truth is that in our nation’s past, American life was being torn apart by alcohol. Men were drinking all day and night in saloons because this was widely, socially accepted. Mothers and children were completely dependent upon these men, and they were suffering severely. Something needed to be done about it. America was being poisoned, and prohibition was an attempt to take poison away so that we could heal our fledgling country.

Of course, like all Americans, I believe in freedom, which means that people should be free to drink poison if they choose. But what if we don’t know that what we’re ingesting is actually poison? The answer is to raise awareness about the poisons that we are encouraged to consume so that we have a choice to protect our own health.

It’s said that we can either drink or do something with our lives. I have found this to be absolutely true. When we drink, we neglect a lot of things. Our creativity plummets because we are too busy recovering from being poisoned. And, as we’ll explore next, those who are creative are most at risk.

Chapter VII

Alcohol Targets Creatives

Alcohol has long been associated with artists, writers, musicians, performers, and creative souls. This is by design. Alcohol targets our greatest creative talent on this planet, those I like to call “creatives”—those who are sensitive, artistic, and highly aware of beauty. Why does alcohol target creatives? So that they cannot change our world for the better. Creatives are sabotaged in order to diminish their creativity so that they don’t do something about the corruption on our planet.

This is why the artist drinks in order to get through the night instead of inspiring the world. The artist is conditioned to drink alcohol so that they thwart their own potential to change lives. And so, they distract themselves into oblivion, neglecting their work and all of its promise.  

Creatives are especially susceptible to alcohol’s grip because they use alcohol to survive in a brutal world. Artistic souls can barely cope with how ugly and harsh the human experience can be, which they sense acutely, so they numb themselves into fantasy-land. Creatives use alcohol to escape, but as we’ve explored, alcohol keeps us stuck in pain. We never actually escape. Instead, we make things far worse.    

Creatives naturally feel a heightened sense of beauty and the sublime pleasures that life can bring, but how can someone who is taking depressants express anything heightened or sublime? Alcohol lowers creative expression, yet artists easily succumb to the stereotype that entwines creativity with alcohol. Why? They are encouraged to, and again, so that their innovations are suppressed.

What’s more, creatives find it extremely hard to make a living. As “starving artists,” they have to join the corrupt program in order to survive. Even worse, if creatives do become successful enough to get out of survival mode, they are usually courted with large sums of money and toxic substances to keep the corrupt system going. Now if an artist is drugged, they don’t stand a chance of looking out for themselves. They become distracted from creative purpose. They end up creating what they are told to instead.   

The human story is littered with creatives who sell out, crash and burn, suffer and die, and never meet their full potential. Yet still, there is a popular myth that creative inspiration comes from sipping alcohol. The first problem with this myth is that there is always another sip that destroys the benefits of alcohol, often tragically so. The second problem has to do with the high of alcohol. Creatives remain especially vulnerable to alcohol because they are deeply connected to the poetry of the soul and want to convey that poetry here, and the initial high of alcohol comes close to mimicking this inspired feeling. Why exactly? Drinking poison is dramatic. It is literally a matter of life or death. Taking poison is a sensory experience that artists easily succumb to because it is full of theatrical drama. Meanwhile, this drama slowly destroys the artist.

I come from a family of artists, and from my experience I can tell you that we are more sensitive to alcohol than most people because we are more sensitive to everything than most people. This is the ultimate reason why we fall victim to poison more easily than others. But when I took alcohol out of my life, my creative process skyrocketed. Inspiration started coming to me clearly and regularly in a way that I hadn’t known when I used to drink. I saw that so many of us who don’t fit in because we have unique gifts to give the world have been sabotaged through toxic substances. We end up living at half capacity with stifled creativity. We also sabotage the ultimate creative experience which is spiritual growth and the ability to consciously create our own lives.

Spirituality is my greatest passion, yet as a spiritually awake person, I used to cling to the fantasy that drinking wine with loved ones around the dinner table was a sacred experience. I actually thought that wine kept me relatable and grounded! I now see that special dinners are far more heavenly without poison and that alcohol sabotages the spiritual path immensely. I am way more relatable and grounded when I am thoroughly awake and my spiritual awareness doesn’t suffer.

It turns out that the bliss that we seek through alcohol is right here inside us all along, and that alcohol actually stifles that spiritual bliss. Alcohol also stifles our emotional pain, something that we have to face if we want to grow spiritually. Indeed, facing buried, emotional pain allows the soul to grow exponentially which is why we all come to earth in the first place.

It’s time for us to explore that buried pain together now. Let’s bravely face what drives us to drink in the next chapter.   

Chapter VIII

Facing the Pain, Healing the Need To Numb

Alcohol conditioning goes hand in hand with self-loathing, which is another primary way that humans are conditioned. We are conditioned to put ourselves down and to feel very little Self-Love. This keeps us perpetuating the corrupt agenda on our planet.

The conditioning of self-loathing is something that I explore at length in my guide, You Are Infinitely Loved; The Self-Love Guide. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to make Self-Love a top priority in your life. It’s important to understand that SelfLove is not selfish. Self-Love means that you are whole in yourself and can give and receive respect.

Drinking alcohol is a primary way that we humans disrespect ourselves, so we have to get to the root of that need to disrespect—that self-loathing that we are conditioned to feel. We have to face our self-loathing and replace it with Self-Love. This is how we heal. This is how we stop disrespecting ourselves with addiction.

Let’s talk about addiction. Addiction is a major, debilitating distraction that keeps you from fully looking at yourself and your deepest issues. Addiction grabs onto something outside of yourself so that you ignore what cries out to be loved inside—what cries out for Self-Love!

It is vital to understand that if you have a lack of Self-Love, you hunger for it so deeply that you make up for this lack with external greed. You end up giving most of your time, energy, and resources to an addiction instead of simply loving yourself. But when you begin to truly love yourself, you become strong enough to look inside and face what hurts the most instead of distracting yourself. You heal and can fully accept and embrace yourself, human experiences and all. You feel loved and stable from the inside out and don’t need to feel numb any more.

Alcohol is the ultimate distraction that keeps you from loving yourself and addressing your emotional pain. When you get alcohol out of your life, you start to see this clearly. You start to have epic revelations where you stop blaming others. You see how much you have been keeping yourself down long after painful situations with other people are over.

With alcohol gone, you are equipped to see the truth and to finally love and respect yourself. You are able to process your emotional pain and let that pain go from your experiences. You also notice that pain doesn’t keep coming back the way that it used to. It no longer hurts and sabotages you when you least expect it. Your pain starts to truly disappear.

The whole healing process goes like this:

You start by bringing your emotional pain into the open, and you feel this pain fully. Then, you identify what this pain is trying to teach you. Next, you release your pain and replace the space where it used to be with unconditional love for yourself and others.

It sounds simple enough, and it can be. It just takes focus and practice.         

Before you begin to actively heal, it is helpful to understand that emotional pain stems from core wounds of feeling abandoned and betrayed by others, by your human conditioning, and by yourself. I explain how to heal these wounds at length in my book, Love Is Free; Free Yourself from Conditional Love, but here is the basic process for you to work with right now:  

Face Your Pain

Sit or lie down in a safe, private, and quiet place. Take several deep breaths, and then summon the internal emotional pain that is buried in your heart, and feel it fully. Feel the pain, the fear, the anger, and the sadness that you carry deep within your heart. Feel what is hardest to face inside.

This takes courage, but believe me when I tell you that you are already so courageous. You would not be here as a human being in this challenging environment if you weren’t!

So focus on the pain that you carry in your heart from your life experiences and from what others have done to you. Go through your painful life situations and delve into the pain associated with them. Go over past problems that you have encountered from drinking alcohol. You can do this especially when you feel stung by an external circumstance. Then go deep within your gorgeous heart and feel what cries out to be loved in you.

As you feel your buried pain, allow yourself to cry, to speak, and express out loud what you are feeling. Get your emotions out completely. Know that I am by your side as you do.

Recognize the Teaching

As you feel your pain and all of its emotion, ask yourself what these emotions are teaching you about not loving yourself enough. For example, if someone has called you a painful name in the past or judged you in some other way that hurts, ask yourself if you judge yourself inside for this same quality that has been expressed. Or, if someone has put you down in another way and made you feel powerless, ask yourself if you feel insecure about not being good enough and if you give your power away to others. Consider whether you have been disrespecting yourself or unconsciously maintaining unhealthy patterns, such as drinking.

Go over past events where you were drinking and lost control of yourself. Perhaps you were then taken advantage of in some way because you were powerless. Go over this pain, feel it, and fully process it. Ask yourself what lesson this pain is now showing you. Ask yourself if you feel betrayed and abandoned.

It can be illuminating to recognize that betrayal and abandonment often feel like being misunderstood and disrespected, and these feelings are pushing you to understand and respect yourself. Realizing this can bring feelings of anger. That is fine. In fact, anger helps you to reclaim your power from alcohol. It moves you to say, “Enough! I will not give my power and my life away any more!” Anger pushes you to understand and respect yourself. Express your anger safely in your private space.   

Now, identify what all of your pain is teaching you. This teaching always points to how you and others have been conditioned to not respect and love yourselves, and how you have been disempowered. Say the words out loud: “This pain is teaching me to love myself more.” This pain is teaching you to receive and give respect with others.

Soak this in. Rest softly in your realization and fully take in the teaching.

When you identify the teaching and soak it in, the pain has served its purpose. You no longer need it to push you towards Self-Love, and you can release it.

Release the Pain

Decide to release the pain from your being. Say the words out loud: “I am locating this pain. I am dislodging this pain. I am releasing this pain from my body.” Locate the pain in your physical body, in your heart and perhaps elsewhere too, then breathe deeply and breathe the pain out. Take several deep out-breaths until you physically feel the pain dislodge and leave you. Take all the time you need to do this. Keep breathing and visualizing the pain leaving your body completely.

Thank and Replace      

Then thank the pain for teaching you. Say out loud, “Thank you because now I love myself more.”

Next, replace that pain with all-accepting love. This is where compassion works miracles. When you feel compassion, you can forgive yourself and others more easily. It is easier to feel compassion than it is to try to love in an ethereal way. Why is this? When you truly empathize with what we all go through in the human experience, you are able to put unconditional love to work. You are making a conscious action, and this “doing” is far easier for human beings than trying to embody a lofty concept.

So summon all the compassion that you can for everyone related to your pain, including yourself, and fill your entire being with pure compassion. Radiate it from your head to your toes and far beyond your body! Feel immense and total LOVE for all of creation from the highest place. Feel a sense of revelation and newfound wholeness.       

These healing steps can be repeated as often as needed, especially when you are triggered and suddenly feel emotional pain. Keep facing your pain, feeling it, releasing it and thanking it with compassion. And again, you will notice that you are healing how you allowed yourself to be betrayed by others because you betrayed yourself. You are growing ever stronger in Self-Love, and you will never throw yourself under the bus again.

Self-Love requires Self-Compassion, and I want you to go back through the years and give yourself all the love that you were missing in the past. I want you to love who you were in every challenging phase of your life. I want you to understand just how incredibly loved you always are in our starry universe exactly as you are at this very moment. You are adored, cherished, admired, and yes, completely understood—no conditions! Know this and let it help you to love yourself unconditionally too.

This is so much easier to do on the other side of alcohol. On the other side, I see so clearly that I was disrespecting myself in the past and allowing others to disrespect me too. I also see that it is actually easier to face things with a clear head than to evade them with a drink. Indeed, taking alcohol out works miracles. It is a magical solution.                 

Chapter IX

Quitting the Cult, What Worked For Me

When I realized that I could take alcohol out of the picture entirely, something clicked. I knew that this decision was going to be life-changing, and all of a sudden I felt so incredibly free.

But still, I wanted to see if I would miss anything if I gave up alcohol, so I decided to make a Pro/Con list on the spot. This was part of my practical process that I’m now going to share with you.

My pro list for giving up alcohol materialized rapidly and grew exponentially. Positive reasons were flying onto the page. In the end, my pro list for giving up alcohol totaled twenty-seven entries and counting. My con list totaled four. That’s right, four cons versus twenty-seven pros. Here is my honest-to-God list:

Pros for Giving Up Alcohol:

1.  I will be fully conscious.

2.  I will lose weight.

3.  I will be SO MUCH HEALTHIER!

4.  I won’t suffer as much emotionally.

5.  I will feel younger. I will look better.  

6.  No more unfiltered talking shit when I’m drunk.

7.  I will be way happier.

8.  I will be truly present all of the time.


10. I will be in charge of my energy.

11. I won’t be cranky so much. I will have a better mood and temper.

12. No more destroying my body!

13. I will have a crystal clear connection to my soul.

14. I will evolve spiritually faster.

15. I will feel renewed purpose.

16. I will break the chain of alcoholism that I inherited from my parents.

Let me say that again:

I will break the chain of alcoholism that I inherited from my parents.

17. I will be a better mom.

18. I will be a better partner to my husband.

19. I will have fewer hot flashes!

20. I will sleep WELL.

21. I won’t binge on food late at night.

22. I will be more attractive in my behavior. Drinking is not attractive!

23. My intuition has been screaming at me to give up drinking for three years, and it will feel so good to follow my intuition.

24. I won’t feel dumbed down any more. I won’t feel foggy or stupid! Alcohol is stupid juice.

25. I will get rid of feeling greedy for a cocktail. Greed is selfish. I won’t be as selfish. Or lazy!

26. Alcohol is making life way more painful than it has to be, and I can stop surviving through it. This is such a huge, positive movement forward!

27. I will save money.

28. I will get my life and my body back, like I keep wanting to all these years! I will FINALLY thrive!!!

I was feeling elated at this point. I knew this was a no-brainer.

Now, here is the con list that I wrote.

Cons for Giving Up Alcohol:

1. I’ll be bored, especially in the evenings.

2. I won’t be able to numb myself into fitting into the human experience.

3. Social situations will be tricky.

4. I won’t have as much fun!  

I decided to tackle the cons head on with my newfound elation. I took an honest look at my four worries and saw them through sober eyes:

1. I’ll be bored, especially in the evenings.

Get off your butt and do something creative every night! You’re an artist for God’s sake.

2. I won’t be able to numb myself into fitting into the human experience.

Poisoning yourself to fit in has got to be the lamest excuse for self-loathing in the book.

3. Social situations will be tricky.

Drink mocktails and be present with other people! Duh. You get to finally be present with everyone.  

4. I won’t have as much fun!

It is WAY MORE FUN to be awake and alive, clear and healthy because you’re NOT poisoning yourself! Poisoning yourself was never fun.

There. That was it. I needed no more convincing. I Quit the Cult that morning.

The first week went more smoothly than I could have dreamed because all of myself was on board.

Chapter X

Life After Drinking

Now I’m going to show you my personal record of my first month without alcohol:   

The First Week

I knew from the past from giving up alcohol for a few days in a row, and also from my two pregnancies, that I would miss the sugar in alcoholic drinks, so I stocked up on mocktails big time. It worked. Lemonade quickly became a favorite, as did cranberry juice. I didn’t worry about sugar in the beginning of my journey without alcohol, and I don’t think you should either. My advice is to be easy on yourself and not cut anything out but alcohol during the first week or two. Don’t try to calorie count while you make this huge, positive change in your life.

The most important thing is to give up alcohol until you truly get that it has been poisoning you and you don’t want to go near it. Everything else pales by comparison.

You may very well have some junk food cravings in the beginning that try to replace the missing alcohol. Alcohol and junk food go hand in hand, so eliminating one means you may want more of the other, but only for a time. By week three, you will be a new person, and your diet will fall in line. And don’t worry, the weight will come off as all of your habits change by removing alcohol. Just follow the higher nudges from your body to healthfully respect yourself, and for now, focus on your most important goal—to Quit the Cult!  

When I Quit the Cult, I found that drinking mocktails in elegant glasses helped immensely. One of my greatest enjoyments in life has always been sipping something cool and wonderful in a very pretty glass. So when I gave up alcohol I knew that I didn’t want to give up this habit, nor did I have to. I put my mocktails in the most graceful glasses that I could find. I put chilled herbal tea with a splash of cranberry juice in a wine glass—delicious! I sipped lemonade, seltzer and rose petals in a martini glass. I put tonic water, lime and juniper berries over ice in a classic tumbler. I wasn’t missing a thing.

Obviously, these are the habits that worked for me in the beginning, and I understand if you need to get away from all associations with alcohol. In fact, as time has gone by, I have dropped all associations with alcohol myself, but your experience may be very different from mine. You know what is best for you more than anyone on this planet, so listen to yourself above all else. Deep down, you always know what is healthiest for you and how to live harmoniously. You just need to follow your own highest intuition that tells you how to respect your beautiful being.

For myself, I experienced a blissful, life-changing, and somewhat emotional first week without alcohol. As early as day one, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt and how happy I was. This feeing grew with each passing day. It grows still. Sometimes, I feel absolutely giddy out of nowhere. I have never known such happiness as an adult.

From the start, my energy skyrocketed. I didn’t feel tired like I used to. I slept like a baby for the first time in years, and I got up early feeling thoroughly rested. My former crankiness started to disappear. I didn’t feel as disappointed by things like I had before. I was no longer in painful recovery mode.

I felt invincible, like I could handle ANYTHING! I wasn’t in survival mode any more.

Almost immediately, my skin started to look worlds better. My age spots faded away, and my skin looked much more plump and fresh. It turns out that alcohol is incredibly drying and aging. When I gave it up, I got ten years back.

As the days marched on, I felt increasingly peaceful and balanced. I couldn’t believe how much this one change was helping me to experience life how I’d always wanted to—feeling present, happy and refreshed.

My metal clarity was astounding, and my mind grew sharper by the day. Creative ideas came flooding in regularly. I had endless creative energy to tackle all kinds of projects that I had previously abandoned. I would never be bored again. I would never need to reach for a drink to stave off the boredom that drinking perpetuated.

Let me say that again:

I would never need to reach for a drink to stave off the boredom that drinking perpetuated.  

During the first week, I had some beautiful emotional episodes while jogging in nature. I fully saw how much alcohol had robbed me of life, and I vowed to make up for that now. I knew that I would catch up quickly.

During one of these episodes, I actually apologized to my body for poisoning it all those years. I promised my precious liver that I would never do that again. I thanked my whole body for handling everything so well. It was quite a poignant moment.

Of course, I felt angry at my parents. Don’t we all fight the teachings that we are presented with by our families? My beautiful parents had shown me that alcohol can sabotage you, and I had let it. What had worked for my family was not working for me, and finally, I was poison free.  

Immediately, I started to enjoy all of my relationships in a way that I hadn’t been able to before. Alcohol wasn’t in the way of connecting with people. I felt like I was completely whole in myself yet not self-absorbed, and this allowed me to be all-in with everyone. I now realize that addictions make us selfish. Addictions make us selfish because we are always in recovery mode.

The Second Week

My food habits started to change during week two. I stopped wanting a lot of salt. I stopped wanting junk food. I could sense what my body needed health-wise. Nothing was blocking my needs any more.

By week two, I hardly had to wear any makeup. I no longer had red veins on my cheeks to cover up. When I looked in the mirror, I saw my whole self again, and I was startled by how natural I appeared. My soul was shining through, and nothing was hiding me any more.

Between weeks two and three, I got a minor cold. I knew this was my body’s way of recovering. I took it easy, slept a lot, and drank extra water and alkaline smoothies.

I stopped watching a lot of TV and started reading. It was so pleasurable to sit in the quiet with a favorite book and sip a cup of tea. I could hear myself think, FINALLY.

I craved being in nature more than ever. Without alcohol, I was more attuned to its beauty. I saw the dancing sunlight through the trees and felt enraptured. The poetry of life was palpable.

The Third Week

By week three, the weight started to come off easily. I knew that my daily jogs played a pivotal role in my weight loss process and my detoxification in general, and I recommend exercise for your process too. By week three, I was able to wear clothes that I thought I never would again.

I started wanting health food all of the time, but I could also indulge a little here and there with any food and feel satisfied without consequences. This was the balance with food that I had craved all my life! This was the balance that alcohol stole from me for so long. Approaching week four, I no longer felt the need to eat as much as I used to. I didn’t need to fill that bottomless hole that addiction creates, especially at night in the dark, staring at the TV light. I didn’t feel greedy for anything any more. What I cared about most was respecting and healing my liver, which I started investigating.

I started to understand that I was able to recover from alcohol quickly because my eating and exercise habits had always been pretty healthy—lots of water, lots of vegetables, and regular jogging—thank goodness! But I had years ahead of me to repair my liver through a steady diet of fruits and vegetables, and I relished the shining challenge.

I found that being on a healthy liver diet feels AMAZING. I am able to actually taste food the way that it’s supposed to taste! There truly is a natural high that rivals all others. When I honor my body, it honors me back, and we have become united in life at last.   

One month and on…into the bright future!

In one month, I had established my new life without alcohol. I was happy, rested, healthy, and fit. I am here to say that every single pro on my list came true, as well as those I didn’t anticipate. For example, I used to have nightmares about once a week, and I stopped having nightmares altogether. I also did’t feel the sense of dissatisfaction that I used to or the mild state of depression and frustration that alcohol perpetuated. I experienced so many bonuses, it is actually ridiculous.

It is amazing how quickly life flourishes when it is no longer poisoned. Duh!

I am not kidding when I tell you that I didn’t experience one drawback to giving up alcohol. I learned to live without it and to create new habits that supported me that I could fall back on any time. And I think that I had so much positive conviction because I’d simply had enough drinks for life.

Now I understand that some people can feel depressed the first week of abstaining. I also understand that it may be difficult to be around others who drink. Please know that this is totally normal, and this is why I highly recommend canceling plans with others who don’t support your new life. Let yourself be poison free for a few weeks before diving into the social deep end, otherwise, you may feel awkward and tempted. But once you get the taste of poison out of your mouth, it is much easier to resist it. Once you establish new habits, it is much easier to protect your well-being at all occasions.

The number one way that you can protect your well-being is to become the source of your own happiness. Stop looking to the external—a friend, an event, or a drink, and look instead to your inner joy, peaceful time alone, and things that fully support your health. You are everything that you seek and then some. You carry a universe of bliss within your being, and when you’re not drinking you can deeply feel this.     

Alcohol is sometimes called liquid courage, but I beg to differ. I now feel capable of facing everything head on without the crutch of alcohol stopping me. I can face people with a clear head, without worrying if they see that I drink too much when they look at my bloated skin. I don’t need to hide or diminish any part of myself. I just go about being me, and I feel so grateful to feel this good.

I enjoy the peaceful flow of life that I’ve always wanted to feel. I feel full, whole, powerful, and completely blessed. And I am forever grateful that I stopped destroying myself before it was too late.

Chapter XI

Easing Gracefully Through Social Situations

There is one last myth that I’d like to tackle for you right now. We’ve all heard of people who give up drinking and then become very serious and boring to be around. We hear, “They used to be so much fun before they gave up alcohol.” We take this information in as confirmation to keep poisoning ourselves. We don’t want to be that person who lost their zest for life.   

I am here to tell you that times have changed, and it is now possible to be way more fun without alcohol. You are living in increasingly higher energy, which allows for more joy than you’ve ever known! But these higher vibrations aren’t reachable if you are drinking.

I am living proof. When I go to social engagements now, I find that I am so much more fun without alcohol than I was with it. I am the life of the party because I am truly alive! I give others my full attention because I am giving life my full attention.

Without alcohol, I feel completely present with people, and I can make crystal clear, meaningful conversation. Best of all, to my surprise, my sense of humor has been enhanced. It pops right out to uplift any conversation! I feel energized from my head to my toes, and nothing diminishes my joie de vivre.

You will find as I have that you are much more sociable when you are awake, clear, and able to truly engage with other people. You can walk into any room and feel confident because you are being your true self without blinders on—without the insecurity of alcohol. You are respecting yourself in how you live your life and you easily get that respect returned back to you. As an added bonus, you don’t lose chunks of time to the fog of alcohol. You can come home from a party and do something creative!

When you give up alcohol, you are going to step into a leadership role for those who haven’t yet. You will stop being one of the sheeple, and you will start to role-model empowerment. I want this for you so much, beautiful soul. I want you to feel true joy that never gets diminished—real joy that you keep with you always! And I want you to lead with that joy and show others what it looks like.

I bet you’ve always been a rebel at heart. Now you get to lead in the healthiest way. You get to be uniquely beautiful and show people something different. You may be surprised by how positively people react.   

Case in point, one week after I gave up drinking, I told my dad. I thought he would feel like I’d left the family. Instead, he was very supportive. He said that he was proud of me and that it sounded like a really great thing. I was so happy to hear him say this. Subsequently, my relationship with my parents has become magical. The time that I spend with them is surreal with bliss.

Since I gave up alcohol, I’ve had no issues hanging around my extended family while they drink. In fact, I did this yesterday at a beautiful celebration which felt more poignant and full of loving respect than I have ever known—all because alcohol is no longer clouding my experience. I appreciate people so much more now just as they are, and I in turn feel completely accepted. Of course, I would love for them to join me in jubilant sobriety, but again, I appreciate people so much more now just as they are, no conditions.

Going to restaurants during this time of great change has proven to be very odd, but also very easy because nothing is the same as it was when I used to drink. I order an iced tea with lemon or cranberry juice with lime, and the only hiccup for me is the smell of alcohol in the room. It is hard for me to be within ten feet of alcohol, not because I want some but because it smells so incredibly toxic. But this serves to reinforce my life-changing decision.

What’s most surprising about my decision is that I don’t feel challenged when I see bottles of alcohol in a restaurant or in a store (Please don’t feel bad if this is not the case for you! I am completely shocked to find myself feeling this way.). Indeed, as early as week one, I had no problem walking into a liquor store to pick out mocktail ingredients and a bottle of non-alcoholic “champagne” for my upcoming birthday. I feel absolutely bullet-proof while surrounded by alcohol, and the reason is simple: no amount of money can get me to poison myself again, not to mention battle a hangover.

Looking back through the years, I remember that I used to sometimes feel happy nursing a hangover because I would have a high from interacting with people the night before. Now I know that it was the connection with souls that I was reveling in, not the damage. I now have a greater high after gatherings without the painful hangover!

Speaking of connections, a week or so into my liberation, a dear, old friend contacted me out of the blue. We quickly realized that we were both on the same path. She was giving up alcohol too, and since that time we have been able to share the joys of not drinking together. This has been such a bonus blessing, one that I recommend for you.

When people say to me, “Suzanne, you look so good! Tell us, what is your secret?” I tell them flat out, “I am no longer poisoning myself!” It gets them thinking.   

But what about vacations?! I have a vacation booked just around the corner to my favorite beach. This beach is my happy place. I take one step onto the sand and instantly I can feel my soul without even trying. In the past, my beach vacations have always been a little cloudy with alcohol. I’ve gotten sleepy and run out of energy by afternoon. I have woken up in pain when I should be enjoying myself. Not any more, and the thought of this gives me thrills!

I am SO EXCITED to show up at my happy place with nothing in the way of my soul connection or my FUN. I will be drinking virgin coconut drinks and waking up refreshed. I will be walking on the beach at night underneath the silver moon with unadulterated JOY! I cannot wait to swim in the surf with my newfound natural bliss.

UPDATE: It was a dream-come-true to wake up at dawn on vacation and feel refreshed instead of fighting a hangover. I walked by the silvery sea as the sun rose each morning and came back to play in the water’s arms all day—this time without feeling foggy or sleepy. In the evenings, I strolled the shore until the sky deepened into a pastel dream, and I went to bed happily tired instead of comatose. On vacation, I felt a heightened sense of humor, intuition, and intelligence, and I wasn’t tempted to drink alcohol once. In fact, I noticed that so many people around me were hurting from drinking, and I resolved to keep helping others to Quit the Cult.

Six months into my liberation, I enjoyed optimal health which was officially confirmed in a health scan. Half a year without alcohol gave me my vitality back and proved to me that drinking is self-sabotage.

When I think of drinking alcohol now, I think of the pain that it always causes me both physically and emotionally. I think of how difficult it will be for my body to metabolize alcohol. I remember that alcohol makes me dopey, unconscious, and most of all, poisoned—a simple word that tells me everything I need to know. Worst of all, as I discovered again, alcohol takes my hope away every time.

Like all of us, I was tested with many challenges during 2020. During this challenging time on earth, we are all becoming more aware of each other and of our well-being, and giving up alcohol can be a conscious part of this. Health is our top priority, as are sacred opportunities to be together, both of which are enhanced without alcohol. When poison is no longer in the way, life is phenomenal, especially when we share it together.  

Chapter XII

Help Is Here!

One of the most important steps that you can take to help you live without alcohol is to redefine what it means for you to celebrate special occasions in life. Remember, alcohol actually depresses you, and you’ve been taught to reach for depressants when you celebrate in order to keep you down. The most appropriate liquids to imbibe when you celebrate are those that lift you up, make you feel good, and elevate your natural high of health. The same can be said when you are feeling down—you want to drink something that lifts your spirits instead of making things worse. Here are some liquids to reach for:

  • Fill a pitcher with filtered water and stir in a few organic citrus fruit slices, cucumber slices, rose petals, and mint leaves, or any favorite fruits and herbs. Enjoy immediately and for several hours as the ingredients meld together.  
  • Make a healthy lemonade with freshly squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, and filtered water. Add raspberry juice to make pink lemonade!
  • Make a pot of your favorite herbal tea and keep it in the refrigerator in a glass jar. Drink with a splash of all-juice cranberry juice. Add a bit of seltzer or a squeeze of lemon if desired.
  • Fill a pitcher with crushed berries, citrus slices, and basil. Add juice and sparkling water.
  • Blend coconut milk with pineapple and a splash of juice for a tropical treat that is truly worthy of paradise.

Invent your own mocktails and get creative! Mix up fruits, herbs, and edible flowers. Add ginger for zing. Add honey, maple syrup and juice to sweeten. Add flavored seltzers for a celebratory kick. Go nuts with healthy superfoods and smoothies. There are so many delicious choices for you!  

Cook’s Note: I have found that lemon juice is my best friend and can be added to all recipes instead of wine. Lemons are alkaline and good for your liver, so they are truly a beneficial swap.  

Extra Tip: Bring enough mocktails to share at parties! You never know who you’ll inspire. Come prepared, and make sure you don’t miss out. I recommend bringing your own drinks to social gatherings whenever you can, in the form of a sustainable water bottle if that’s best, so that you’re not standing around feeling left out during the small eternity it can take for drinks to arrive. If that’s not realistic, bring small candies to enjoy as you need. I have found that a hit of sugar makes waiting for non-alcoholic drinks much easier.  

What to order in a restaurant:

If you’re like me, you’ll want something sweet and tangy. Plain water just isn’t going to cut it. Here is my personal list of favorite non-alcoholic drinks found on most menus:  

  • Iced Tea with lemon
  • Cranberry juice with seltzer and a slice of lime  
  • Hot tea—bring your own favorite bags of tea if you like.
  • Sparkling water and orange juice. Order both if needed.
  • Coffee
  • Hot chocolate
  • Lemonade with a splash of seltzer
  • Soda if you want a sugar treat—it’s better than alcohol! Lemon lime soda with lemon slices is a personal favorite, as is coke with lime.
  • Tonic water or other mixer over ice with a slice of lemon.

Personally, I don’t like non-alcoholic beer, wine and champagne because they taste too much like alcohol and contain a small amount.  

Cheers to you and your fabulous well-being!

Inner Peace—The Best Drink There Is

But what about unwinding from stress? You want to establish new habits that help you to unwind instead of habits that run you into the ground. Here are some ideas of things to do when you want to decompress:

  • Go for a walk in nature.
  • Take a healing bubble bath.
  • Dig into a fun creative project.
  • Make gifts to give to people.
  • Have a cup of tea with a friend.
  • Plant a little herb garden.
  • Plan a mocktail party.
  • Organize your things with tender care. Take your time, and make it fun.
  • Refresh your living space with some new, easy changes.  
  • Do anything you liked to do as a child. This activity does not have to have grand purpose. Just have fun doing what you naturally gravitated to from the start.
  • Do something you’ve longed to do that you have put off.

Your newfound energy will give you tons of ideas about new things to do. In addition, you can also set up a routine where you tap into your own inner peace at the end of a long day instead of reaching for a dumb-down drink. You can stop to feel the bliss inside of you instead of poisoning yourself. But how exactly do you tap into your inner peace? By having a go-to meditation.

Make your meditation an after-work habit that you prioritize and deeply look forward to. You can also do this meditation just before bed. This is your sacred me-time, and it is set in stone. This is where you get to shrug off all your cares and relax so deeply that you forget all the stress of this modern world.

Visual Meditation:

Tell anyone you need to that you will be unavailable for at least twenty minutes. Go to your favorite private and quiet space in your home where you can lie down. Close the door. Put some low-lighting on and play some spa music, or whatever soothing music you love. Lie down on your back and get comfortable with your arms stretched out to the sides. Put a soft blanket over you if you wish for warmth.

Close your eyes and relax. Nothing else matters other than this moment. Let everything else fade away. Breathe freely and comfortably with your mouth open. Feel your body sinking into the ground, resting more deeply and comfortably with each breath.

Focus on the center of your being, inside your body, just below your chest. Visualize a small ball of light within your being. Focus on this visualization instead of rampant thoughts. Override those thoughts by concentrating on the ball of light that you are picturing within your being.

Allow this ball of light to grow until it increases in intensity. Now feel the warmth of this light. Let this inner light become brighter and brighter, and warmer and warmer with every breath, like a sun that is rising to greet the dawn. Feel your inner sun expanding inside until it shines throughout your entire body.

Now visualize expanding this sun so that it shines far beyond your body on all sides. Picture the light expanding until it radiates all around you. Bask in this light. Feel its bliss. Allow the bliss to grow, and simply revel in it. Simply feel the bliss of your inner sun, and allow it to build as much as you want. Lie here in your blissful warmth for as long as you can.

Your blissful warmth is your real home. This is where you are always safe and where you belong. This is where you come from and who you really are. Let this bliss remind you that you are so incredibly loved and cherished unconditionally in our universe—you are!

Stay in this warmth until you feel renewed, refreshed and ready to interact with the world. This meditation reminds you that you have everything you need inside you already. You don’t need to seek anything externally.

Tweak this meditation however you wish and adapt it to your liking.

Now I’m going to share some go-to questions for you to ask yourself whenever you feel temped to have a drink. Here they are:

1. Do you want to wake up feeling refreshed, healthy, and alive after a really good night’s sleep?

2. Do you want to have mental clarity?

3. Do you want to have clear skin and look younger?

4. Do you want to get off the rollercoaster of fluctuating weight and feel amazing in your body? Do you want to wear your favorite clothes?!

5. Do you want to be blissfully present with yourself and with those you love?

6. Do you want to spend your money on something fabulous that actually benefits you instead of sabotaging you?

7. Do you want to celebrate life, or do you want to depress yourself with poison?

Then let’s stay away from alcohol for good.

Now if you’re still tempted, ask yourself:

1. Do you want to give your power away to some creepy, toxic liquid that will inevitably make you feel terrible?

2. Do you want to poison your beautiful self? You are so incredibly special, and you deserve the utmost health and respect at all times.

3. Do you want to support the toxic agenda on this planet that wants to sabotage your well-being? Or do you want to thrive and lift this planet up?

4. Do you want to spiritually evolve or do you want to remain conditioned because everybody else is?

5. Do you want to absolutely flourish like never before?!!! Then let’s do this!

To these questions, you can read the following statement for reinforcement:

One of the most common ways that we humans disrespect and sabotage ourselves is through alcohol consumption. It is vital for all of us to understand that alcohol is pure poison. Alcoholic drinks are extremely toxic to the body and the being. Alcohol is encouraged in our society just like self-loathing, exactly for the same reason—to keep us down. Please understand that we are conditioned to drink alcohol and wouldn’t knowingly poison ourselves. And even though doctors say that some alcohol is ok, it is absolutely, unequivocally not. It never was. I highly recommend removing alcohol from your life completely, for life, so that you can feel the elation of spiritual bliss instead! This is what honors you most.     

I love you, courageous soul, and I am walking this path right next to you.    


Glancing back across the years, I feel undeniably tricked by alcohol and its false promise of fun, and I feel pretty dumb too. I still wish that someone had pulled me aside and told me that alcohol is completely poisonous to human beings, so that is what I am now telling you.

I am telling you to stop drinking poison. I am telling you to stop killing yourself. I am telling you to understand that when you go to a glamorous party or see one on TV and someone beautiful is holding up an elegant cocktail, I want you to remember that that cocktail is extremely toxic and that the beautiful person before you is actually slowly killing themselves. They just don’t know it, but you know this now. You know this and you can never go back.  

I want you to understand that anyone who poisons themselves is disrespecting themselves, whether they know this or not. So if you find yourself wanting a drink, you are wanting to take poison that completely disrespects you, and you were tricked into thinking this is ok. It’s not. It never was. Please don’t poison yourself ever again.

So ask yourself, are you ready to give up the overrated poison at last? Are you ready to Quit the Cult, take back your power, and feel more joy than you have since you were a child? Are you ready to be in total charge of your beautiful self and your extraordinary life?! I am here to give you the information that you need in order to do so—the information that was kept from you in order to keep you down. I am here to rescue you from The Cult of Alcohol, so grab your things and let’s go. The car is waiting—let’s leave right now. Let’s leave without even thinking about it and never look back. It’s time to have some real fun.

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